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Why do we offer Naivedyam to God? reply gokul krishnan

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All I know is we only make an offer " ALWAYS " expecting something ( if

not something atleast happiness) in return. May be to realize our true

nature (never satisfied and selfish) we are we practise this " offering

to god "


Second thing is we have this habit of bribing everyone with something

for something we want in return. We do the same thing with God too.

Also we try to cheat ( trick) him offering him his stuff for something

we want( desires). Something like I pay the shop keeper from his cash box.


All these practices are to make us realize how sleepy minds are....!


Please forgive me if I am wrong or rude


Gokul Krishnan

gokul krishnan <gokulkris99

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Guest guest

Hi Krishna,


You might be true in some circumstance but the reason why one offer

" Nivedana " to god is to:


1. Show/Convey his respect to God that he is having this food b'coz it

is given by Him.


2. Tradition offering to makes what you are going to have more

sanctity. ( Yatho Buddhi Sthatho Bava)


3. More over No Human being can cater to the Hungry all the fellow

Human beings in the world but if " if You pray Him, He will do that " .


Warm regards


Ramya Sarat Panganamamula <ramya_sarat

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Guest guest

Dear Gokul,


Sai Ram. Even if you are rude, in a way you are

writing one facet of the truth, so there can be no

quarrel with what you or any one else writes. The

truth has several facets and you are seeing and

showing one of them.


What you wrote is the Yagna kanda of the Vedas. Nature

is always bountiful and give back more than what you

sow. All businesses are conducted with the same

principle that the businessman is entitled to his

share of the transaction. So, it is not bribing but

giving God (everything is given by God, so there is no

way that we can offer God something which doesn't

belong to Him), or in a slight different way,

reinvesting part of the business returns for future.

If the farmer did not keep part of the harvest for

sowing, he (and others who depend on his efforts)

won't have food for the next year. From where does

this extra food come from? From sun's energy and the

earth's minerals, water etc. Similarly, what we offer

to God returns magnified many more times. Thus the

very concept of Naivedyam teaches us to be careful of

what we offer to God!


Best regards.



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