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Rudram Learning - Namakam - 6

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Dear all,


Pranams to lotus feet of swami for giving me this wonderful oppurtunity to act as his instrument to present this elite messages on rudram. I pray swami to give all good thought to present this email.


It is said that....


Chamakam Namakam caiva purusa suktam tathaiva ca |Nityam trayam prayunjano Brahmaloke mahiyate ||


He who ever recites Namakam and Chamakam along with Purusa suktam daily will be honoured in Brahmaloka


Rudram first anuvaka ends with one maha sloka


Namasthe asthu bhagavan visweswaraaya mahaadevaaya tryambakaaya,Tripuraanthakaayaa trikagni kaalaaya kaalaagni rudhraaya neelakantaaya,Mrutyumjayaaya sarveshwaraaya sadashivaaya sriman maha devaaya nama.Salutations to you God,Who is the lord of the universe,Who is the greatest among gods,Who has three eyes,Who destroyed the three cities,Who is master of the three fires,Who is the Rudura who burns the world,Who has a blue neck,Who won over the God of death,Who is Lord of everything,Who is ever peaceful,And who is the greatest God with goodness.Salutations again.

is one of the powerful slokas of shri rudram. I hope with the meanings and text, we have covered all the inherent meaning and tatparyam of first anuvaka. It is to be noted that first anuvaka is one of the longest anuvakas of rudram Let us try to recite and chant the anuvaka, listen to it carefully and learn it with the essence.


Let us now move to the text and meanings of second anuvaka.


The second anuvaaka consists of two sukthaas, is part of nature in all its glory as plants and medicinal herbs. He is requested to untie the bonds of the day-to-day life. This is chanted for destruction of enemies, possession of wealth, getting of kingdom andso on.

Here is the basic text and meaning of 2nd anuvaka:


Note: ca is pronounced as "cha" in the verses


Namo Hiranya bahave senanye disham ca patayou namo|

Salutations to Lord Rudra with the golden arms, the leader of hosts, to the Lordof the four direction, salutations.Namo vrukshebhyo harikeshebhyah pashunam patayou namo Namah||

Salutations to the trees tufted with green leaves; salutations to the Lord ofthe cattle.saspincharaya tvishimate pathinam patayou namo|

Salutations to Him who is light youllow-red tinged and radiant; to the Lord ofthe pathways, salutations.Namo babhlu shaya vivyadhinen nanam Pataye namo ||

Salutations to Him who rides on the bull, to him who has the power to pierce allthings, to the Lord of food, salutations.

Namo harike shayopavitine pustanam pataye namo ||

Salutations to Him who is always black-haired, who wears the yajnopavita (sacredthread); to him the Lord of the sleek, salutations.Namo bhavasya hetyai jagatam pataye namo |

Salutations to Him the instrument that destroys Samsara (Ignorance); to the Lordof all the worlds, salutations.Namo Rudrayata ta vine kshetranam pataye namo namah |

Salutations to Him who protects the world by the might of His drawn bow, toRudra the destroyour of all miseries; to the Lord of the fields and sacredplaces, salutations.Suta yahantyaya vananam pataye namo |Salutations to the charioteer, He who cannot be overcome and slain. Salutationsto the Lord of the forests.Namo rohitaya stha pataye vrikshanam pataye namo |

Salutations to the red One, the Lord; to the Lord of trees, salutations.Namo mantrine vanijaya kakshanam pataye namo||

Salutations to the counselor of assemblies, the chief of traders, to the Lord ofdense impenetrable clumps and clusters of thickets, salutations.Namo bhuvantaye varivaskrutayau shadhinam pataye namo ||

Salutations to Him who has created the world and spread it broad, the creator ofriches and lover of those who are devoted to Him; to the Lord of all vegetation,salutations.Nama ucchair ghoshaya krandayate pattinam pataye namo |

Salutations to Him of the fearsome war cry, who causes His enemies to weep. Tothe leader of the foot-soldiers, salutations.Namah krutsnavitaya dhanvate satvanam pataye namah ||

Salutations to Him who surrounds His enemies completely, and cuts off theirretreat by running swiftly after the retreating stragglers; to the protector ofthe good who have taken refuge under Him, salutations.


we shall see the pratipathartham and tatparyam of the second anuvaka in next article of the series....-Offering at lotus feet of Swami,


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