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Joseph Eldor, MD

Cancer cells release various antigens, some of which appear in the urine. Oral

auto-urotherapy is suggested as a new treatment modality for cancer patients. It

will provide the intestinal lymphatic system the many tumor antigens against

which antibodies may be produced. These antibodies may be transpierced through

the blood stream and attack the tumor and its cells. Learn more about tumor

antigens in urine


What is urine therapy? How does it work?

" Urine therapy has been practiced for thousands of years and has merely fallen a

bit into obscurity in the last century. However, urine therapy may seem to be

unorthodox and perhaps revolutionary, it does not introduce anything new or

original. It has been known throughout the centuries both in the West and in the

East. Dr. Evagelos Danopouolos of Greece reported that urea found in urine has

anti-cancerous properties. The urea seems to disrupt the ability of cancer cells

to group together and kills them by upsetting some of their normal metabolic

activities. Urine therapy has been used to treat cancers of the skin, cervix,

lungs, eyes, breast, and liver. The first question that probably comes to mind

is whether urine is not a toxic substance and how a toxic waste product could

ever be of any benefit for your health. Well, urine is NOT a toxic waste product

and this has been scientifically proven. 95% of urine is water, 2.5% consists of

urea and the remaining 2.5% is a mixture of minerals, salt, hormones and

enzymes. Toxic substances are being removed from the body through the liver and

intestines, through the skin and through the outbreath. Excerpt from theMedical

Alternative Network


" No matter how hard it may be for you to stomach, the fact is that knowing the

truth about this incredible natural substance (urine) will be one of the most

crucial health facts you'll ever learn. And one of the most remarkable things

about this incomparable natural therapy is that the medical community has

already been aware of its astounding efficacy for decades, and yet none of us

has ever been told about it. Why? Maybe they think it's too controversial. Or

maybe, more accurately, there wasn't any monetary reward for telling people what

scientists know about one of the most extraordinary natural healing elements in

the world. " Martha Christy


Urine Therapy An Amazing Untold Story

by Martha Christy


There is an extraordinary natural healing substance, produced by our own bodies,

that modern medical science has proven to be one of the most powerful natural

medicines known to man.The extensive medical research findings on this natural

medicine have never been compiled and released to the general public before now,

but those who have been fortunate enough to hear about this medicine and use it

have found that it can produce often astounding healing even when all other

therapies have failed. more


UROPATHY The Most Powerful Holistic Therapy

by Martin Lara


Urine therapy (Uropathy) is one approach to health that is 100% safe to use, it

is extremely effective, has never harmed anyone and it is absolutely free of

charge. It cannot be controlled and you truly benefit from using it. Thousands

of urine therapy advocates certify that this is a healing modality that

activates de lymphatic system which detoxifies the body and starts the true

process of healing and regenerating the body. Once you become familiar with

UROPATHY and start using your urine, you will be able to fight individual

diseases, prevent and reverse the conditions that make you susceptible to all

types of health problems including: childhood diseases, allergies, common cold,

flu, hepatitis, arthritis, hypertension, all types of infections and fevers,

cancer and the opportunistic infections associated with AIDS.


Learn to perpare a strong and powerful formula against most diseases. This

simple formula has been used against all allergies, for all types of fevers

especially for babies and infants. It is effective against the flu, common cold,

dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and all other skin problems. Learn more about

urine's healing properties for: Hypertension, Hepatitis, Gall Stones, Lyme

Disease, Dysentery , Arthritis, and Cholera



The Miracles of Urine Therapy

by Dr. Beatrice Bartnett & Margie Adelman


The Therapy outlined in this book is an entirely drugless system of healing; the

only ingredient is a substance manufactured by the body, rich in minerals, salt,

hormones, and other vital substances, namely human urine. This book includes

case studies of patients successfully treated with urine therapy. It also

provides scientific proof of the efficacy of urine as well as an in-depth look

at the history and metaphysical roots supporting Urine-Therapy.




Joseph Eldor, MD


Cancer cells release various antigens, some of which appear in the urine. Oral

auto-urotherapy is suggested as a new treatment modality for cancer patients. It

will provide the intestinal lymphatic system the many tumor antigens against

which antibodies may be produced. These antibodies may be transpierced through

the blood stream and attack the tumor and its cells.


