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Black Salve recipe and info-lengthy

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Look long and hard enough you can find anything....lol(only took me 3 hours)



RECIPE 25% Galangal root powder (3 tablespoons) 25% Bloodroot powder (3 tablespoons) 50% Zinc Chloride (6 tablespoons) Set Zinc Chloride in a bowl (uncovered) to liquefy. Depending on heat and humidity, it may take 1 1/2 to 4 days. Then add the remaining herbs and stir thoroughly. It will be thin at first but will thicken up. TOPICAL USE Black Salve is not a gentle healer. In many reported cases, it is a relentless substance which hunts down and penetrates all abnormal tissue. Pain, swelling and sometimes fever is associated during its rise. Animals seem to mind it less than people. In almost all reported re-growth of either healthy tissue or scar tissue.

More than half the people who have used Black Salve have reported that they ended with a moderate or heavy scar when they used it externally on their skin. If scarring cannot be tolerated on the face or elsewhere, consider this: Vitamin E ointment and castor oil to help with the healing of the skin. (Willard Water and CS kept covered and soaked in cotton for approximately 10 days will eliminate any scar tissue. Tracy) The following arc recommendations based on what the majority of users have found so far to be effective. These recommendations describe the absolute MINIMUM doses that

people have found to be effective. It cannot be stressed enough that Black Salve is very potent. Do not assume that if a little works more will be better. Use the smallest doses possible and increase only if it truly seems necessary more will possibly extend the healing period much longer than necessary. Everyone is different, so proceed cautiously. This salve will cause a burning sensation if there is cancer present. Begin with a small amount of salve on ONE cancer and follow the directions. DO NOT OVER DO IT! Some people are able to remove several cancers at once. Others cannot. You will want to learn your own tolerance for this burning sensation, as well as how quickly your body is able to remove the toxins which will be released, so begin slowly. Once you have established what is comfortable for you, clean the area and

place a liberal amount of salve on the affected area. Cover with a bandage and leave alone for 24 hours. If cancer is present, you will feel a burning sensation and a white scab will begin to firm. If it is not, there should be no significant effect. If the pain is too severe, then only leave the salve on for eight hours, wash it off and cover with vitamin E ointment and cover with a bandage. Remove the bandage at the end of 24 hours and rinse thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide (food grade is best) on a cotton ball or Q-tip. After cleaning, cover well with a softening salve, vitamin E oil or ointment, or castor oil. If it is burning you may want to use Nature's Way Black Ointment. It you feel that you should apply another layer of the salve, it is OK, just follow the above directions. Then after 24 hours, clean with peroxide

and keep bandaged. Twice a day (morning and evening), clean the edges to keep them loose and free of pus. Do not let a hard scab form. Five to seven days should show the core loosening up and trying to work its way out. Swelling will most likely occur and the cancer w ill be painful and or itch. This is the normal reaction. The growth will change color after the first day and may even become "dead white." There will sometimes be pus as the body ejects the mass, just keep it clean. Keep changing the bandage and cleaning the area until healed. More than two applications do not seem to be necessary for eternal growths. More applications cause increased pain and longer healing time. DO NOT TRY TO PULL IT OUT OR FORCE IT IN ANY WAY. THE ROOTS MUST COME OUT OR DISSOLVE. LET IT DO IT'S OWN THING. IT WILL COME OUT.

BE PATIENT'. After the core comes out, you will have a hole in your flesh and you may even see muscle, but it normally doesn't bleed. This is normal. Keep it clean, soft and bandaged until the core area is filled in and new skin is formed. Colloidal silver can also lx used before you put a new bandage on. This will help keep any infection from developing. INTERNAL USE What is reported here is the result of informal trial and error on the part of many non-professional folks intent on healing themselves or their animals. What follows has been gleaned from letters and interviews with users over 30 years, which means it is based on experience but is by no means complete. Internal cancers of all known body zones have dissolved under the onslaught of Black Salve. Black Salve hunts down and kills abnormal

tissue wherever it is. The following are known examples: -Colon cancer and uterine cancer have been healed with not only the internal dosing described below, but by also using enemas or douche, of one quart water, to which was added one full "dried pea" volume of salve. -Brain cancer should be monitored by a professional because of the swelling that will occur. It may have to he relieved by a surgical hole being placed in the skull to relieve the pressure. -Breast cancer has been healed with internal and eternal applications. -Emphysema, AIDS and viruses also seem to come under subjection to Black Salve. SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS For the first 20 days, use a non-metal utensil to lift out enough salve to make a ball HALF the size of a dried pea. Pack the half pea dose into a gelatin capsule and

swallow it after you have eaten a meal! It is somewhat acidic having a pH like vinegar and could make you nauseated if you take on an empty stomach. It is best to use wood or plastic utensils when handling it. For 20 days, take this dose each morning after breakfast and each evening after dinner. This means take Black Salve for 20 days, twice a day, always on a full stomach. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT DURING THE FIRST 20 DAYS? Lymphomas, such as appear on the neck or arm, may change from the texture of a hard lump to rather soft, pliable, even squishy. During the first 20 days you may continuously run a low fever. Sweat, urine and feces may take on offensive odor and be darker than usual. At the 20 day mark, it is wise to have a competent physician take a biopsy, or test your cancer for malignancy. For many, but not all

people, the test reveals that the cancerous tissue is dead, but present. After the first 20 days, during which the salve has built a great deal of zinc into your system, it is prudent to take a complete five day break from the salve. During these five days, you may wish to double you doses of vitamins and minerals. This helps balance the system. If you think the illness or growth may still be somewhat present, you may take the salve for a second 20 day period, just as directed above. If needed, up to four can be done. After you have completed the internal use, supplement you diet with vitamins and minerals, fresh clean filtered water, organic veggies and fruit. This helps the healing and the rebuilding of your health. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Take extra vitamin C! WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING




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This is just one of many escharotic pastes that exist. These pastes (or salves) come from the time when the Eclectic (sp.) physicians were the norm. Taking the best of both worlds and combining them in the interest of curing cancers. These salves are quite caustic and should be used with extreme care and caution. Zinc Chloride has a ph of 1.8 or so. Very caustic. This is what is used to burn out the cancer or tumor. There are several other salves that were created by other herbalists that will do the same thing but without the zinc chloride. Dr. John R. Christopher used his cayenne salve to 'burn' out the tumor and his black salve to draw it out. Hildegard of Bingen used a violet paste that she made with the expressed juice of violets, billy goat tallow and olive oil and was said to be extremely effective. Zinc chloride is the allopathic establishments contribution to the cancer salves. Blood root is the main constituent in many of the various forms of salves created by Harry Hoxsey, Dr. J. Weldon Fell, Dr. Eli G. Jones, Frederic E. Mohs and many others. John Pattison used goldenseal instead of bloodroot.


I guess my point is to do your research exceedingly well before you attempt the use of escharotic pastes or enucleating salves. They can be very dangerous and should only be used with knowledge or under the care of ones ND or other trained professional. I can't stress enough on the "USE EXTREME CAUTION AND LOTS OF COMMON SENSE".



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Saturday, August 23, 2003 5:37 AM

[herbal remedies] Black Salve recipe and info-lengthy



Look long and hard enough you can find anything....lol(only took me 3 hours)



RECIPE 25% Galangal root powder (3 tablespoons) 25% Bloodroot powder (3 tablespoons) 50% Zinc Chloride (6 tablespoons)

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