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Sunday & Monday Night Meals

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Could you please share your recipes? The pictures looks great!






Tuesday, December 08, 2009 11:09 AM

[veg_grp] Sunday & Monday Night Meals




Just put up two entries in my blog with pictures of both vegetarian and vegan












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I used to get so frustrated in trying to learn to cook from my mom, in that it

was always a pinch of that and a pinch of this. I'm afraid even though I really

started cooking or at least enjoying cooking late in life that I followed this

same pattern.


We ate out at a Mexican restaurant on Saturday, quite different from most

Mexican restaurants. I got side dishes of cheesy mashed potatoes and broccoli.

I made regular mashed potatoes - about four medium size potatoes cut in chunks

with skins, cooking until tender, adding maybe about two tbs of butter and milk

a little at a time along with some sea salt and mixed ground pepper and a little

shredded cheese, maybe 1/2 cup, mixing with an electric mixer - oh, and drain

water from potatoes first. I didn't put too much cheese in because I had vegan

mushroom giblet gravy which you can get at Whole Foods or a health food store -

so that was just a heat up.


Also, the tofurky was just purchased at Whole Foods as well. You bake for about

40 minutes. I added some veggie broth and herbs - sage and rosemary before

putting in the oven. The asparagus was just steamed for 30 minutes, with some

added butter after the fact.


The Rice meal - Cook a couple of cups of rice according to package directions.

If you are near an Indian store, you may or may not want to add a little bit of

a packet called Puliogare at the onset of cooking the rice. This I've found is

great for rice dishes in a pinch. You can have the rice as is or add to it,

such as vegetables such as I did in this dish or beans maybe by themselves or

along with onions and peppers. In this particular dish I stir fried a package

of extra firm tofu (cut into chunks first) in some oil and soy sauce, and added

some broccoli and cut up red bell pepper. That would have been plenty, but then

on top of that I also added a little bit of left over from the Mexican dinner

which was from a veggie fajita which had onions, peppers, mushrooms, beans and

corn in it (there wasn't much of this). On top of that I threw in some sesame

seeds. I like different textures and colors in food.


Many times I may start off trying to follow a recipe but it always ends up as

above. Sometimes it goes off in a radically different direction. Last week I

started off with Mexican intentions but half way into the meal went Italian.


Tonight I want to use some tempeh. My plan at this very moment, and that is

subject to change, is to saute' the tempeh in barbecue sauce, maybe even add a

little soy in, with some cilantro and onions. Now, I think this would be great

in soft torillas with added cheese; but I also have some bread I need to use, so

may go with that. A lot of times it just comes down to what I need to use up in

the kitchen. I will take pictures if it turns out good.


I'm just learning tempeh. As you can tell I am learning to conquer fears in the






, " wwjd " <jtwigg wrote:


> Jerri,

> Could you please share your recipes? The pictures looks great!


> Thanks!

> Judy

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