" Every one of us has a right to know that our bodies produce an invaluable

source of nourishment and healing that we can utilize to heal ourselves and to

maintain our lives and our health in both everyday circumstances and in

emergencies and life-threatening situations. "


" Your Own Perfect Medicine " by Martha Christy


In this extraordinary how-to book, Martha Christy examines research findings and

testimonials relating to urine therapy, and includes step-by-step instructions

to using urine therapy at home. In its examination of this ancient therapy which

has been around for over 5,000 years, Your Own Perfect Medicine makes use of

information from urologists, neurologists, immunologists, pediatricians,

dermatologists and university researchers to state its case for urine therapy.

Ms. Christy also answers the important question, " why haven't the thousands of

findings on urine therapy been publicized? " This book is a valuable tool for the

growing numbers of consumers who are determined to take control of their own



From the Back Cover: It's the most astounding proven natural cure that medical

science has ever discovered-and yet none of the incredible research findings on

this incomparable natural medicine have ever been revealed to the public! Now,

for the first time ever, learn to use this simple method and read about the

startling and amazing medical cures that prestigious researchers and doctors

themselves have witnessed in clinical use of this inexpensive, incredibly

effective yet virtually unknown natural medicine. You owe it to yourself to

permanently change your health for the better with the most proven, simplest

natural cure in existence-Your Own Perfect Medicine!


read an excerpt of Your Own Perfect Medicine



The Fountain of Youth

by Bob Silverstein, N.U.T. (Naturopathic Urine Therapist)


This strange behavior, called " urine therapy, " or " auto-immune therapy, " or

" intrinsic medicine, " or simply " UT, " and also known in India as " amaroli " (the

practise itself) and " Shivambu " (urine, the " water of Shiva " ), has a

well-documented, proven record of its power to heal an amazing variety of ills,

with no negative or harmful effects. Urine is a divine nectar, with

supernatural qualities. After all, as the Bible says, " the life (or life-force)

of the flesh is in the blood, " and as urine comes from the blood, it contains

that " life-force. " Imbibed fresh and warm, it is a living food, and a nourishing

drink, that is also cleansing, as well as medicinal. Urine is anti-bacterial,

anti-fungal, and anti-viral. It is used in cases of AIDS (only AIDS anti-bodies

in urine); cancer; fatigue; anemia; all sorts of urinary diseases, for

weight-loss, colds and flu, candida, diabetes, digestive problems, jaundice,

etc. It is medically-proven against polio, rabies, and tuberculosis. The list of

diseases for which it is effective is very long, and around 175 known diseases

are said to respond to this kind of therapy. (See longer, partial list at end of

this report). Urine therapy is truly a " panacea " (i.e., a " cure-all " or

" universal remedy " )



THE GOLDEN FOUNTAIN by Coen van der Kroon


" Briefly, if urine is ingested and/or rubbed into the skin, it purifies blood

and tissues, provides useful nutrients and sends the body a signal about what is

in or out of balance. This last effect is called (oral) auto-immunization. This

brings us at a last important feature of urine. Urine itself is, as said, not a

toxic waste product. It does contain however minute particles connected with

possible disease processes in the body. These minute particles are mainly

antibodies, which upon re-ingesting can help the body to react on specific

pathological situations. Urine therapy has proven helpful in a great number of

various diseases, ranging from a simple cold and a throatache, to tuberculosis

and asthma, from minor skin problems such as itching, to more serious skin

diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and even skin cancer. "


he Golden Fountain, the most complete book to date on urine therapy, is the

result of those investigations. It includes detailed case histories and a

user-friendly guide to its application in the treatment of specific ailments,

including cancer, tuberculosis, skin complaints, eye infections, wounds, burns

and scars. Coen van der Kroon discovered that the use of urine as medicine in

one form or another can be found in many medical traditions of people or tribes

who are in close contact with nature. Native North Americans, gypsies and

Eskimos are among those cited in his book.


Coen van der Kroon covers almost all questions concerning urine therapy and its

history in his book The Golden Fountain; The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy.

