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Easwaran's responce- Why is Mr Oak silent ?

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Dear Friends,

I have been watching the responses. I have no points to offer on the following matters -

1. No 'explanation for mushrooming Naadi centres each claiming to be authentic ...

2. Why many leafs (leaves you mean) exist for the same person etc ....

3. Mr Eshwaran , Which Maharishi gives you instructions ? On first two points what explanation you expect from anybody? If they (New Naadi centres and many leaves for same person) are there, they are.


Eashwasran may give this answer. However as far as I know , Atri Maharishi had instructed him to entertain questions on line. Wing Commander Shashikant Oak. Pune, India.--- On Wed, 28/5/08, aries <waryaries wrote:

aries <waryaries Easwaran's responce- Why is Mr Oak silent ? Date: Wednesday, 28 May, 2008, 11:47 PM




I have seen Mr Oak active during the past , but when people started questioning the whole system why are they silent ? , they just promoted their website and went off again ..

I have never seen

Question to Mr Eshwaran , Which Maharishi gives you instructions ?





ksksat27 <ksksat27 > wrote:



Dear Easwaran Ji,Athri Maharishi is a well renowned soul and a system of Jeeva Naadi under his name could very well exist. I give utmost respect to both the Maharishi and the Jeeva Naadi under his guidance.But at the same time, I challenge, it could never be possible that a jeeva naadi could be revealed just by filling an online form. For everything there is a procedure in this world, a factory worker should wear shoes in the workshop with proper uniform.A temple priest must remove his shoes and take bath before entiring sanctum. Likewise, there is certain procedure for Jeeva Naadi. It is a extremely rare kind of naadi which is preserved only in very few astrologer's ancestry from generation to generation. The astrologer must observe severe disciplines and the naadi must be read at the traditional place and in many cases only on certain thithis like new moon or full moon

day.These type of online business in the name of Nadi in general and that too Jeeva Naadi in particular gives speculation to the genuiness of the nadi center itself. Nowadays, nadi centers are increasing in so many places. An astrologer must never depend on any tantric Psheudra Devatas or Karna Yakshinis for making huge money in short time.I have read about several nadi astrologers whoes future becomes really gloomy and the end pathetic due to becoming over greedy.Last but not the least, it is a greatest sin to read a wrong prediction or pariharam in the aim of grabbing money.I went to a Sukar Naadi in Puthur, Trichy and they could not find my leaf even after 3 bundles. Reason is simple, they are using tantric principles to do mind reading while I went prepared by chanting Rama nama in the heart.B.V.Raman has written exclusively about his nadi experiences.Hope you understand and

convey the same to the so called Jeeva Naadi reader with whom you work.Rohit and others -- there is no fear anywhere. Pray to the Divine and your problems will be solved.Thanks., ~Rohit~ <rrohit_123@ ...> wrote:>> Eashwaran ji,> > Very well crafted response, however is that needed? If Atri naadi is really conscious of negative publicity in this forum, why it not worried about getting the correct solution for someone from this forum who got cheated by it one year back?> > May be you can the naadi for me and prove yourself to whole of group here as questions are allowed through internet now.> > My questions...> > 1. You should first seek question for you why Rohit not believing and opposing this post. Tell

something about Rohit. I am sure we would get interesting answer. > 2. When will my current problems solved. Any specific reason for it (I know its karma, still). (My current problems would get revealed while getting the answer itself I suppose)> 3. When will my ambitions fulfilled, will they or not. (While giving answers, my ambitions will get revealed)> 4. What's store for me in future.> > You can post the answers here online, no worries. I will send the fees to you online too.> > Thanks,> Rohit> > > astroeshwaran <astroeshwaran@ ...> wrote: Dear Members of Naadi Astrology , > > It seems that there are some remarks regarding the naadiguruonweb-> site and predictions from Atri Jeeva Naadi by the members of your > group. TILL NOW, I AM NOT MEMBER OF YOUR GROUP. > > Since my name has been taken in

this forum, I want to say something > about the method and the veracity of Atri Jeeva Naadi predictions > via phone or by Internet.> > Atri Jeeva Naadi has got to be referred in person. However, while > the website by Uday Mehtaji and Oakji was underway, it was clarified > by the Maharshi himself by way of answer to a question that he and > his consort Mata Anusuya had given the permission to get the answer > even without being present.> Maharshis had even cautioned that there will be some > misunderstandings due to this procedure. People will not have faith > that the replies are given from our palm leaves or they will suspect > that they are being constructed by the persons who are in possession > of it. > However for the benefit of many who cannot attend in person they had > blessed us to go ahead. Therefore we have started for the

