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Truth Is bitter

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Dear Vaishnavas,


Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha.


Lord Sri Krsna states in the Bhagavad Gita , that this material world is made of miseries, sufferings and it is temporary. - Dukhalaya asasvatham.


I just wanted to share with you a summary of a book by Thomas Ritter,"Prophecies of Europe/libraries from palm leaves". The original book waswritten in German , called “ *Die Palmblattbibliotheken und ihreProphezeiungen zur Zukunft Europas*â€, a translation by George Vodvarka.

Obviously I have no way of measuring the authenticity of the propheciesmentioned in the book, but it is interesting never-the-less.


According to what is told, the Bhrigu Nadi libraries were created more than5000 years ago by seven holy rishis. They apparently wrote biographies ofabout 80, 000 people who will come to ask her fate. The libraries includehundreds of thousands of palm leaves on the dimension of 6 x 46 cm.


In the aforementioned book, Bhrigu Nadi readings of Europe and the US wheredone by Ganesha Babu Shastri to Thomas Ritter from his center in Madras, onSept 2001. According to the book, the following events in our past wereprophesied:-

i) Destruction of Twin Towers in New York, Sep 11 2001. (with conspiracy)ii) US led invasion of Afghanistaniii) US led invasion of Iraq and the difficulties afterwards.iv) Terrorist attacks in European cities such as Madrid and Londonv) Growing public disillusionment with global capitalismvi ) Increase of taxesvi) Mass immigration into Europe


Then, the following events are described which are yet to come *at the timeof writing*. NB: Please do not to be too alarmed. This information is notnecessarily coming from our parampara and it could be that Vaishnavas with thier power of devotion are sufficiently reducing the karma of the world that someof the following prophecies will not come to pass in quite the same way. Themain point is that we should be reminded that this material world isunstable and Bhakt is our only true shelter.


The below prophecies match very well with the present day situation.


2011: Major economic difficulties , first in US then in Europe. Governmentswill admit that the decline of Western economies cannot be reversed.

2012 *(autumn*): US Dollar collapses

by 2013: All US and allies troops will leave Afganisthan

from 2013- end of 2017: In US much civil unrest, mass unemployment, riots instreets, looting, gun battles etc

from 2013 - autumn 2016: Civil unrest, poverty, riots in major cities,fights amongst races in European cities. European leaders call for help fromRussian and Chinese troops.

By 2017 the situation begins to stabilize but under new alliances andpolitical systems. For this stabilization the public will be willing to giveup a large part of their personal freedoms.

Although there will not necessarily be a 'Third World War' until 2040 therewill be many scuffles around the world

2018 and 2023: new diseases in the West originating from Africa

Between 2029 and 2034: there will be massive climate changes, ecologicaldisasters, floods, disease etc which will bring huge problems to governmentsand bring the world to the brink of anarchy. Governments may be forced touse poisonous gasses to control and reduce some members of the population.

2029: Renewed conflict between Indian and Pakistan, it may even involvenuclear weapons

from 2035: the climate will stabilize and along with that social conditionsbegin to settle

2046 *late autumn*: An asteroid between the earth's orbit and the sun willcause massive earthquakes and floods across the world. Millions will die.

After the long clear-up, completed new systems are established, spirituallife becomes more prominent and the Age of Kali will be put on hold.


We should gradually plan returning to India and peacefully settle in our divyadesams,blissfully serving the lord and his devotees..


Forwarded message....

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