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Hinduism real Facts

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DID U KNOW: (follow these 'do u know' questions and read description, it will change your understaning about hinduism)


1. Do u know, there was no Temples in Vedic period and it was copied from Budha. Budha didnot like castism and Vedic ritual and so he created his own religion and Brahmins didn't like him at all, yet when budha died, Brahmins said, that Budha is incarnation of Lord Vishnu?

2. Do u know, Tirupati statue and Panduranga statue are Budha statues?but brahmins changed them into Hindu gods?

3. Do u know why Vedas is not translated in any other indian languages? because 90% of vedic poems are about rituals and meat eating methods and Soma juice (alcohol) and they are meaningless, only 10% is knowledge based vedic slokas.


4. Do u know, we were all, Meat eating in Vedic period, and Vegetarianism came very recently, and it is out of competition with Budhisim/Jainism and brahminism?

5. Do u know, Brahmins were cooks and care takers of Fire(yagna is nothing but celebration of fire and food, but they gave different meaning to it?

6. Do u know, Most of the GODS were non Brahmins like Lord Rama, yet these Gods were inducted into brahminism and those GOds taken away from innocent castes?

7. Do u know, that we Historical Crime committed on our HINDUS BY HINDUS by Intellectual slavery and Knowledge monopoly?

8. Do u know, it is all in the ‘Meaning’ that we give to a story or history that makes reality?and so all our history in the past has been changed by giving different meaning?

9. Do u know Lord Parasurama is mass killer and killed his own mother, but he was made God by Brahmins?

10.Do u know, our Self Destructive cycle of Hinduism: is Castism which was invented by Brahmins and made everyone to follow strictly so that they can dominate?

11.Abolition of Intellectual Slavery(after our Independence): we prospering by creating Equality now and we are making real progress, that is not seen for centuries in the past?

12.Do u know, Reservation in education is a “pay back” time for our ancestors abuses? Brahmins had more than 100% reservation in the past?

13.Do u know, Eklavya Syndrome --- some Hindus continue to suffer even now in some remote villages in India(they can't use thumb for bow and arrow?

14.Do u know, Castism is worse than Racism (castism hindu hates hindu, racism white hates black)?

15.Do u know, Idol worship started after Budhism? 300-400BC

16.Do u know we practiced “Purusha Medha Yagna” (sacrificing people) but we don't talk about it.

17.Do u know, Brahmins had “ 100% Educational reservation” for Centuries?(and we need same years for others to develop)

18.Do u know, SOMA juice is the most addictive ‘alcohol’ like drink,used extensively in Vedic period.

19.Do u know, “gotras” are based on Owner ship of cattle in vedic period?




IF u donot know these facts-------------- read on------- to get profound Knowledge—It will change your LIFE for EVER!!


Brain is like a muscle, the more exercise u do , the stronger it gets.We have not only atrophied our Hindu brains for generations by hating them that the brain has been dis-use atrophy and it takes long time to bring it back to original state. We have given ultimate punishment and no wonder they are poor, illiterate, uneducated, dispirited-- and unable to use benefits given to them. If we blame their poverty,illiteracy, uneducation--- we are blaming ourselves.

We have to follow, evidence based Facts of life. The conditions in India, like castism, poverty, illiteracy, is the result of our past. Past is the foundation. Altered past doesn't create Reality we face now. Our current stories about our 'Past' is not true, because it doesn't fit into our reality of Hinduism. If we were great in the past then we should have have created 'Equality' and be most prosperous and Developed Country without any Poverty by now, more rich than USA or any western country and we should have been most

educated and most healthy and most Literate? but we are not??? This is the mismatch. If 'Present' is the result of 'Past' then why mistmatch? It is the manipulation of few Tribes over other tribes, that created this mismatch. Lets get to the TRUTH.


