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Indian Wildlife Filmmakers get nominated for Emmy Awards

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*Bedi Brothers get first ever nomination at Emmy® Awards for India*

*On July, 17th, 2007 in New York, N.Y announced the nominees for the

28thAnnual Emmy® Awards to be presented for excellence in television

for News &

Documentary. The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is a

professional service organization dedicated to the advancement of the arts

and sciences of television and the promotion of creative leadership for

artistic, educational and technical achievements within the television



*This is the first time ever an Indian wildlife film on " Return of the

Firecat " (Cherub of the Mist) is been nominated for an " Outstanding

Individual Achievement in a craft: Editing " at world prestigious Television

Awards Emmy® equivalent to the Oscars. *


*The third generations of Bedi family, Ajay & Vijay Bedi, Bedi Brothers, are

sons of world renowned filmmaker and conservationist Naresh Bedi has given

voice to the India's rich environmental, cultural and religious heritage

through a series of acclaimed television films and series. Their main goals

are to highlight before the world, the magnificent aesthetic and natural

wealth of India.*


*Despite working on mega block blaster feature film like " The Gandhi " ,

Directed by Sir Richard Attenborough, the 8 Oscar-winning biopic about

Mahatma Ghandi and Hindi feature film " Monsoon Wedding " Directed by Mira

Nair's – winner of prestigious 'Golden Lion Award'. Naresh Bedi left the

glamour of Bollywood films for a greater cause. He graduated as a gold

medalist from India's best film school to embark on a career in wildlife

filmmaking. It was the shear love and passion of Naresh's that lead to his

success in taking Indian natural history films to the international

platform. *


*Since becoming the first Indian ever to win a Panda Award, popularly known

as the Green Oscar equivalent to OSCARS®, he never looked back. His also

went on to become the only Indian to get two tiger films nominated for

British Academy Awards, (BAFTA). His sons, Ajay and Vijay Bedi, too were not

to be left behind. They are the first ever " Youngest Asians " to win 'Green

Oscar', for their film 'The Policing Langur'. 2004*


*The film, Return of the Firecat (Cherub of the Mist) made over 2 years on

highly endangered Red panda, which has never been filmed and photographed

before in the wild. The film is a treat to all wildlife lovers. This is the

first time that anyone ever has succeeded in filming the rare Red Pandas in

their natural habitat. Making a film about such rare & elusive pandas was a

challenging task for Ajay & Vijay Bedi. They have put in very hard work in

exceedingly difficult conditions on the misty mountains with cold & icy

winds, high humidity, drenching rains in the forests with crawling leeches.

