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Original LAL KITAB available for free download

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Respected members,


The original Lal Kitab which had been out of print for over half a

century had been resurrected and uploaded by Pt. Lalkitabee a well

known Lal Kitab scholar.


The entire Lal Kitab system of divination was contained in 5 volumes

published in 1939,40, 41,42 and 52. These books are in Urdu and the

first four books were published in Lahore.


Only a few people in India and Pakistan owned them. They will be of

immense value for those who know Urdu, and those who do not know

Urdu they will be a good collectors item.


Now these books are available for unrestricted download from :









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But the Arabs, it Semites who have not yet entered the Indus-Aryan form of development. they are like the Jews did not have the knowledge of the truth. Only Indus - Aryan is the primary form of the human race, whose units can know the truth?




Then this book, like all written after it, you can throw on the trash. Only Jamini sutras bear the truth of astrology. The main thing to lose your mind, and be born in the Truth.

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Guest Noorpasha

dear sir I want laal kitaab wat I do tel me plz

and how much cost for laal kitaab

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