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Importance of Naamaakshar according to Avakhada Chakra

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Dear Eminent Astrologers,


What is the imp. of naamaakshar in context with the Avakhada chakra?


Does it neccessary to keep for goodluck to keep a native's name

beginning with their naamaakshar.



For instance :


A female native born in Nakshatra pada :- Ashwini - 3 pada.


Her naamaakshar comes with letter : " CHO " . But her real name is Garima.


Like wise:



A male native born in Nakshatra pada :- Poorvabhadrapad - 2 pada.


His naamaaskshar comes with letter: " SO " . Instead his real name is




So, does this affects in the goodluck and nature of the person, though

in the earlier times parents usually doesn't refer deeply to keep

their children's names according to their nakshatra.


Today we see many cases of celebrities changing or modifying their

names by adding or changing name letters.



So what is the significance of these naamaakshars... and what should

be done if your naamaakshar doesn't match with your real name.????



Seeking a more knowledge on this from our panel of eminent members.


Om namo narayanaya!







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Yes it is very important to keep name of child on the basis of NAKSHATRA.


As lord brahma says that even my son will Not get full fruits of his karma if his name

is not on the basis of nakshtra


Logic is that name is based on position of MOON in horo and when u change the name then the position


of chandra shifts to the nakshtara based on that name and depending upon other factors like


how the new nakshatra is related to ur lagna and own nakshtra new results will come..........



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