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Vedic Gem Therapy by Stephen Quong (Umananda)

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Vedic Gem Therapy


Astrology is perhaps the first and original science. Since ancient

times, people from every civilization and country have studied the

movements of the heavenly bodies and charted their influence upon human

behavior and world events. This understanding of the influence of

planets and stars was developed to the highest level in India, where

astronomy and astrology have been studied and practiced together

continuously for over 6,000 years. Many modern scholars believe that

the practice of astrology in India is much more ancient—perhaps more

than 25,000 years old—as old as the Vedas, the world’s most ancient

scriptures. However, according to the Vedic tradition in India, the

Vedas have existed since the beginning of time. (Veda means knowledge

in Sanskrit.)


Along with counseling a client about their karma and life lessons, and

the prediction of future events, it was also the role of the Vedic

astrologer to recommend remedies and solutions for the problems

encountered in the course of daily living. One of the simplest and

most popular approaches was the preparation and wearing of a gemstone

talisman to neutralize the effects of karmas from past lifetimes, as

these karmas unfold and develop in this lifetime.


Each of the nine planets used in Vedic astrology represents a certain

specific type of karma, or life experience. If there are planetary

patterns in the birth chart which represent potential problems (for

example, with health, career, relationships, or finances), those

potential problems can be neutralized to a great extent, by wearing a

gemstone which radiates a vibration or frequency which is similar or

harmonious with a specific planet.


Gemstones are the most concentrated forms of cosmic color, and cosmic

energy, on this planet. They were formed under conditions of extreme

heat and pressure, deep in the bowels of the earth, many millions of

years ago. The fortuitous combination of chemical elements resulted in

brilliant colors and specific energetic effects which correspond to the

seven natural colors of the rainbow, and their secondary combinations

and variations.




The Nine Primary Gemstones


Through thousands of years of study and comparative analysis, certain

gemstones were classified as having an association with certain

planets. Some gemstones were discovered to be much more powerful than

others for therapeutic purposes. A primary gemstone was assigned to

each planet, and secondary or alternative gemstones were also

identified. Because everything in the material universe can be

categorized into nine distinct groups, corresponding with the nine

planets, every single gemstone and mineral can be analyzed and

classified according to their influence upon human consciousness and

human behavior.


According to Vedic astrology, the most powerful gemstones for each

planet, and a few of their expected benefits, are shown below:


Sun: Ruby – Fame, success, honor, reputation, leadership.


Moon: Pearl - Emotional balance, tranquility, mental peace,

tranquility, fertility.


Mars: Red Coral – Strength, courage, confidence, vitality.


Mercury: Emerald – Intelligence, mental balance, better communication,

stress reduction.


Jupiter: Yellow Sapphire – Prosperity, spirituality, wisdom, children.


Venus: Diamond – Creativity, mental acuity, focus, manifesting goals.


Saturn: Blue Sapphire – Spiritual power, discipline, integrity,

humility, modesty, achievement of goals.


North Node of the Moon: Hessonite Garnet – Originality, motivation,

protection against spirits and accidents, mental calmness.


South Node of the Moon: Catseye Chrysoberyl - Spiritual insight,

protection against misfortunes, mental illness, accidents.



If the primary gemstone is not available or affordable, then secondary

or alternative gemstones may be chosen and used for therapeutic

purposes. In fact, there are multiple, overlapping benefits which

occur when a single gemstone is chosen according to a careful analysis

of the Vedic birth chart. A single gemstone can help with many areas

of life simultaneously, including material success, spiritual growth,

prosperity, better human relationships, and mental creativity.


As an alternative to wearing a single gemstone based upon the analysis

of the Vedic birth chart, almost anyone can wear a ring or a pendant

which includes all nine Vedic gemstones (Navaratna). This is analogous

to taking a multi-vitamin pill to ensure the daily intake of essential

nutrients, and requires no prescription. There are many people who do

not have their exact birth time, or have easy access to a competent

Vedic astrologer, so a Navaratna talisman might be their best choice.


