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Is there a way out of my marriage

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I married on 22nd april 2003, My DOB:12/11/73, Time of Birth:7:13AM, Place of Birth Rajhamundry, Andhra Pradesh. We do not know the DOB of My wife, as they have manipulated it to suit my Jathakam. (This is what my wife told me).

As per her school records she was born on 12/08/75, She believes it is 31/08/74/75, I am not sure which one is correct.


She was born deaf, she had her first child on 22/01/2005 and the second one on 02/09/2007. She is not well educated. Now she can hear, as I got her ears operated but still cant understand. (Hope these can help you to ascertain her DOB or in any other way).


We did not go well from day one for some reason or another, I want to break up from this marriage. She and her parents are reluctant to my suggestions of educating her, atlease sufficient to understand what ever we talking...

I want to know if this is my destiny... or I have a way out... How are the prospects of our kids...

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Dear Passionate,


Let me first appreciate you for courageously marrying a deaf lady. You have done a good karma and

you shall be certainly be blessed by the Almighty for that.


Having done a good karma, pl do not go back. You were aware of the problems when you were married.

Thank God, you did do another karma by arranging for ear operation. It would take her a long time to

understand the need of some basic education as she had been cut off from this world for most of the

time till now. Hence you may pl wait till both of your children start schooling. Along with them you

may take part in educating her in the house.


If her birth date is assumed to be 31/8/1974, her star would be dhanishta. Saturn's placement is still in the

8th house if bhava wise view is considered. 8th placement is not good. It is too difficult to predict and foresee many things in our life even with exact birth details. Any attempt to find the birth date of your wife

with the available details would only be for the 'name-sake' and can always be countered.


Just concentrated on giving good education to your children and you will be once again be blessed by the lord.



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1. I dont want to take any good karma for what i have not done purposefully.(I do not know that she was deaf before marriage, I was cheated)

2.I did get her operated so that she can hear me and take care of children especially when i am away, she never woke up at nights when children were crying.

3. She has basic formal education, but she doesnt understand any thing, she cant count notes correctly.

4. I have been living with all these, I am still ok, but recently she insulted my mother, which i cant stand.

5. She keeps beating my kids for no reason, when ever she is upset.

6.I dont want to argue with her, i just want to abandon, she will be getting all the financial support etc from me.

7. I am sure she cant live on her own, or her parents are ready to take care of her... they have betrayed her and got her married to me, who lives in delhi.She cant speak or understand hindi/English.she never tries to learn, thats what upsets me a lot..

8. My kids started going to school, her IQ is less than that of my son, who is in class1.

9. what do u suggest.. I am not keen to divorce or to live with her...I prefer to live with my kids independently and peacefully...

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