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EXOPOLITICS MEDIA NOTE - MT. ADAMS STATEMENT: ON 2012 & A GOLDEN AGEMount Adams Statement: 2012 & A Golden Age Alfred Lambremont Webre talks about our new time line heading to 2012, no longer due for cataclysmic earth changes, but moving with grace, wisdom and compassion into a Golden Age of Peace & Harmony. YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvI-3K4Odz8Versión en español:http://www.exopoliticsspain.es/sp/2012-Golden-Age.htmMt. Adams Statement: 2012 & A Golden AgeThe Mt. Adams Statement was sourced on the night of July 5, 2008 at the ECETI.org Ranch at Trout Lake, WA, at the foot of Mt. Adams, WA. by Alfred Lambremont Webre of Exopolitics.com and the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS); Stephen Kaplan of the New Energy Movement, Dede Farrell of American Underground Network, Laura Lee Lizak of the Quan Yin Center, and Hope & Randy Mead of Tools for Trascendence, all of whom, except for Steve Kaplan, were speakers at the July 4-6, 2008 Science, Spirit & World Transformation Conference organized by James Gilliand, Director of ECETI.July 4 - Exopolitics PresentationAlfred had started his July 4 Conference presentation on "Exopolitics: Thrival Science & Path to A Positive Human Future," by developing the theme that humanity is on the verge of a Golden Age of peace, abundance, and universal consciousness. Contrary to the thesis of Alfred's earlier 1974 book The Age of Cataclysm (GP Putnam's Sons) - and a powerful meme of earth changes prophecies and predictions - there is no Extinction Level Event (ELE) or cataclysmic earth changes in humanity's near term future. On July 4, Alfred went on to state:"As of this writing, key whistleblowers from secret U.S. Government Extraterrestrial-human liaison programs have been debriefed by Project Camelot. In summary, their testimony corroborates that the U.S. Government has developed time travel teleportation technology in collaboration with specific advanced Extraterrestrial civilizations and/or time travelers from our human future. The use of this time travel technology both caused – and avoided - what was to have been an extinction level event (ELE) – most plausibly a pole shift - in our human future."The reality of an impending Golden Age is articulated in an essay by the multi-dimensional intelligence of Matthew Ward: "Those who have interpreted the year 2012 as the beginning of the end of darkness—never mind the totel end of the world!—have misinterpreted its significance. Most simply stated, 2012 heralds Earth's entry into the Golden Age, and between now and then is a time of transition from life as you have known it into life totally in harmony with all of Nature."Exopolitics: Essay on 2102 by MatthewJuly 5 - Interaction with UltradimensionalsLate on the evening of Saturday, July 5, at the conclusion of the Conference presentation, the nightly skywatch began in a meadow outside the ECETI conference hall, looking out onto the slopes of Mt. Adams.Over the last several years, scientists from leading space industries and laboratories, along with several thousands of citizen witnesses (as well the occasional US Air Force interceptors and Black Helicopters) have witnessed, documented, photographed, and interacted with spacecraft and Lightships of apparent Ultradimensional intelligent civilizations, which in turn respond willingly to the assembled human witnesses. Craft have also been photographed entering Mt Adams, and it may be that an Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial base in in the mountain (You can read Alberto Cogliani's essay on the Inner Earth and Intraterrestrials). A sample of Mt Adams spacecraft can be seen on video at: http://www.eceti.org/Eceti.Multimedia.html ECETI.org Ranch, Trout Lake, WA. Summer Solstice 2008 - Ultradimensional LightshipAt about 11 PM on July 5, Alfred, Steve, Laura, Dede, Hope and Randy were in a conversation circle, out on the meadow with several hundred other Conference goers, watching the display of Ultradimensional spacecraft that would occasionally glide across the evening sky. James Gilliland came over with a pair of military grade night vision glasses, which considerably enhanced the visible detail of each spacecraft.The group's conversation turned to Alfred's affirmation that there was no extinction level event (ELE) in humanity's future; no earth changes despite a veritable industry of doom & gloom sayers - and covert governmental programs - which continue to propagate a destructive meme. Humanity's greatest challenge, it seems, would be to acknowledge and accept living on a veritable Paradise planet - in a Golden Age of abundance, with all the tools of new energy, exopolitics, and consciousness available to us.The conversation grew lively, and the more the group affirmed the Golden Age, the more it seemed the Ultradimensional lightships would respond in kind with a "powering up" as a form of punctuation or perceived interaction with the human conversation. At one point, Laura challenged Alfred to tape his affirmation publicly on You Tube, and the interaction with the Ultradimensionals escalated into what all describe (and pschologists and mystics call) a "Peak Experience." That is - a feeling on Oneness - of being in a Golden Age, a Fifth World (as the Hopis call it), a Fifth Dimension, a state in which duality has fallen away and humanity is in harmony with itself and nature.July 6 - Take TwoSunday, the group gathered with Robert who had a video camera he had bought to video his trips to healer John of God in Brazil. They video-taped two takes of the Mt. Adams Statement: 2012 & A Golden Age. Randy & Hope Mead, who presented their film Orbs:The Veil is Lifting at the Conference, generously offered to edit the You Tube Video version of the Mt Adams Statement you can now see below.Mount Adams Statement: 2012 & A Golden AgeAlfred Lambremont Webre talks about our new time line heading to 2012, no longer due for cataclysmic earth changes, but moving with grace, wisdom and compassion into a Golden Age of Peace & Harmony.YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvI-3K4Odz8Versión en español:http://www.exopoliticsspain.es/sp/2012-Golden-Age.htmMt Adams Statement - The FutureThe purpose of the Mt Adams Statement is to disempower the old meme of a coming extinction level event (ELE) and and cataclysmic depopulation of the human race by whatever cause - natural catastrophe, war, induced catastrophe through environmental weapons (HAARP), bioweapons, chemtrails, GMO foods, depleted uranium (DU), mind control,false flag operations, and to empower the Truth - which is that we humans live in a Golden Age and have the power and tools to create a Paradise planet of happiness, abundance and fulfillment.To that end, we will be producing more communications such as films, books, videos, media programming, and continuing to create a positive reality around us.Through the Space Preservation Treaty-signing, we can ban all space-based weapons such as HAARP, transform the war economy into a peaceful, cooperative, New Energy-based Universal society.We urge you to consider mindfully the possibilities raised in this short 6 minute video, and work to deconstruct any factors working in your reality which negate our mutual passage into a Golden Age as we approach 2012 and beyond.Please feel free to contact us a exopolitics with your thoughts and suggestions for a positive future. We welcome co-creators.Thank you.Alfred Lambremont Webre of Exopolitics.com and the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS)Dede Farrell of American Underground NetworkHope & Randy Mead of Tools for TrascendenceLaura Lee Lizak of the Quan Yin CenterStephen Kaplan of the New Energy Movement Please distribute to your family, friends & networks. Thank you.VIEW/COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLE:http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/2008/07/mt-adams-statem.html

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