The planets which are beyond the orbit of Saturn (Uranus, Neptune,

Pluto, etc) and the asteroids were not used in traditional Vedic

astrology because they are invisible to the naked eye, and only

discovered using powerful telescopes in the past two centuries. Also,

ancient textbooks on Vedic astrology clearly state that of all the

millions of stars in the sky, only nine have significance upon human

affairs and world events. These nine planets form the basis of Vedic



How to Choose Your Best Gemstone


The best gemstone for an individual is chosen after a careful analysis

of the individual’s Vedic birth chart, which is calculated based upon

the exact birth time, birth date, and location of birth. There is no

single best gemstone which is beneficial for all people, with the

exception of the Navaratna (Nine Gemstone) talisman, which can be worn

by almost everyone. Indeed, what is beneficial for one person can

actually be harmful to another. From my observation, over 90 percent

of the jewelry worn by the general public weakens their energy field,

and creates more harm than good. Most people would benefit more by

getting rid of inappropriate jewelry, instead of buying more jewelry



The popular belief that there is a special gemstone, or “birthstone”,

for each month of the Western calendar, has no basis in astrology, gem

therapy, or any other occult science. This belief was propagated

purely as a marketing scheme by the American National Jewelers’

Association on August 12, 1912, in order to promote jewelry sales

during a period of slow business in their trade.


Gemstones were assigned arbitrarily to each month, without regard to

their historical or spiritual significance. Unfortunately, this belief

in monthly birthstones has become institutionalized by the jewelry

trade and ingrained in popular culture, and will be difficult to

dislodge. Mass re-education of the public will be necessary, to

correct the erroneous belief that there is an actual spiritual or

material benefit to wearing your chosen “birthstone”.


Another reason to question the validity of the monthly birthstone is

the fact that, according to Western astrology, the Sun is changing

signs around the 21st day of each calendar month—not on the first day

of every calendar month. In Vedic astrology, which is based upon the

Sidereal Zodiac, the Sun is changing zodiac signs around the middle of

each calendar month. So there is no astronomical or astrological

reason to assign birthstones based upon the Western Gregorian calendar.

This calendar is not based upon the astronomical location of planets

and stars, but was created by fiat by a medieval Italian Pope who had

little knowledge of astronomy and even less knowledge of astrology and

esoteric sciences. We have no reason at all to continue to use it as

the basis for choosing gemstones for therapeutic purposes.


Even choosing a gemstone based upon your Westeran astrology Sun sign

is not a good idea, because there are so many differences and

individual needs among people with the same Sun sign. It is folly and

superstition to believe that one gemstone can be good for 1/12 of the

population born with the same Sun sign. In fact, it is not so. Even

from casual observation, you can notice significant differences between

people with the same Sun sign. There is no scientific or empirical

basis for this belief.


Choosing a gemstone based upon a more complete examination of the Vedic

birth chart is the most comprehensive and authetic approach. Would a

doctor diagnose and treat a patient without a thorough examination of

the patient’s overall health and case history? Of course not! Then

why should you choose to wear a very powerful, concentrated source of

cosmic energy, such as a colored gemstone, without a careful

examination of your individual needs? Why not learn more about a

scientific and proven system of gem therapy which has been tested and

proven for thousands of years on millions of people?



The Difference Between Vedic and Western Astrology


There are many differences as well as many similarities between Western

and Vedic Astrology. Both systems have similar definitions for

planets, zodiac signs, and houses (sections of the birth chart), since

they are based upon the science of astronomy. Probably the most

significant difference between these two systems is the choice of the

zodiac used for the calculation of the birth chart.


The Western system of astrology is based upon the Tropical Zodiac,

wherein the Sun’s location on Spring Equinox (March 20) is the

reference point for the first degree of Aries. The Vedic system of

astrology is based upon the Sidereal Zodiac, wherein the physical

location of the constellations is identical to the zodiac signs. There

is a difference of approximately 22 degrees of arc in space in the

starting point of these two systems of astrology. This means that when

you compare your Western chart to your Vedic chart, the planets might

be in different zodiac signs.


Keep in mind, however, that the Sidereal Zodiac has been used for

thousands of years by all ancient civilizations around the world for

the calculation of birth charts, and it is only in recent centuries

that the Tropical Zodiac became popular. If you will keep an open mind

about the possibilities of the Vedic system, you may learn something

new and valuable.