Do u know what is profound Knowledge means? It means : when u have profound knowledge about something, you will have instant powerful understanding and Instantly It will change your LIFE for Ever. Read on …………………



Greatest blunder of our Hinduism is neglecting our own Hindus by telling that it is all maya and u suffer because of your past sins and paying for it now( this is down fall of Hinduism..

Meat eating Vedic Period:Brahmins were part of it!!! ( check below web site and go to Book IV of Rigveda and scroll down to Hymn XVIII and look for 13 stanza.)

http://www.sacred- texts.com/ hin/index. htm#vedas

Rigveda: Book IV: Hymn: XVIII: 13: " in deep distress I cooked a dog's Intestines. Among the Gods I found not one to comfort

Rig Veda : Book IV: Hymn: XXII: 8: " he finds in lair the buffalo and wild ox when the wise lead him on to vigorous exploit. Indra obtains these two animals either for himself as sacrificial flesh or for his worshippers, who would not object to eat the flesh of wild oxen"

Origin of OUR Brahminism: Are we really Cooks in the Vedic times( like Udipi and Woodlands hotels) The origin of the Brahmins as cooks can be understood only in the context of the Yagna being looked upon as a ritualization of the cooking function. The Yagna is a term we popularly understand as a fire sacrifice involving the offering of grains, clarified butter, sandalwood etc, to a fire . This fire is ignited in a special fireplace called the Kund, which literally means a "Pot". The Brahmins who were now not only tenderers of the fireplace any longer, but had come to acquire the status of representatives of Gods on earth and secured their share in the surplus by propagating beliefs that those who looked upon their own needs without a thought of the Brahmins were eaters of sin. This was how the practice of Da na was born.

EVERY PROBLEM HAS ITS PAST Every problem has Past > Any problem that any one has first thing u ask is : what happened ? then u tell them about past events of that problem ? Ask any doctor, they will tell you how important is to know past history of a patient to diagnose and treat and plan future

management. Old vedic period, there was no Intellectual slavery and Untouchability. Any one with dedication would have become Hindu intellect as mentioned below. It is because of few bunch ill minded people who started discrimination and used 'Intellectual slavery and Untouchability' to the extreme and paralysed Hinduism. See below all great Hindus were not brahmins, but reached highest levels by sheer freedom of their intellect and hardwork and dedication.

All the great historical people below were non Brahmins: (see listing below)

Maharshi VALMIKI - Fisherman (initially a highway robber)Composer of Ramayana, Lot of Hindus from Pakistan belong to the so called backward "Balmik' caste. Maharshi VED VYAS - Son of a fisher woman Matsya Gandha, Composer of Mahabharat which also contains Gita. Maharshi MATANGA - A matang (harijan caste) & Guru of Shabari,

Shabari - A Bhil (adivasi tribe), VIDUR- Son of a dasi, Devotee of Krishna, Chief Minister of Hastinapur, Chandragupta Maurya and the Maurya Dyanasty -- Maurya originates from Muria, a tribe which used to collect Peacock (Mor) feathers, also goat herders, Khushru Khan - A lower caste Hindu forcibly converted to Islam,ruled Delhi for 4 months,called himself Hindu Pad- paadshah, hastened the decline of Khilji empire, Hemu- Dhansar (weighman in the market), Ruler of Delhi for 1 month. Fought with Akbar and was killed in the 2nd battle of Panipat (Nov.5, 1556)Most of the MawaLas- Kunbi, Followers of Shivaji Maharaj, including Tanhaji Malusare, Yesaji Kank, Jiva Mahal, MalharRao Holkar - Dhangar (goat herder) the royal Sardar of Marathas, Ahalyabai Holkar - Daugther in Law of Malhar Rao, She built Ghats on Ganga,

Yamuna, Narmada, rebuilt temples including the temple complex in Ayodhya, Sant Tukaram- Kunbi caste (Tukaram calls himself a shudra), Sant Rohidas - Chamar(cobbler) also called Raidas, Guru of Mirabai, Sant Namdev- Shimpi or Darji (tailor), his work is included in Guru Granth Saheb, Sant Janabai- Dasi, domestic servent in Sant Namdev's home, Sant Chokha Mela -Mahar (harijan), Sant Soyarabai- Sant Chokha's wife (harijan), Sant Goroba- Kumhar (potter), Sant Savata Mali - Mali (gardener), Sant Narahari - Sunar (goldsmith), Sant Sena - Nai (barber).

