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Arudh and Upapada Lagna

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Learned Members,

Could someone help me to confirm my AL and UL.

My details are


As. - Cancer with Moon and Ketu

2nd - Leo- none

3rd - Vir - none

4th - Lib - none

5th - Sco - none

6th - Sag - Jup

7th - Cap - Rahu

8th - Aqu - none

9th - Pi - Mercury

10th - Aries - Sun

11th - Tau - Mars, Saturn and Venus

12th Ge - none


as a learner and I calculated it as Arudh Lagna - Aries (10th house)

and UL - Saggitarus (6th house)


Please can someone confirm since when I just verfified with a software it sais Virgo


Thanks in advance

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Dear Rheta,


The traditional way of finding Arudha Padas is based on counting signs and based on that your AL should be in Aries and UL should be in Virgo.


You count from house to lord and count the same from the lord. If this ends up being in the 1st or the 7th from the house - then we apply an exception of counting 10 more from this point.


So in both your cases AL and UL you either end up in 1st or the 7th (so exception is applied)


Ascendant Cancer lord Moon in Cancer - so count 1 from Cancer, end up in Cancer. Applying exception AL ends up in Aries.


12th house is Gemini lord Mercury in Pisces 10 houses away. So count 10 from Pisces reach Sagittarius. But Sagittarius is 7th from Gemini (so applying exception) count 10 more and we reach Virgo.


Hope this explains the concept clearly



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