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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_06-08

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paMcha mahAyaj~na saMdhi



paMchanArI turagadaMdadi

paMcharUpAtAtmakanu tA shaT

paMcharupava dharisi tattannAmadiM karesi

paMchapAvaka mukhadi guNamaya

paMcha bhutAtmaka sharIrava

paMchavidha jIvarige koTTallalle ramisuvanu....HKAS_06-08


paMchanArI turagadaMdadi = a picture formed with five women made to stand together in such a way that they together appear like a horse.

paMcharUpAtAtmakanu = the five rUpa-s of ParamAtma - nArAyaNa, vAsudEva, saMkaRShaNa, pradyumna & aniruddha

tA = ParamAtma

shaTpaMcharupava dharisi = assuming 30 rUpa-s as enumerated in HKAS_06-02 to HKAS_06-06 in paMchAgni

tattannAmadiM karesi = called by the names of those agni-s

paMchapAvaka mukhadi = via those paMchAgni-s

guNamaya = triguNa-s satva, rajas & tamas

paMcha bhutAtmaka sharIrava = our dEha made out of paMchabhUta-s

paMchavidha jIvarige = dEva, R^iShi, pitR^i, nR^ipa & manuShOttma 

koTTu = by giving

allalle = pervading in the sthUla sharIra of those jIva-s

ramisuvanu = does krIDa-s


shrIman nArAyaNa pervades as vAsudEva, saMkaRShaNa, pradyumna & aniruddha and the connected names in the paMchAgni-s in 30 rUpa-s as and He is the reason for the birth and protection of the jIva.


A picture formed with five women made to stand together in such a way that they together appear like a horse ir referred here as - paMchanArI turaga. Although there are five women the akhaMDa picture would look like a horse.

(At the reader's request I can send a JPG picture for view as it is not possible to post anything beyond plain text on this list. Please mail to sgpchar at vsnl.com )


In the same way shrIman nArAyaNa pervades in the components of yaj~na i.e. samittu etc.. in His svabhinna rUpa-s of nArAyaNa,vAsudEva, saMkaRShaNa, pradyumna & aniruddha does and makes us do the kARya-s of paMchAgni-s which have be discussed in the earlier stanzas.


The 30 rUpa-s are just tabulated below for a quick reference.


No.    Location              rUpa*

1        AkAshAgni          nArAyaNa

2        samittu                 nArA-nArA

3        dhUma                 nArA- vAsu

4        aRchi                   nArA-saMk

5        kiDigaLu              nArA-prad

6        keMDa                nArA-anir

7        paRjanyAgni        vAsudEva

8        samittu                 vAsu-nArA

9        dhUma                 vAsu- vAsu

10      aRchi                   vAsu-saMk

11      kiDigaLu              vAsu-prad

12      keMDa                vAsu-anir

13      pR^ithivyAgni      saMkarShaNa

14      samittu                 saMk-nArA

15      dhUma                 saMk- vAsu

16      aRchi                   saMk-saMk

17      keMDa                saMk-prad

18      kiDigaLu              saMk-anir

19      puruShAgni          pradyumna

20      samittu                 prad-nArA

21      dhUma                 prad- vAsu

22      aRchi                   prad-saMk

23      keMDa                prad-prad

24      kiDigaLu              prad-anir

25      yOShAgni            aniruddha

26      samittu                 anir-nArA

27      dhUma                 anir- vAsu

28      mahARchi            anir-saMk

29      keMDa                anir-prad

30      kiDigaLu              anir-anir


*nArA - nArAyaNa, vAsu - vAsudEva, saMk - saMkaRShNa, prad - pradyumna and anir - aniruddha


Pervading in 6 rUpa-s in each of the paMchAgni-s and known by the names of samittu, dhUma, aRchi, keMDa & kiDigaLu of the components. There is no difference between His names of  nArAyaNa, vAsudEva, saMkaRShaNa, pradyumna & aniruddha thus 'svagata bhEda vivaRjita' ParamAtma


The jIva is offered as Ahuti in AkashAni to nArAyaNa, then as rain in paRjayAgni to vAsudEva to reach pR^ithvi, then offered as Ahuti in agriculture to saMkaRShana, then offered as Ahuti through the semen of the father in puruShAgni to pradyumna and finally as Ahuti into the mother's womb in yOShAgni to aniruddha and is finally born.


Connected with the tri-guNa-s, the jIva is gifted with a paMchabhoutika sthUla dEha. ParamAtma gifts it to 5 types of jIva-s i.e. dEva, R^iShi, pitR^i, nR^ipa & manuShOttma and does krIDa-s.



shrI kR^iShNArpanamastu

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