Like any problem it has 'start and end'. Past is very important to know and diagnose exactly and to come up with plan of action for solution. The better u understand our past of the problem the easier it is to solve. Some times just making aware of the problem brings solution , as simple as that. So 'Awareness' of the problem is vital. Please don't use Instinct response like young Gulls(bird) open their mouths for food as soon as a beak like shape with a red spot on it appears above the, because this is how the mother

gull looks. A piece of wood bearing a red spot will produce the same response. In the past people depended entirely on the trustworthiness of the source of our scriptures that is passing on the learning. Majority of Hindus meet the knowledge of our Hinduism through the prejudiced eyes of the person who is handing on the learning.

3. New Concept called “MAIL Sydrome”: The word ‘MAIL’ is an abbreviation for meaning/association/interpretation/links: Even though, we have great people who are not GODS/ Brahmins, but all those NON BRAHMIN great Saints were inducted into Brahminism and pulled from their respective Caste by changing the meaning/interpretation/association/linking them by saying that they are “Incarnation of GODS” and thus part of Brahmins. It is

'Interpretation' we were give to any incident or story. It is 'Associations' we were told to make. It is 'Meanings' we are given to accept. It is 'Links' that were established in our Epic stories and repeated ritually with firmness : that they become our Belief system and over Centuries they become, our Faith. Together they are called ‘MAIL System’where M’letter stands for, Meaning, ‘A’ letter in mail stands for Associations, ‘I’ letter stands for Interpretations, finally letter ‘L’ in word mail stands for links that we make to decorate a lie. So u can give or change "meaning" to a particular experience or incident/story/or Hindu history for that matter : for example : how Bush Linked or

associated or gave interpretation to invading Iraq ??? you can give wrong interpretation to any fact and keep repeating it until it becomes a Truth???. That waht happened to ;Hinduism my friends. Wake Up . Stand up. Open Eyes. Widely. See both sides of Coin for the first time. false statement and repeat with with strong faith and fear of punishment if not followed, will eventually leads to established Belief. Now imagine : you select a nasty thing that happened and you want write and document but if u state as it is with true meaning then you lose your entire group domination and Ego and so all the facts of that story are there but it is given completely different interpretation and

meaning and linked to God and associated to Heaven and Hell according to your belief and there is punishment and reward for accepting that story. So by using “mail” system they were able to change the history and its direction. It is nicely wrapped in time and protected by those people who manufactured that story.

4. Historical Crime committed on our HINDUS BY HINDUS: Did we really commit this Crime: when some say: " Historical crime has been committed by these Untouchable Brahmins.The enormity of crime is indescribable. The very fact of this crime collapses whole Brahminism and thus Hinduism.The account of peace and happiness is credited when Untouchability and

Intellectual slavery is remembered , but debited when it is forgotten. This is self victimizing religious Phenomenon. By definition they became Criminals of History and continue to commit emotional crimes with their criminal mind. This emotional crime has no objective evidence involved. It brings Spiritual blackmailing, which enhances Emotional Terrorism.

5. Self Destructive cycle of Hinduism: Untouchability----------> Illiteracy---> Intellectual Slavery --->Ignorance exploitations in the name of GOD------> Poverty-à->Emotional, physical, mental , spiritual Abuses(saying that they paying for their sins)------> 60% of Hindus are still in this Abused status currently------> pity is they donot know they were victims( Psychological Terrorism) ----->This Untouchability is more prevalent than Racism in Western

Countries and it is very subliminal.

