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dr Srinivasa Havanoor

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Rich tributes being poured thro' these forum about the sad demise of Dr Srinivasa Havanoor.


I have not met him at all.

But I have read many of his works.


One incident about hs urge to get information quickly I could quote:


About 3 years ago I was in USA

He wrote an e mail thro' one of the forum asking for information on a subject seeking from Readers whether they had any books on them. I wrote stating I might have that Book in Bangalore in my Library.


He saw the mail and wrote to me whether he could have the key of my house at Bangalore , so that he could go, open the house, search for the Book, take and return the key to the person from whom borrowed. I wrote to him stating that i am at USA and not having seen him even once, it was impossible to hand over the key of my house from the caretaker and not possible to allow a stranger to enter the House, search all books which were not arranged at that time in one place.


Whatever may be, one could see his urge and appreciate his desire, Samshodhane, Research aptitude to get information , His great desire . I could see his urge to have the information right then and there and will not hesitate even going to the extent of asking anyone the key of a house like a child. A great desire to read and grab the information and his aptitude for SamshOdhana and Research.


Had I been at Bangalore I might have been the first person to share the information with him and since he was a stranger I had to be careful. Even if I had agreed my caretaker would not have surely allowed him to search.


Hats off to his Research attitude in Haridasa Sahitya.


I also have the same urge to get the information with a difference to get the information patiently with all friendly relation, without causing the trouble to the person having the stock.,


May his sould rest in peace.



Haridasa Dasa Sahitya samshOdhaka.



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