(Coen van der Kroon is a health consultant, living in Amsterdam, Holland. click

here to send him a message or visit his web-site



Ayurveda & Yoga: Amaroli

An explanation of the practice of Amaroli, Shivambu, or Auto-Urine Therapy

follows. This practice comes from Yoga and is the use of one's own urine as

food, medicine, restorative, transforming agent and immune system booster. It

is sometimes called 'Your Own Doctor'. Amaroli is very simple to do and

increases the power of the immune system, strengthens the Aura and improves skin

health. Spiritual aspirants will find that the mind is less inclined to behave

like a monkey, spiritual energy is kept high, and progress towards samadhi is

smoother. The effects are magnified if the practitioner has a Yoga practice and

an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle.



Three million Chinese drink their own urine

Beijing, June 1, 200: More than three million Chinese drink their own urine in

the belief it is good for their health, the official Xinhua news agency reported

on Friday. Participants at a recent seminar on the practice in the northeastern

city of Shenyang were told that urine contains many active ingredients which

strengthen the immune system, Xinhua said.


" Urine contains no bacterium and is more sanitary than blood, " Yang Liansheng, a

professor from the Liaoning Institute of Traditional , was

quoted as saying. Engineer Zhu Jinfu told the seminar he had been drinking his

own urine since he was 13 and had lived a healthy life for the last 58 years,

Xinhua added. Many of his forefathers had also lived to a ripe old age thanks to

urine therapy, he said. (Reuters)



Urine Therapy: Nature's Elixir for Good Health by Flora, Ph.D. Peschek-Bohmer,

Gisela Schreiber, Flora, Ph.D Peschek-Bohmer


An introduction to urine therapy 's amazing effectiveness in treating a wide

array of physical complaints. Contains effective treatments for acne, asthma,

hair loss, indigestion, infections, migraines, warts, wrinkles, and many other

common ailments. Examines the historical use of urine therapy in the United

States, Europe, and Asia. Includes a program for overcoming initial aversion to

urine therapy.


If you are like most people, trained from their earliest years to regard urine

as a mere waste product, the thought of using it for its healing powers may seem

shocking. Yet urine has long played an important role in the holistic medical

traditions of societies all over the world, and is even mentioned in the Ebers

Medical Papyri of ancient Egypt. For centuries people have been availing

themselves of urine's incredible curative powers for ailments ranging from

anemia to warts. Urine is free, sterile, and acts homeopathically to " prepare "

the immune system. Urine Therapy includes many case histories of people who have

successfully treated their ailments with urine, along with cogent explanations

of why urine does what it does, how to ensure that the wastes flushed out with

your urine aren't taken back in, and why urine may be the best tonic available

for your immune system. In addition to protocols for using urine to treat a wide

array of diseases, the book offers a program that teaches you step-by-step to

overcome any initial aversion to urine therapy. Still playing an important role

in the medical systems of countries as diverse as Germany, Japan, and India,

this surprising health treatment has been gaining popularity in the United



Making Your Own Medicine

by Roy Oakes


How common is the use of urine? It is used in the manufacture of hormones,

diuretics, and cancer fighting drugs. As urea, it is one of the primary

ingredients in many face and skin creams---just read the labels---because it is

one of the best moisturizers available. As a medicine, it can be used as an

extract, injected, topically and in oral applications. Scientific research on

urine therapy started at the turn of the last century and continued until

shortly after World War II, when drug companies realized there was more money to

be made in urine extracts than in promoting its self-healing properties.


Dr. Williams states that urine is probably the most specific customized medicine

you will ever have available. He refers to the remarkable story of Martha

Christy, who for years suffered a long list of chronic ailments untreatable by

conventional medicine. She reluctantly agreed to try urine therapy and

experienced almost immediate relief. She went on to document not only her story

but those of many others in her book " Christy cites numerous medical and

scientific studies that have been conducted on urine, as well as testimonials

from numerous converts, and provides a good resource for understanding the

benefits and supporting evidence for using urine therapy. Home Cure also offers

a source book for physicians.


