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Remedy for Mahadasha of Rahu and antardasha of budh

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I am suffering from all types of problems, Job problems, self confidence loss.

Inspite of education from all top colleges facing failures at all the places.

Please help me and provide some guidance.


My birth details:


27 may 1977

10:17 AM

Jaipur Rajasthan


I am wearing Gomed in the middle finger and Pukhraj in the ring finger since 2009 after consultation with Panditji. But has not solved the problems , Problems had actually increased what should i do ?

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Generally Speaking, Remove Gomed. It will only increase the -ve powers of Rahu.

Further, I think Peridot/Emerald will suit you the best. Other than that do mantra jap of Rahu and use blue handkerchief.

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Hello anub


Your moon(manas) is caught in between saturn and rahu who kroora grahas. You are also under sadesati.

The dasa is that of Rahu. All these can give you no right direction. Hence seek some good advice from

your elders ( not friends.. as they can sound good when advising whereas they themselves would be under

problems.. generally). Rahu can easily mislead you and hence good guidance is need of the hour. Try to maintain your mind cool and calm. This is easier said than done. If you can try these things from now,

guru pratyantar period from the very beginning of the next year can give you good guidance.


Go to temples( MahaVishnu and SriDurga) or at home alot specific time for concentrated prayers.

Stones can only stone( without any movement) you. Mantras alone can rejuvenate misguided souls. It is like

flowing water and keeps you active.



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Gomed is for Rahu, and this dahsa of Rahu is not good for you.

Pukhraj is for Jupiter, and this planet is enemy of Rahu, so that it cannot help very much if you wear a Rahu gem with it.

Jupiter is not friendly to Mercury or Budha.

You can try to wear yhe Pukhraj only, that probably can help.

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