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All Naga Mani(s) are Chlorophane (ex-Fluorite) .Not formed from harden venom !

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Dear Sirs

As there many well-versed knowledgable intelluctuals and keen observers

here in this group


My proposition/propose draft of Letter to Editor


I am drafting a letter to Editor of Australian Gemologist to debunk the

age old myths of Cobra Venom being harden into a luminious crystal.


Meanwhile, proposing that Cobras usually by nature acquire the

luminious gemstone (commonly called Cobrastone, throught the ages in

gemology) from the dried out river beds in summer, in Ceylon, India and

Burma, as the cobras are also insect eating reptile, and the luminious

gem also attracts small rodent in the night, by its luminosity.


The references I got (other than this group post of earlier articles),

from Hemsdolt and the peer physical review of the 4 cobra gems (from

then Ceylon)in 1896 at AAAS (Amer. Acad.Advancement of Sciences)and

reprint of the peer review (1896) by NYT (New York Times)..


The other offside notion of my theory is the Chintamani stone of

Nicholas Roenrich,(personal advisor/friend to Franklin Rosevelt) is

that Green color (moldavite like) stone that Roenrich took to Hague for

the incorporation of League of Nations for World Peace and back to

Tibet, after the collapse of the League by Hilter's unilateral actions.


This Chintamani is same cobrastone but maybe of meteorite origin as

claimed from Sirius group of stars. As known from analysis of meteors,

its possible fluorite formation in meteors, and inclusion of deayed

Radioactive particles that are luminious at night (for example Radium

was)., which are technically referred as chlorophane. However not all

chlorophanes are luminious eternally (forever)as its due to the

chemical composition, especially the radioactive decays matters most.

The cobras seems to have a nack to select the best forever luminious

varieties as they have the freedom to crawl on dried riverbeds at night

and chance upon such luminosity stones.

All the Roenrich's paintings of Chintastome has a glow, as in his

museum in 101 S Street South Side NY city.


There is small side track as the Now only partly declassified US Army

archive of Hilter's Emissaries to Tibet, and the so-called anthropolgy

records they bring back to Germany and their fate after the lenghty

debrief of the trip are available,


It seems F Rosevelt has an interest as FreeMason in Tibet, via his

closest friend Roenrich who instigate FR to include the All Seeing Eye

in the US$ one bills (pyramid with the All Seeing Eye) and so do Hitler

in latter Depression years to till 1940s.


OF COURSE, THERE IS RIDLEY, too on the same Chintamani Stone from

occupied Japan (1946) given his theories


My mention of composition make up is not a hpyothesis but real hard

science facts of 3 cobra manis of about 200 years old possessed in the

family, and wide range of chlorophane collections in the past 25 years,

from various sources, while the most recent additions are from Ural

mountains (Siberia) in the last 2 weeks and the folklores there in

Siberia as they call it in a name similar to cobrastone too, or serpent

stones but in russian names...with cossack variations in names.

There are similarity to China in the folklore (science and civilization

in China 3 volume) " The Night Shining Pearls " and Roman and Greek

civilizations use of the Chinese exports of night shining pearls as

antidotes of poisons, in early 1st millineum after christ and latter

300 final years of Before Christ of the Greeks(via now Afghanistan, and

Chinese Kashmir/Tibet Silk Route).


As the draft is already lenghty, I summarise another interesting fact,

is the mongoose is vehicle of Lord Kuber, and supposed to be his bank

of priceless gems,where are kept, as the cobras are delicacies of

mongoose, so cobrastones along with entire cobra are eaten,. Therefore

the cobrastones given a kind of antidotal relief from the venomous

bites of the cobra during the fight and then dinner of the smitten

cobra by mongoose





I have loaded the almost completed draft elsewhere, like Am

Philosphical Soc., but as we all know it takes time to receive

brickbats or bouquets as academics, this group is most vibrant as there

is vest interest to the knowledge gained.


With Best Regards


Kiev Ukraine

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