Choosing Your Gemstone Based Upon Your Vedic Rising Sign


The Vedic rising sign is the constellation (sidereal zodiac sign)

rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of birth. This rising sign

is changing approximately every two hours, and might be different if

you compare your Vedic birth chart with your Western birth chart. The

planet which “rules”, or which has an energetic resonance with, the

rising sign, is the most important factor in choosing a gemstone for

health, vitality, longevity, and overall success in life.


The planetary rulers of the zodiac signs, and the corresponding

gemstone are shown below:


Aries: Mars (red coral)

Taurus: Venus (diamond)

Gemini: Mercury (emerald)

Cancer: Moon (pearl)

Leo: Sun (ruby)

Virgo: Mercury (emerald)

Libra: Venus (diamond)

Scorpio: Mars (red coral)

Sagittarius: Jupiter (yellow sapphire)

Capricorn: Saturn (blue sapphire)

Aquarius: Saturn (blue sapphire)

Pisces: Jupiter (yellow sapphire)


In general, anyone can wear the gemstone for the planet which rules

their rising sign, without much worry of energetic complications. A

careful analysis of the Vedic birth chart by a competent astrologer

would reconfirm this principle.



Choosing Your Gemstone Based Upon Your Vedic Moon Sign


If your birth time is unknown, then it is not possible to calculate

your rising sign. In this case, you can wear a gemstone talisman with

gemstones for all nine planets as mentioned before (Navaratna) or

choose the gemstone which corresponds with the planet which rules your

Moon sign. The Moon sign is changing every 2-1/4 days, and can be

determined more easily if you do not have an exact birth time.


A gemstone chosen for the planet which rules your Moon sign will help

you with the emotional side of life, family relationships, intuition,

imagination, creativity, and communications. It can also help you in

other areas of life, depending on what the Moon sign is, and what

section of the birth chart, or “House” the Moon is in.



Gemological and Metaphysical Factors in Creating a Vedic Gemstone



I see Vedic gem therapy is a complex combination of science, art and

intuition. There are many other factors involved in the selection, as

well as in the preparation, of a gemstone talisman.


The country of origin will greatly influence the energetic quality of a

gemstone, along with the usual factors of clarity, cut, color, and

overall gemological quality. The exact gradation of color and the

shape of the stone will also affect its influence. Another essential

requirement for gem therapy is that the gemstone must be natural, and

not synthetic nor artificially manufactured, nor treated with heat,

chemicals, dyes, waxes and coatings. The gemstone should be large

enough to have critical mass to affect your consciousness, and be free

of visible inclusions (fractures, feathers, gas bubbles, cracks, dark

spots, color zoning, etc.). Color changing gemstones are generally not

recommended for most people as their primary gemstone.


The choice of the type, shape, and size of the gemstone

would be made after a careful analysis of the Vedic birth chart, as

well as an assessment of the individual’s health and the areas of life

which they would want to change. As you can see, a very precise

gemstone prescription can be made through the Vedic approach to gem



Preparation of a Vedic Gemstone Talisman


Only after the right gemstone is selected, can the next essential step

begin: the transformation of a raw, untreated, gemstone into a

spiritual talisman with sufficient power to transform the person’s

consciousness as well as their material conditions in life. This

preparation is performed with a combination of physical as well as

ritual purification of the gemstone, followed by the infusion of the

gemstone with many hours of prayers, mantra, affirmations and mental

and spiritual programs. Then, and only then, can we call that gemstone

a real “talisman”—an object which has the power to change your life

because of its special energies.


A high quality gemstone properly prepared as a spiritual talisman will

have many times more spiritual power than an equally good quality

gemstone with only cursory preparation.


We can compare a gemstone with a personal computer—the unprepared but

purified gemstone is like a new computer with no software programs

installed yet. It is full of potential, but needs the software

programs installed and running properly to do some useful work.


Likewise, fresh ingredients transformed into a well-prepared meal

cooked by a gourmet chef, will taste much better, and be a much more

satisfying meal, than a plate of raw, unseasoned vegetables.



Vedic gem therapy is a fascinating subject. It encompasses astrology,

gemology, healing arts, metaphysical sciences, and brings them all

together into an integrated science which can offer immense benefits to

you. Keep an open mind about it, experiment with it, test it, and

discover for yourself what it has to offer.


Stephen Quong

Om Tat Sat Tat






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