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Arrowroot gel recipe

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I would love to share. The base recipe I got from a book a while back and I

can not for the life of me remember the author. I will try to look it up

again at the library and see if I can get it to you. It is full of natural

recipes for skin care/body care products. And of course you can change the

recipe to suit your needs or make it your own " trade secret " . :)


The base recipe for making arrowroot gel is 1tsp arrowroot to 4Tbsp water.

I use distilled water. Heat gently and stir continuously till thick and



Arrowroot gel for hands recipe

30ml hydrosol/distilled water/herbal infusion (your choice)

1/2tsp arrowroot powder

1tsp coconut oil


Place the liquid in double boiler jar and stir in arrowroot powder. Add

coconut oil and keep on stirring till thick and clear. Put in bottle (may

need to let it cool if using PET plastic) and cap. Shake well and shake

occasionally as cooling.


I changed it a bit when I made it to the following:

3Tbps Rose hydrosol (Butch's of course)

2Tbsp Neroli hydrosol (wish it was Butch's)

1Tbsp vegetable glycerin

1 1/2tsp arrowroot powder

1Tbsp virgin coconut oil


I am betting you could sub in any oil of your choice or even omit the oil.

I have dry skin so decided to use it on my face, hands & legs and it was

wonderful. It could even be a oil free moisturizer for oily skin. Oh the

possibilities :)


Have fun!


Natural Indulgences LLC



>Would you be willing to share any non-trade secret recipes? *turns on

>puppy dog eyes* Or direct me to wear I could find a few?



>....Angel of Bast


>The Simple Things









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