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How can I solve problems and setbacks in my life and also when will I get married?

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Hello friends,I am a 25 years old female from Bursa, Turkey. I am interested in astrology however I do not know much about Hindu astrology. I have some questions on my mind and I need help.


I have studied chemical engineering at one of the best universities in my country.I graduated exactly 18 months ago however I was not able to find a job. Meanwhile after my graduation I got engaged to a guy from university at 31.10.2009. After the engagement he went to army for his military job. In May when he came back from military we had no obstacles for marriage. However he didn't want to mary yet.


I want to know:

* when will i get married and will i get married with this guy?

* how and when will i find a job?

*I also wonder if i studied the perfect job for my personality? I am also interested and a little talented in arts, which path should i take to live a prosperous life?

*also there is agression in my family which i am not responsible for but i am influenced anyway.I can't stop the fight, ı want to leave home but i can't, what can i do? please help me!!


My birth data:

27.01.1985 Bursa, Turkey


My fiance's birth data:

15.02.1984 Mersin, Turkey


I look forward for any kind of help. Best wishes!

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