> online /phone predictions just recently.> The procedure adopted for the same is like this.> > 1. Let me make it very clear that I am not the Jeeva Naadi > Reader. I sit next to interpret in Hindi or Marathi. Like I do when > the questioner is present in person, I understand the question and > explain to the Naadi reader for his easy comprehension. Later after > turning some leaves he starts to read the matter which I, in turn > explain to the client. WHEN THE QUESTIONS ARE ASKED BY DISTANT > CALLERS, THEY ARE NOTED AND READ OUT BY MY STAFF ONLY WHEN JEEVA > NAADI READER IS FREE BEFORE SUNSET AND THERE IS NO STOPPAGE BY > MAHARSHI AS PER HIS INSTRUCTIONS TO READ. (THIS IS MANDATORY > REQUIREMENT) THUS IN HIS SPARE TIME, HE READS FROM THE LEAF THE > ANSWERS TO THE LISTED QUESTIONS. THE SAME IS NOTED AND WRITTEN DOWN > TO COMMUNICATE TO THE CALLER

LATER ON AS PER HIS CALLING. > 2. Naadi reader reads Atri Jeeva Naadi. He has job of reading > other normal Naadies for the clients waiting as per their > appointments. > 3. When some one contacts from far off place, we actually > inform them not to consult if they have no faith on our sincerely. > 4. Because on many occasions, even when questioners are > physically present, they feel there is something fishy. Very fact > that their answers are being given from the limited leaves kept in > only three packets, itself is very difficult to believe. Further to > believe that every time answers on the leaf change, is almost > impossible. In the beginning, I was also really not believing the > same! Then what to talk of normal public? BUT WITH EXPETIENCE I CAN > SAY THAT IT IS 100% TRUE THAT THE ANSWERS CHANGE EVERY TIME. > 5. It is my observation that every

questioner has expectations > about possible answers but if the answers do not go to the liking of > the questioerers, they feel otherwise, and start doubting about the > correctness. Many start asking to suggest remedial measures, however > costly may be, to get a favorable solution to their problems. We > politely refuse to oblige, because what Maharshi says is more > important and correct. MANY TIMES THE QUALITY OF ANSWERS INDICATES > THAT IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO GIVE ANSWERS FROM HUMAN INTELLECTCTUAL > LEVEL OR COMMENSENSE. > 6. Some times answers given are vague or not fully satisfying. > If present in person, one can ask for further clarifications. Many > many times the questions not at all proposed to be asked take very > high priority over planned ones. In some instances, the questioner > gets satisfied with first answer, therefore his subsequent

questions > become redundant and then he starts asking whatever comes to his > mind at that moment. Even then answers to those questions are so > reveling that later on the person feels his last mints questions > were more important than prepared ones. > 7. Many are visiting to my center regularly for getting advice > on varied reasons. I have requested to them to come out with their > experiences on websites. They are generally reluctant. They feel > they are not for convincing anyone. It is matter of experiencing and > believing. Persons like Uday Mahta or Oak are very few who like to > share their views openly. But the negative expressions get more and > faster publicity. > 8. I hope I have made clear my view point. I have nothing to > say further. I wish to conclude this topic from my side with > following message which flashes in response to

query on internet. > "We will also abide by the terms mentioned in the site for honest > and clean business. It will be our solemn promise to all those > seekers whosoever utilize the services by Internet through website > or otherwise that we dedicate the Naadi palm leaf divining as a holy > service for the society. We will try our best to pass on the exact > recordings on the palm leaf without adding or deleting our own words > or expressions.> - Salutations to the great Maharishis.> > > > <>, > > G Eashwaran.>


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