6. Abolition of Intellectual Slavery (about 100 years ago) brought INdia into 21st Century and paving the way for goodness of our Hindus for the first time. Brahmin Tribe is the one who invented this slavery. Intellectual slavery is worst invention human being has ever invented !Most of our hindus have surrendered their intellegencia to the higher caste

people in the name of God and they were not allowed to read or write or think!!!

7. Ekalavya tribe :I was surprised to see in Zee TV recently that : ekalavya tribe still exists in India who are so scared of using their thumbs(even now !!) and they have shown people using other fingers during their archery ??. Ekalavya Syndrome is compelling evidence of Emotional Abuse and Intellectual Slavery> This century old

Emotional Rapism still existing in India !! and one can imagine impact in the lives of our hindus of other Psychological Trauma and its long term consequences.

8. Our bundle of HINDUISM consists of : All our Gods, all 4 Vedas, Upanishads, Mahabharat, Ramayan, all our Traditions, All our Culture, all our Philosophy, understanding, rituals we are proud of and other things you can think of is in it.This bundle we are holding so dearly for many Centuries proudly and lovingly which makes us feel Ego bloated anytime we want has produced following

results to all of us as Hindus.1. Untouchability 2. Castism 3. Intellectual Slavery 4. Illiteracy 5. one Billion People 6. Motherless children 7. disease and deaths 8. discriminations 9. dirt, filthOnly when Intellectual Slavery Abolished ------ Hindus Progressed for the last few decades after suffering centuries, most importantly "information revolution". Irrespective of our excuses we come up with above points to explain; this bundle should have taken care of. IF we say these 9 points have reasons and it is because of some people doing this and that is not sufficient. Because this Bundle of Hinduism should have taken care of and overcome those hurdles and should have shown Resilience. We only feel self satisfied by giving excuses for the past deeds and continue feed our egos with our past. The above 9 points can never be God given gifts. They are man made. No more tongue twitings verbalogy or explanations to our suffering.


9. Parasurama ?? Lord was in my House and my son noticed his Violence depicted on the picture we are praying on him ( he killed his own mother and kept on killing Kshatriyas a kind of Genocidal Barbarism) I took Parasurma's photo from my house and as I could not explain and give the same altered and well coated meanigs sayiing" he is God's Avatar and he can do it and he has purpose to do it" these over decorated meanings are disturbing

my mind. I think he was made GOD even though he Massagcred millions almost wiped out Kshatriyas. Brahmins are good at making NonBrahmins( like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna as Gods and induct them into Brahminism by saying that they are avatars of God, infact all these Non Brahmins Gods donot belong to brahmin tribe.

10. Chandayoga : I was told that We were beef eaters and it was well established facts that chandayoga permitted the same. For centuries we were doing this pratices in Vedas, including Animal sacrifices. Meat eating stopped only when Gautam Buddha and Jainism competed with Brahmins.??.

12. PurushaMedha Yagna: sacrifycing Humans in the name of God !! please explain what it means and without giving any decorated meanings. I am so disappointed by this ritual and was ashamed when some one said that this practice is equal to Cannibalism.were we so bad and did we really practice. I know Ashwa Medha

Yagna. people say we are very good at giving changed, altered, well decorated meanings to our history facts so that it looks and feels good to listen to and read too but also keeps our Hinduism and our dominanation as Brahmins upbeated. Before u read any further, this Please Please, donot Assume things automatically that this is from a SFI student or Marxist Or communist or Islamic fanatic or CHristian monk or something that can make u feel better and escape from these statements or divert others by saying so. I can never be none other than a Pure Hindu and can never be converted, as I have Genetic imprint on my each and every cell of my Body !! I believe in our HIndus, live as a Hindu and Democratic and die with it !!!!

13. Mass Hypnotism: I could not answer this statement: please shed some light : "Mass hypnotism/mass exploitations of Emotions with highly successful 'Fear factor' of Hell and Pain was extensively used and attached for not following their orders in name of GOD and thus Conditioning every Innocent non Brahmin Hindus to castism making a permanent system that continues to propel their superiority" do we have statements or evidence of facts

and truth with some proof do deny this ?? Crores of Hindus now take it granted that it is their fate to be born poor or illiterate hoping may be in next birth they will born in another caste or world.

