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NAISHADHAM by Sriharsha

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" Karkotakascha naagascha damayantyaa nalasyacha

rutuparnasya rajarsheh keertanam kali naasanam "


This is famous sloka regarding ' kalisantaaranam ' (capable to eliminate

the bad effect of KALI PURUSHA in this kaliyuga). This sloka tells us that

remembering Karkotaka Naga, Damayanti, Nalachakravarti and Rajarishi Rutuparna

is kalisantaaranam. Several people are suffering with bad effects in their lives

created by kalipurusha in this kaliyuga as he is the monster in this yuga.

'Adhrma and Anyaaya' are holding key posts in the administration of kali purusha

according to the yuga dharma. As such every one shoud find out a way to come

out from the above.


Mahakavi Sriharsha wrote a great book in sanskrit named as NAISHADHAM.at

the very young age with the special power given by the goddess 'chintamani'.

With this special power he was also freed his father from slavery. Even to day

several scholars tells that ' Naishdham vidwadowshdaham'. ( very hard to

understand even by great schlores ). Later this 'Naishadham' was translated

into telugu by Srinaatha mahakavi .


The king of ' Nishadha ' was Nala chakravarti. He was occupied a place in

the list of 'SHATCHAKRTAVARTIS' by his good administration and noble

behaviour..He was heard about Damayanti a princes of neighbor kingdom. In their

previous births they are a tribal couple who worshiped Gavan Samba Siva with the

names of Aarika and Auk. Gavan Sada's pleased with their worship and told that

he shall play a kdy role in thier marraige of their next birth. Thats why he

played a key role as ' HAMSA ' (swan) and increased love between them. Damayanti

was very beautiful as such even Gods like Indra, Yama, Varuna etc., wanted to

marry her. The father of Damaynti arranged a SWAYAMVARAM as such she may select

her husband.. Damayanti selected Nalachkravarti as her husband. Kalipurusha

also intended to marry Damayanti in the swayamvaram. He could not reach there

earlear. After hearing the above news he became very furious and intended to

show his bad effect upon the newly wedded couple.


After two years due to the bad effect of kalipurusha, Nalachakravarti's

brother who was inspired by kalipurusha invited Nala for ' DYUTAM '. King Nala

was defeated in that dyutam and orderd to go out of his kingdom by his brother.

As such Nala left that kingdom and went to forest along with his wife leaving

their one male child at his faher-in-law's house .


In the forest Nala lost his only dhoti in searching of food. Damayanti

shared her sarry with her husband by making it into two. In the night Nala think

that she may go to her father's house if he leaves her alone and went away

leaving her alone in the forest. Next day morning Damayanti felt very unhappy

due to disappearence of her husband and tried to seach him in the forest. A

tiger tried to kill her. A tirbal youth killed that tiger and saved her from

that danger. But he tried to rape her due to her beautyness. Damayanti warned

him not to do so. but her request became invain . Damayant burnt him by giving a

' saapam ' and saved herself from that danger. After that she reached her

father's house with someone help.


King Nala saw a big serpent was surronded by a great fire. He protected

the life of that snake by lifiting it from that fire. Immediatly the snake given

a bite on the leg of Nala as a result the handsome Nala was became a dwarf and

ugly. The snake told him that his name

is ' Karkota ' and he acted according to the welfare of Nala only. He was also

assured him that he may attain his original charming and shape when he remember



After that dwarf Nala went to the kingfom of Rajarshi Rutuparna and

became the head cook of the king. He was pleasing the king by his tastier foods

day by day. Although the Rutuparna was well acquinted with Nala previously, he

could not recognised him due to his dwarfness and black colour.


The father of Damayanti is very busy in search of king Nala. But his

efforts are not so fruitfull. At last he selected a big plan to trace out Nala.

He suspected that Nala is in the kingdom of Rutuparna a friend of him. .The

king Nala knows an art 'ASWAHRUDAYAM' . By this art Nala can drive a chaariot

with a maximum high speed to reach the destination by controlling horses at his

will. As such Damayanti father sent an invitation to Rutuparna inviting him to

the second swayamvaram of Damayanti.


Nala heard the news and became very unhappy. King Rutuparna asked Nala

to drive his chaariot so as he may go to the second swayamvaram. Nala accepted

this with an intension to find out the truth of his wife's second swayamvaram.

The journey started.. Rutuparna wondered about the driving art of Nala and

enquired about the special art of ASWAHRUDAYAM. .King Rutuparna also known a

special art named as AKSHA VIDYA in which he may tell exat numbers of coins in a

bag without counting .He may also tells the leaf numbers of a tree with small

caliculation on thumb nail itself. King Rutuparna and Nala exchanged their

special arts and reached the destination without any delay..


Damayanti recognised her husband even he is in another form of dwarf and

ugly and prayed for his mercy. She also told to him that his father planned as

such he may come over there and no other king was invited to that function

except Rutuparna.. The king Nala satisfied with the words of Damayanti and

remembered ' Karkota naga ' The king Nala attained his original getup by the

help of karkota naga. A meseenger brought the news that Pushkara the brother of

Nala was killed in a battle.The Royal couple Nala and Damayanti retuned to

NISHADHA their original kingdom.


The King of Gods INDRA appered before the royal couple and blessed them.

He also blessed that this story is capable to eliminate the bad effects of

Kalipurusha in this kaliyuga.









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