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In addition to the link on anti-oxidants, the following links have been added to

the files. The first three are in the Recipes folder. The last one is, along


the one on anti-oxidants (to correct my earlier errof :=( - sorry) is in the


and Nutrition folder.


Delicious Living - Vegetarian Recipes

Not a veggie site, but this link IS veggie.

http://www.deliciouslivingmag.com/recipes/index.cfm?fuseaction=category &



Low Fat Lifestyle Forum - Vegetarian Recipes

This link is veggie, but the remainder of the site itself is not.



Low-fat Indian Cuisine

From the Vegetarian Resource Group.



Vegetarian Diet Tips

This article by Dr L.Grieger is veggie-friendly on an otherwise non-veg site.




There are other good links in the folder - check them out if you haven't done

so recently, cuz your poor overworked moderator doesn't always remember to

tell you about em. Bad girl, pat, bad girl.




Pat ;=)

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