For me the most compelling argument for trying urine therapy was its benefit in

the treatment of HIV/AIDS. more


World Conference on Urine Therapy April 30 to May 4, 2003


Water of Life by John W. Armstrong


" The universe keeps gifting us with blessings and we often miss them. Our

education or culturization gets in the way. I really think the best things in

life are free. The Water of Life by John Armstrong is a beginning, an opening

door, that will hopefully change opinions. The cases presented are not only

interesting they are convincing. " an amazon.com reviewer


Urine: The Fountain of Youth

The main theory is that it helps build immunity to disease, much like a

vaccination. Martha Christy recommends starting off with just a few drops,

applied topically to the skin. Urine is helpful for acne, eczema, psoriasis,

ringworm, sores, fungal infections, insect bites, snake bites, wounds, burns,

abrasions, and even gangrene. Urine is also is a rich source of hormones,

especially DHEA and melatonin, and other sex hormones including testosterone,

androgen, and estrogen. more


From the mailbag at Shirley's Wellness Cafe

Testimonials about the amazing healing power of UT

Healing diabetes, improving blood circulation, and much more



Additional testimonials about the healing powers of one's own urine

AIDS - Gangrene - Hepatitis - Asthma - Tooth Abscess - Prostate Cancer -

Enlarged Prostate - Food Poisoning - Malaria Disentery - Parasites - Amebas -

Multiple Sclerosis - Fibroid Tumor - Epilepsy - Allergies - Fever - baby with

Consumption - Breast Lumps


Testimonial from the

BB discussions group about urine therapy

" Lately, when Grandma (92 years old) had a very badly bruised spot on her ankle,

mom was at the end of her wits to get it to heal. The doctor's antibiotics

didn't help, neither did colloidal silver, peroxide, grapefruit seed extract, or

many of the herbs (echinacea, chaparral, etc.). Then when mom said it was

looking like gangrene was setting in, I remembered the books saying that

applying urine was about the single most effective treatment for gangrene.

Grudgingly, I mentioned it... mom said it couldn't hurt... and within three days

I got a call telling me that since she soaked a cloth with grandma's urine and

kept it applied (changing it a few times a day), it looks like the infection was

gone and there was healthy pink skin forming at the edges already. This after

about 5 or 6 weeks of downhill slide. Mom was thrilled, as was grandma, whose

ankle no longer hurt. "


The simple use of ones own urine

" Armstrong began urine therapy after a long and agonizing journey in which

doctor after doctor proved unable to cure him of his TB symptoms. On the

contrary, his condition only worsened. He decided to try urine therapy for two

reasons. First of all, a quotation from the Bible stimulated his curiosity:

" Drink water from your own cistern, flowing water from your own well. " (The Book

of Proverbs 5:15) Secondly, he had childhood memories of his mother smearing

urine on his face which was swollen from a bee sting, and of his grandfather

treating animals with urine. Recently, a lot of books have been published on

urine therapy, especially in Germany, and some of those books have been written

by regular doctors. "



After innumerable clinical and laboratory tests carried out over several years

in Japan, China, U.S.A. Switzerland, and many other European countries, it has

been conclusively proved that over and above urea it contains enzymes (of

different kinds), vitamins, antibodies, amino acids, valuable salts and

minerals, carbonates, bicarbonates, pigments, carbohydrates and hormones. more


Tom Brokaw, NBC Nightly News, October 16, 1992:

" In Egypt, rescue workers found a 37-year-old man alive in earthquake rubble. He

survived almost 82 hours by drinking his own urine. His wife, daughter and

mother would not and they died. "


Urine Therapy's Scientific Hypotesis


a.. Nutrients

b.. Hormones

c.. Enzymes

d.. Urea

e.. Immunology

f.. Bactieries

g.. Salt

h.. Diuretics

i.. Transmutation

j.. Psychology



UT Doctor in India: nila_sanghvi

Dr. Nila Sanghvi is the author of

" Shivambu - Urine Therapy "

phone 91-33-474-8308 address: 39, Chakraberia Rd (south), Bhowanipur, Calcutta,

India 700025

Chinese Association of Urine Therapy

72, Wu Kon Lio Road, Wuku Industrial Park, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel:


Fax: G886-2-2996990 E-mail: GWebmaster


Uroterapia a Mexican Site in Spanish, English Italian, French. nformation on

fasting too.


Ayurveda & Yoga: Amaroli Excellent resources on UT


Additional Books on Uropathy:


a.. Urine-Therapy : It May Save Your Life; Beatrice Bartnett; Paperback

b.. Urine Therapy; John F. O'Quinn; Paperback

c.. The Miracles of Urine Therapy; Beatrice Bartnett, Margie Adelman;


A large collection of UT books from Amaroli Books

You can also order these books from amazon.com

You can also mail-order these books from the Bodhi Tree bookstore (in Los

Angeles) at 800 825-9798 or you can email the Bodhi Tree bookstore





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