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Tigers, Spiders, Snakes, Gods and Goddesses...

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This article was published in LAYOGA last year. With so many dreaming such

wonderful symbols of the Kundalini this is a good read.




Tigers, Spiders, Snakes, Gods and Goddesses

Any one or a number of phenomena can be experienced when the Kundalini Shakti is

beginning to be felt by a person. These will most often come into the dream life

at first and then expand into the waking life. There is a long history of

symbols that can be experienced to announce the beginning of awakening the

Kundalini Shakti.


Serpents big or small are one of the most common forms used by the Kundalini

Shakti. You may see them in waking visions or the dream life or in your

conscious life as there is a blending between the realities when we begin to

walk the Kundalini Shakti path.


These serpents may try to bite you or if it is big enough try to eat you. This

is to be embraced. Yes that's right! You are to let the snake bite you or eat

you. It is a fear test. I saw serpents as big as buses or locomotives when I

began this path about twenty years ago. The whole idea is to get you used to

understanding the Kundalini Shakti experience isn't always as it is interpreted

by the physical consciousness.

There are compressions of information that merge from combining the two worlds

of the physical and the divine. When the serpent eats a person in the dream or

waking vision they can be given a large dose of the Kundalini Shakti. Often a

sudden release from many natural fears that are associated with being eaten by

a giant snake will occur. A cobra is the serpent that is sometimes experienced

but this is not a rule as the Shakti will appear as it wishes to appear to the

individual. Tingles and love and energetic vibrations all over the body will

often be felt. As much as you can handle at that point is what will be given.

You are being recognized for your lack of fear and for the surrender that is

being given towards this process.

This initial fear test, though not always given in that way, is an aspect of

conditioning a person to let go of natural fears of the unknown. Most of

Kundalini Shakti phenomena will be received as an unknown by the individual.

You have successfully braved the awesome idea of being consumed by a giant

snake! Some of you will intuitively know to surrender. Others will run anywhere

they can run in order to escape the serpent. This is an experience that will be

repeated until the person is able to vanquish their fear.


This serpent is the Kundalini Shakti. It is this form that corresponds most with

the human spine. The human spine is seen as a serpent standing on its tail and

if you view a human spine you will see that yes indeed the natural " S " curve of

the spine resembles this shape. Kundalini Shakti infuses the spine and it is

this dormant force at the base of the spine that will rise into the spine and

begin the introduction of Kundalini Shakti into a transforming agent of divinity

with in the person. When it begins this process it can feel as if there is a

serpent or presence inside the body writhing as if it were a separate entity. Do

not fear, this is part of the normal process.


Know this and internalize this so that it reaches into your unconscious

dreaming awareness.


Spiders are experienced though not as much as the serpents. You may see huge

spiders the size of dinner plates riding a web just a few feet from you. I also

had these experiences. The common reaction is to " JUMP! " So you jump. Then when

your conscious mind remembers you will make the associations to Kundalini Shakti

as you will never find the spiders anywhere in your house or near you.


These spiders are another aspect of the Kundalini Shakti. Another way of testing

your ability to understand and not fear the multiple shapes and sizes of the

forms this force can assume. And there are even deeper esoteric meanings for

" why " these forms are used. Such as in this case of how we navigate the " web " of

life; or how we can exist on the razor thin edge of a spiders silk thread; or

the strength of the spiders silk when multiplied to the extreme and so forth.

Some Native American's saw the spider as an embodiment of a female goddess who

was an integral part of their way of life.


The Dineh' peoples of the American southwest worship the " Spider Woman " and they

attribute to her their knowledge of weaving the beautiful blankets and clothing

that they have become known for around the world. The name " Dineh' " means " The

People " and this is what they call themselves. Other people know them as the



Like the serpent the spider is worshiped and honored by many cultures throughout

the world as beings of guidance and bearing the gifts of knowledge. These

aspects I will suggest you consider as they appear to you in your Kundalini

Shakti awakening and pre Kundalini experiences.


Tigers have a long history of representing strength and power and death. Even

today in an area near Bangladesh people are still being eaten by tigers. They

have a very pronounced and fierce countenance yet when they are experienced

inside of a Kundalini Shakti awakening event or interactive vision they are to

be loved and respected rather than run from! These forms will reciprocate in a

similar manner.


The tiger will sometimes lie down upon or next to a person as they slumber and

sleep with them as a way of letting the person know it's OK. Do not fear. They

can form into fierce aspects of protection if the person is still in the stages

of feeling they need protection.

Gods and goddesses such as Christ or Krishna, Shiva, Buddha, Mary, Shakti,

Allah, Kwan Yin, or even those with whom you have no conscious knowledge, will

sometimes come and visit or just stand at the foot of the bed while you stare at

them in wide awake disbelief! This is not uncommon. They will talk with you in

your dreams and your waking state and one must take care not to tell other

persons unaware of Kundalini Shakti that they have been communicating with these

deities in their bedroom. That might not go well in our present day society.

True as the experience may be our western society isn't quite prepared for a

real time discourse with the divine. So please be careful!


Kundanlini Shakti really happens. It is as real as the shoes on your feet and

the fridge in the kitchen. The animals are part of the divine process. It is a

new world blending with our familiar world. In this new world are sprinkled

aspects of the normal world but with different interactive interpretations. We

must be prepared to meet this new world with open hearts, and open minds and not

to become confined by fears of what is experienced. The symbolic representation

can become a different language when it involves the awakening of the Kundalini

Shakti. This is an introduction into the enlightened path.

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