14. 100% Reservation by Brahmins:This statement was mind bongling and dumbfounded and unable to answer to my fellow friends who confronted me with this big Concept: It says:"Brahmins enjoyed > 100% 'RESERVATION in education:You bloom where planted and the concept of reservation is planted by these people and

now it is blooming their backyard. Brahmins enjoyed 100% ( more than 100%) Reservation for centuries ( Educational Monopoly).Now it is time for Kshudras and other non Brahmins to take reservation and go upto 100%. For them there is pot of gold at the end of Rainbow. So I say to these people abandon all hope , ye who enter here and in this book. Poor people entertain with heart while others indulge in Soma Juicy ( potent drug,famous juice in Vedas) drink which was used by all Aryans in Vedas for centuries as a powerful Drug.

15. Agni-hotras -- the prototype of the Brahmin Tribe as of today"Agni-Hotra" Preserver of Fire .Yagna was Orignally the Cooking Process for the Tribe. According to one hypothesis, the origin of the clergy in India goes back to the days when humans learnt to ignite fire through

friction. Initially the fire must have been obtained from an already bur ning source like forest fires. In these circumstances, before the days of ignition the task of tending the fire was very crucial. Accidents happen in best regulated tribes like in any race and it was by accident only that word Brahmin was attached to 'Agni Hotra" Fire was then, as it still is, an object of worship.

16. Soma Juice: Is it true that it was mentioned in the Rig-Veda, much of the Brahman literature is embellished with instructions for the careful performance of new sacrifices, such as the rajasuya, or royal consecration, the vajapeya, a strength-drinking rejuvenation ceremony, and the Chandogya, permit

the consumption of meat.

17. Pre Aryan Kshudras It is widely agreed that the Shudra caste of Indian society was largely constituted from the pre-Aryan inhabitants of India who were subjugated by the Aryans. Is this a fact or fiction and do we have proof for it.

18. Thread Ceremony: DO we agree on this historical facts told by my Professor: Upanayana - Thread Ceremony - was a tool by which the Brahmins could preserve their hold over the Kshatriyas . The Upanayana ceremony like any other religious ceremony could be performed only, by the Brahmins. After undergoing Upanayana, the Kshatriyas had to pledge to be protectors of Brahmins <http://www.geocities.com/~lavlesh/casteprotectors.html> and recognize the higher status of the Brahmins in the caste hierarchy. In doing this, the Brahmins had the support of the emotional hold they had over society as a whole by means which they could differentiate between warriors baptised as Kshatriyas and the unbaptised 'degraded' Kshatriyas. Gotra - The Common Cowpen These clans which were based on ownership of cattle came to be termed as Gotra which literally means a cowpen. In this environment rival clans strived to obtain cattle, the principal sources of wealth, by war when they could not successfully breed it. The word used to describe a war was Gavishti which literally means 'to search for cows Here qualities such as greed and accumulation of wealth in the form of

cattle could thrive.


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Please let u know some facts, u may know some part of history. but, donot give conclusions on ancient part of hindu religion.

Before the existance of buddha, there is DWYTA and ADWYTA sinddanta is there.

Moreorer, hinduism in southeren and northeren parts of India is somewhat differ. southern is pure and northeren is changed with the mixing of people came from Europe and other parts.

do u know may of idols were found in dwaraka (which belongs to dwapara yug), harappa culture(lord siva, sun)

yes, encient brahmins use to take meat, they use to keep PUNYATHIDHI (perticular time in a year, which represents deth time of his father, g.father) with 6 varieties of meat n 6 varieities of alcohols.

Agastaya has changed it to veg section with one historical case.

Brahmins r those who lives in outside town or city and make prayers. they will donot make any decisions in kingdom.


but, recent past i.e from 18 th century, they were allowed to change the rules and made some mistakes in society.


