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Non-Invasive and Highly Accurate

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Chech this first...bio medicine devices ..some Rife machines




Then this...WHO IS THIS GUY....


10/29/09 -- MediaG3, Inc. (http://www.mediag3.com) (MDGC), a leading developer

of broadband wireless products and services, is pleased to announce the

appointment of Dr. Pete Peterson to the Company's Board of Directors.


An experienced technologist, Dr. Peterson has over 30 years experience in

software design and architecture.

Among Dr. Peterson's notable accomplishments are the design and development of

the first commercially available microprocessor based computer in 1977. During

1979 through 1986 Dr. Peterson conducted research in the design and

computerization of Electro-Acupuncture diagnostic equipment. The Acupath-1000,

first delivered to the French Academy of Sciences in 1980, represented his

pioneering of the first commercially utilized 3.5 inch floppy disk drive.


In 1977 Dr. Peterson founded CyberDyne, a company that designed, developed,

manufactured and sold the first commercially available microprocessor based

computer which was created to include an alphanumeric QWERTY style keyboard. His

revolutionary design was also the first computer equipped with a built in

printer, a 16 segment character display, a built in operating system, and 3

built in high level programming languages. His computer design preceded the

official release of the Apple One by 2 years, the Commodore Pet by 2 years, and

the introduction of the Radio-Shack TRS-80 by 3 years.


http://finance.bnet.com/bnet/?GUID=10574155 & Page=MEDIAVIEWER


Non-Invasive and Highly Accurate

Technicians performing Bioenergetic Testing utilize a computer based instrument

that measures the subtle energies from acupuncture points. This non invasive

system combines ancient wisdom with modern technology and provides a highly

accurate method for determining energy distortions as a possible cause for one's

ailments. This concept is based on the Chinese theory that improper energy flow

through acupuncture meridians cause imbalances with ultimate malfunction and

degeneration of the body.


Locate and Correct Imbalances

Over the last three decades, an interrelationship between the energies measured

at the acupuncture points and individual organs and tissues has been identified.

In the 1950s, Dr. Reinhardt Voll of Germany designed a metering device for

electrically finding acupuncture points. Because of his extensive research, he

is considered to be the father of bioenergetics which is also known as EAV

testing (Electro Acupuncture according to Voll). Doctor Voll's device enabled

him as well as other practitioners to locate and correct the source of the vital

force imbalance. Modern devices have now improved upon his principle by the

addition of computerization.



Effective Tool with Preventive Power

Computerized Bioenergetic Testing has been beneficial in resolving such maladies

as allergies, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders,

environmental toxicity, yeast infections (Candida), poor circulation, immune

system stress, and more. The preventive power of such an effective tool should

also not be underestimated.



Project Camelot interviews Dr Pete Peterson Part 1 of 3




A most interesting person- a wonder

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