Not only the crew but also our equipment took a beating from the extreme

weather conditions. In the 100% humidity during monsoons, even the most

sophisticated video equipment would fail.*


*To film every aspect of the life of this secretive, solitary animal is in

itself an amazing and remarkable achievement. It shows exclusive footage of

their habits, some of which are unique. Red pandas produce small litters,

averaging just two cubs and have an extraordinarily long gestation period of

135 days. The mother raises her cubs solely by herself and without any help

from her mate, until they attain adulthood. *


*The film centers around two female Red Pandas, Mini & Sweety, born and bred

in Darjeeling Zoo, that are reintroduced back into the wilderness in the

Singhalila National Park in North Bengal. It narrates the story of this

accomplishment, a journey of ultimate triumph beset by setbacks, losses and

failures on the way; how Mini & Sweety adapt and handle the different

problems of their totally new environment.*


*To hold viewers interest over one hour television time, it was taxing for

Ajay and Vijay to record many rare and interesting behavior of Panda's. **The

most difficult sequences to film were the matting of Red Panda, nesting and

giving birth. The courting and matting in Red Panda takes place during

winter months of January and February with sub '0' temperatures. It makes it

extremely tough and hazardous tracking pandas in such conditions. Moreover,

camera team has to be lucky to be present at the right place at the right

moment. Timing is crucial as females are only receptive for a single day in

a year. It is still unknown what influences this peculiar day. Vijay was

extremely lucky to film the detailed sequence after a month of active

tracking and found that mating is much gentler than the noisy neck-biting

affairs of the cat family. Twin Bedi brothers used their own innovative ways

to capture the delicate moments and behavior of Pandas life using

multi-camera setups, night filming techniques without causing disturbance to

the precious creature.*


*The film carried a strong message of Red Panda conservation which created

awareness about the animal, when no one in India and across the world had a

clue about its lonely battle of survival. It marked a recurring impact on

the minds and hearts of millions of people and at the same time created love

for this beautiful mammal, forcing them to do something for its




West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya said, " Bedi's have

apprised forest Department officials of the issue and has motivated us to

take effective measures to protect the highly endangered** red pandas from

extinction " . His plans includes, fencing a long stretch of forest towards

the border of Nepal to protect poaching of bamboo from the red panda

habitat. *


*All this indeed makes the Bedi's dream come true, as the message of

conservation is spread among millions and millions of people giving them a

real glimpse of the slowly vanishing beauty of the natural world, which will

certainly motivate them to conserve this gorgeous heritage of Flora and

Fauna. Indians should feel proud to have such a beautiful living thing as

'Indian Red Pandas' as a part of their inheritance. *


*Among the 9 international awards are** the Green Oscar at Wildscreen in UK,

Bristol and Best Film on Mountain Environment at the 31 Banff Mountain Film

Festival in Canada featuring the world's best films and videos on mountain,

environment and adventure. Hope red panda film get this Emmy® Award to bring

its conservation yet to another level. *


*These Emmy Awards will be presented at a black tie gala at the 28th Annual

News & Documentary Emmy Awards on Monday, September 24 at New York Sheraton

Hotel. Nominees in 28 additional categories*


*Return of the Firecat (Cherub of the Mist) is more than a film, it is a

statement and plea for the conservation of the natural wonders of the world.

The red panda has emerged as a symbol of our enchanting planet and we

believe that perhaps it may not be too late all humankind to prevent the

final and irreversible destruction of nature's beauty. " SAVE THE RED PANDA " *


*We would highly appreciate it, if you could assign your correspondent and

crew to cover this story. Ajay & Vijay Bedi will be available for the

interview if you so require.*








Bedi Brothers Ajay and Vijay Bedi's Documentary on highly endangered Red

Pandas " Return of the Firecat " (Cherub of the Mist) bagged 9 International

Awards.** An addition to long list of Bedi's Awards and Achievements in

field of wildlife filmmaking and conservation. They are: *



- *2007 – SINGAPORE – " THE LORIS Best Asian Wildlife Film " -At Wildlife

Asia Film Festival, the festival received over 160 natural history films

from 30 countries. The film festival is an international wildlife,

conservation and environmental film festival on a scale never seen before in

Asia. *




* 2007–FRANCE-Third PRIX DU PUBLIC Award(Audience Award) *



(Award for the Protection of the Endangered Animals) 2007 – FRANCE -- PRIX

SPECIAL DU JEUNE PUBLIC Award (Special Award of Young Audience) -At

17thInternational Nature and Environment Film Festival we won 3





- *2006 – Canada – Alberta – Banff -- " Best Film on Environment " 2006

– Canada – Alberta – Banff – " Audio and Post Production " - In

31stBanff World Largest Mountain Film Festival we won 2 Awards.







- *2006 – UK – Bristol -- 3rd GREEN OSCAR - At 'WildScreen Wildlife

and Environment Film Festival Awards'. The film had a toughest competition

from 412 films from over 45 countries. *






- *2006 – USA – Montana – " Merit Award- Best Animal Behavior *




*2006–USA–Montana– " Honorable Award-Best Conservation & Environment "

At 29thInternational Wildlife Film Festival this documentary won

against 272 films





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