U said some facts about lifestyle but the conclusions were negetively made.

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Mahesh.. I don't know where did you get these facts? I'm not sure about some of them, but I know for sure some of them are absolutely ridiculous.


Buddha never created religion..he was only interested in helping others to get them out of suffering, a pristine quality of an enlightened one. Ppl who followed him made him God since he alleviated their suffering and created religion after his death.


Regarding Lord Parasurama - there is a story behind killing his own mother but she was revived back. "Once Parasurama's mother sees a very young handsome man when she goes to bring water for cooking and gets attracted to him. She gets home late and her husband, Parasurama's father wonders why it took so long and learns what happened through his clairvoyance as he was a great sage. When he knows what happened he gets very angry and orders Parasurama to kill her and since Parasurama who knows that it's his duty to do everything as his father says kills her. Then his father asks him for a boon for obeying his order to kill his own mother and then he asks to bring her back to life and his father does so"


The story shows it's very important to obey one's parents even if it affects own one's life. Without knowing the real facts plz do not post anything since some ppl might take it for granted as most of us are very lazy to read everything but good at judging or giving opinions




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Whatever you have said about Hinduism is totally rediculus which is completely distored, misinformed and rubbish.


Idols worship was there from the ancient times (before Buddha or Jainism came into existence).

Before Buddha was born 5 thousand years ago scriptures were written about the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. And the Buddha's arrival is clearly mentioned and also about Lord Kalki which yet to happen.

As per the meat eating of Brahmins are concerned, it is clearly mentioned in the scriptures how and when to consume meat. Not by killing. The animal has to die natural death and without disease. Such animal within the specific time the meat can be consumed. But this is not possible in the age of Kali yuga, therefore meat eating is religiously banned for those who worship in the Temple or doing spiritual sadhana.

Yagna /homa is a different technique where fire sacrifice is performed. It is not related to cooking as you have mentioned. Many scientific study shows its physical and mataphysical results out of it. It has its own huge explanation which is not sufficent in explaning in this fourm. Because now-a-days you have many instruments to check the vibrations, energy that are generated during the yagna and homa. There are thousands and millions of devotees that are benifted by such rituals.

No one can take anybody's GOD. All are one and the same. It is rediculus to say that.


Education was given to everyone in the ancient times. King Bhoja Raja had almost all citizens educated and the caste system was not hindarence to the education and well being. During the recent past due to invasion from differnet countries, islamic and so on the social structre was changed. As per your accusation, infact most of the consitution part was analysed and written by Brhamins and Mr. Ambedkar was supervisor who accepted their work. Infact Brahmins have also equally contributed to the developent of the country and society. Great philospher's like Swami Vivekanada and his Guruji Ramakrishna paramahamsa (how is from Brahmin community) helped the whole mankind.

As per Lord Parasurama Mr realdemigod has already replied.


can you prove Aryan theory?? Yes, it is a theory and not the law. It was Britishers who altered our Glorious history. They just want to say whatever is there in India are from outsider. Also there is no such period in our history called vedic period. Where we use the terms called pre-vedic and post-vedic. The real fact is ancient India where vedas were practised.


Brahmin is not a tribe or cooking professional. Those who are in teaching field, invovled in the welfare of the society, give correct guidance to the kings and people are called Brahmins.


You have to learn and understand the concept of Hinduism. All those who seek knowledge and enlightenment with pure and strong desire and with full faith, A Great Guru will come to his/her life. That is what needed. The Guru is one who takes away the darkness.


I know for sure you are a converted christian who has been misinformed and hatered towards Brahmin community. What you are explaining is full of rubbish. And the history was not properly read. It is unfortunate that you are using this forum to degrade the Great Hinduism.

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Guest Vivek Sharma

Totally agreed with the comment from divinesoul_0. even one Converted christian try to influence me. But he get nice replys from me.


Vivek Sharma

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