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Vedic Astrology

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Namaskars to all.


I joined the forum very recently. It is highly informative.


I am a student of Astrology and have a doubt. When we study the Avasthas of planets, we are told that planets at the very beginning and ending of a Rasi are either in the Infant state or in the Dead state and hence powerless. However, when we study Balas (Saptavargeeya for e.g.) a planet in the same rasi in as many vargas as possible gets a larger Bala. Such a situation can easily arise when the planet is in the beginning of a Rasi. Is there a contradiction? Is the planet in such a position strong?



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Dear TyloreChandra,


What you have pointed is quite a valid point.


On one side there is a concept of Avasthas and Bala based on how many vargas a planet is placed in strength.


The subject of planetary strength is the most subjective topic in almost all of Astrology.

For example dealing with Natural malefics and the concept of Functional malefics

many more of such concepts.


As a young student focus on simple concepts and build your case on these.

You can add more complicated ones as you get comfortable with the simple ones.




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