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Glycoalkaloids & Squamous Cell Carcinoma

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[superficial skin cancer]


Sun, 29 Mar 1998

Skin Cancer



Dr. David Williams writes that he " traveled to Australia to meet


a group of scientists who have developed an organic skin cream


*SkinAnswer* that is better than Curaderm--both in effectiveness and

ease of use. "


The trigger mechanism is a group of cancer killing compounds--


glycoalkaloids--that invade a cancer cell and stimulate the cell's


digestive enzymes--causing the cancer to melt itself away.


Clinical tests now underway have already shown remarkable results

on most forms of skin cancer (excluding rare melanomas, which are a

different case altogether). The information hasn't been published


but my sources have given me permission to share some of their


One clinical trial in CA tested a group of patients with


13 keratoses,

12 basal cell carcinomas and

3 squamous cell carcinomas.


After 4 to 8 weeks of treatment, 27 out of 28 patients showed

complete recovery. And all post-treatment biopsies showed that


had completely vanished.


Dr. Williams continues...... " I've seen all the data....I've been

conducting tests with SkinAnswer myself for months. By rubbing on

SkinAnswer five or six times a day, I've seen cancer lesions


in as little as four weeks. And I've watched keratoses as large as


quarter vanish in fourteen days. This stuff is truly amazing.

Remember nearly all of us will experience keratoses in our


And at least half of us will develop skin cancer. "


Lane Labs, which has a web site, sells the product. They should


information about any research being done on their product. They


only to doctors, but if you call to order and you are not a doctor,


give you the name of another firm that sells to the public. [END


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