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jyotish advise

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Respected Guruji,

following are the details of my birth....

D.O.B ----- 1.1.1980

T.O.B ----- 1.55 A.M

P.O.B ----- Meerut

i want to know about my future in teaching.

i am P.G and have done 2 year teacher traing.

looking to find a job in teaching, but not successed yet....

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Dear Guruji


My name is Premnath Menon, born in India, 1/05/1974, Time: 7:23 Am india time.

I lost my job october 2009, till date no job has come through, please let me know what needs to be done to secure one at the earliest.

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all job forecast goes to fail if the person cocerned is not well aware about his skill to find a job. Check every news paper vacancy column and try to attend any interview for your deserved position in the first week of every English calender month.

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Dear Ch. Meenakshi,


Based on your chart - you are currently running Jup/Ketu dasa until Sep 09, 2010. The next period is of Venus and he is the 10th lord from Jupiter placed in the 2nd from Jupiter - one artha trikona lord placed in another - very strong candidate to give you job. This period last for about 2.5 years.

until May 2013. The Sun period subsequently is in the 7th from lagna, but he's the 8th lord from Jupiter.


I would say that you may find some change in job during May 2013 timeperiod. Also see if you would like to go independent in your teaching profession - like doing some private tuitions for specialized courses - it will be quite lucrative and worth your while.



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Pandit ji,


My DOB is 17th Oct 1974(6.35 am)

Plz let me know that when I will get married

I was in affaire with a boy since last 5 years.

But all the things have changed now.

Plz suggest me how to get married to him.

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Namasthe Guruji,

My Name is Ramesh Raparthy. Below are my following details.


Date of Birth : 26-04-1984

Time of Birth : 01:12:36 PM

Place of Birth : Kakinada


I would like to know about my career in the coming years. I am into media.


Thank you.

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hello guruji


my name is tesha

my dob -1978




my husb


tob 11:55pm

pob :hyderabad



its almost 1 yr to our marriage but we r staying seperatd from 10 months due to his external affair

my quest is shld i give divorse to him or some day he will come back to me .if i go for second marriage vl it b successful

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query --- please predict the year and age of my marriage when would i get married and how , how would be my married and future life, what kind of spouse and in laws would i get with regards to the family background, education and money , do i have any prosepects to live abroad in uk or usa ?


please note i got engaged in feburary 2010 but it broke within a month in march .... i am afraid if i have any issue in my birth chart regarding marriage or enagements please help as i am quite worried


most importantly the guy i got engaged too is married and is happy with her spouse but i am not able to tie a knot to any one else please predict is this normal or i have some issue in my chart?


would it be an arrange or love marriage ....would i be able to get what i desire =( ... pls help as i am extremely upset !


my mother is really upset about my marriage and married life.... i would really really appericiate if you can comment of the kind of marriage i would have as in would it be an arranged or love marriage ....because i dont have anyone in my life as yet... and how would be my married life with regards to the relationship, money and future life... would i be able to get the kind or spouse i want ....





dob - 22nd december 1987

place of birth - Karachi , PAKISTAN

Time of birth - 11 55 am (morning)

gender - female

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respected guruji......

these are the details of my husband's birth

11 june 1972

p.o.b --- delhi

t.o.b --- 10.50am



and these are my birth details....

1.1 1980

p.o.b ---- Meerut

t.o.b ---- between 1.45 to 1.50 am


problem is that my husband is in a relationship with a married russian lady , her husband left her because of this external affair now she lives in a live-in-realationship with my husband from last 4 years. she has 2 other affairs also. everybody tried to understand my husband but he is not ready to leave that lady. she has totaly washed his brain. i have a boy of 7 also, financially m not so strong to take divorce him, my in-laws take care of me and my child. i want him back for my child.

i want to know the future of our married life, we will be together or not.

how long he will be with her , will it be end or it will be never end.

i am in a very bad phase of life pls. suggest.....


our marriage date....

9 dec. 2001

place --- vaishali, Sahibabad






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