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GANGA LAHARI by Jagannatha pandita Rayalu

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The holy river 'Ganga'(Ganges) comes out from the Brhama

kamandala. After that she came to the head of Bhgawaan Sadaasiva by

the efforts of Raja bhageeratha. From the head of Sadasiva the Ganga

came to the earth. From that day onwards she is very busy in

eliminating the sins of human beings who took a dip in her. She is

also brushing out the sins of her devotees who remember her with full


Pandita Jagannatha Rayalu praised the 'Ganga' with his 'Gangaa

lahari', and obtained motherly affection from 'Ganga'. Probably he is

first telugu person honoured by the Muslim rulers. The typical story

is as followes.

Pandita Jagannatha Rayalu belongs to East Godawari district in

Andhra Pradesh in INDIA. This poor brahmin tried his level best to

get a job to survive with family. He was a scholer in Sanskrit.His

work RASA GANGADHARA is a famous one. But all his efforts are invain

in securing a job. So he dicided to go Delhi in search of a job.

Janab Jahangeer Badusha was the ruler. Our poet couldn't get entrence

in to the Darbar hall as he don't know the then official language

Urdu. One day our poet standing near by darbar hall. He saw two

persons quralling with each other in urdu. Our poet is having a

special qulity of 'Yekasantagraahi' ( a person who speak out any

matter without any change by simply hearing or reading only once is

called yekasantagraahi). The above litigation went to the observation

of sultan jahangeer padusha. When asked about the witness the above

clients produced our poet as thier witness. When asked by Sultan the

poet said " I don't know urdu. " He added " I can speak out their

conversation word by word " . and he told the entire conversation in

urdu. The Sultan saw the poet with admiration. He disposed of the

case with the help of the witness of our poet, and invited him into

the Royal palace. He talked with our poet with the help of a

translater, and appointed him as a poet in the Darbar. After that

both became close frends. The Sultan learnt sanskrit especially to

talk with our poet in sanskrit only. By the compelson of the Sultan

our poet had no other go except to join in drink party with the

sultan. After some years in a drink party the sultan asked our poet

to ask any boon instantly from him. A beautiful girl named as LAVANGI

was serving drinks in that drink party. Our poet asked her. The

Sultan granted, as a result our poet married Lavangi without changing

their religions. The Brahmin community in Delhi became very serious

and expelled our poet from their community for ever.

Our poet felt very much by the above reaction of his community.

At last he came to a conclusion. He left to VARANAASI along with

Lavangi and sat down at the bathing ghat of river GANGA and started

rendering GANGA LAHARI in heart touching manner instantly. The Holy

River GANGA was very much pleased by the stotra GANGALAHARI and over

flown on the poet and his lover Lavangi, and taken them along with


It shows the power of Gangalahari, and the very kind heart of

mother Ganga in washing away all sins of her devotees.


'Mother GANGA may shower her blessings on all of us


Dr.G.S.S.Sastry drgsssastry

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