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Eating or not eating meat substitutes

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Well most here know by now I'm working my way towards vegetarian not there

completely yet though. I'm not in it for any religious reasons, just working

towards healthier lifestyle. So as the mom of three boys and one soon to be

here little girl and wife to a strictly m**t and taters man we use them



I became more aware if the ethical issues after watching Super Size me. I have

to admit anything from Peta I now ignore as I just don't agree with some of

their methods. Unfortunatly much of the time they were the only ones talking at

all. (I'm more of a give me a good reason and I'll take you seriously but you

get in my face and it's on - call it my redneck roots if you want.) As I

educated myself through my love of cooking all sorts of foods I began to

discover more about the food industry. Right about that time we began hearing

about pet food poisioning, sominella, ecoli, and all that on the news. Now I

eat as wisely as I can for my budget and my families health. It's becoming more

and more a choice if " do I REALLY want our money to support this? " . Sometimes I

buy but more and more it's no I don't. When I do buy m**t now it's more an

internal struggle than say even a year ago. My family hasn't noticed much the

gradual decline in m**t or the

switch from chicken to veg. broth at all or the use of vegetarian boullion.








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I agree with you. I was going to mention PETA myself, but wasn't sure how

many supporters there are here, and didn't want to offend. Their methods in

my opinion (and we all know about opinions) are horrendous. I truly believe

in treating animals with kindness. I don't believe in hunting animals for

sport. I don't like zoos, and I'm a little iffy on keeping pets--but that's

just me and I'm weird that way, lol. I believe we humans are caretakers of

this earth, but there is a limit. I may think wearing fur is over the top

and ostentatious, but I have no right to throw blood on the person who's

wearing it. PETA is just a step away from being a terrorist organization.

Sorry if that offends, but again, my opinion.


My daughter (18) is an avid animal lover--she's more of an animal lover than

I am, and I know for a couple years she has struggled with eating meat. I'm

letting her come to her own conclusions on that.


I think you're going about your journey the right way. It's funny. When I

became a veg, if I told people they were eating " meat substitutes " ,

automatically they had a negative reaction. I remember one of my co-workers

teased me relentlessly about my Morningstar chik patties. Then, one day she

smelled one and asked for a bite. She could not believe it wasn't meat! She

said it tasted like veal.


My family is from Louisiana, and very much into soul food. It took me about

a year to convince my mom not to cook greens in fatback. Anyway, one

Christmas, I invited my parents over for Christmas dinner and I fixed

collard greens with a vegetarian boulion cube and a bit of olive oil. They

LOVED it! You can actually taste the greens that way, and now it's the only

way my mom will cook them. They taste so much better. I hated greens as a

kid, but now I love them.


I digress. I'm making bread, so back to the kitchen I go. Great topic.

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