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  1. This was a very gud article. I liked it very much....
  2. Hi, Boy and girl are the same. Doesnt matter. If you want to know the sex of the child have an ultrasound done after 3 months....
  3. Hi, I am a new member but I used to visit this forum before also. I have a strange issue. I always dream of snakes on tuesdays...they don't harm me ....its usually a brownish-sand coloured snake and doesnt harm me rather it looks scared of me. Today is tuesday, I again had a dream where the same snake was there, it tried to bite me but I did not feel anything, it couldn't bite me for some reason . I have similar dreams every tuesday. I am under the effect of Rahu kaal and sade sati at the present moment and also a devotee of Goddess Durga. I light diya every tuesday. Could there be any connection between the two things ?? If anybody has any clue then pls help me out.......
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