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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_06-06

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paMcha mahAyaj~na saMdhi




matte yOShAgniyoLu tiLivadu

pastha tatvave samidhe kAmO

tpatti paramAtugaLE dhUmavu yOni mahadaRchi

tatpravEshAMgAra kiDigaLu

utsahagaLutsarjanavu purushO

ttamanigavadAnavene kaigoMDu mannisuva...HKAS_06-06


matte =then

yOShAgniyoLu = yOSha - woman, thus yOShAgni

tiLivadu = to understand as the process of hOma

upastha tatvave = genitals

samidhe = kAShTa

kAmOtpatti = excitement created during making love

paramAtugaLE = talk connected to this act

dhUmavu = smoke arising from the contact of the generative organs

yOni = vagina (jananEMdriya)

mahadaRchi = a big flame

tatpravEsha = copulation

AMgAra = keMDa

utsahagaLu = the enjoyment generated in the process

kiDigaLu = are the sparks

utsarjanavu = ejaculation of the sperms

purushOttamanige =to aniruddha ParamAtma

avadAnavene = meditating on Him and offering it as Ahuti

kaigoMDu = accepting that Ahuti

mannisuva = forgives all our faults, destroys our ignorance and protects us by increasing our knowledge


JagannAtha dAsa explains about the 5th  paMchAgni called 'janani' referred in HKAS_06-01 and called as 'yOShAgni' and the process of hOma therein.


The table below summarizes yOShAgni.


No.    Components     adhiShThAna      bhagavad rUpa *     vAyu rUpa

1        mother             agni                    aniruddha                samAna

2        genitals             samidhe              anir-nArA               samAna-prANa

3        excitement        dhUma               anir- vAsu               samAna-apAna

4        vagina              mahARchi          anir-saMk               samAna-vyAna

5        copulation        keMDa              anir-prad                 samAna-udAna

6        happiness         kiDigaLu            anir-anir                  samAna-samAna


*nArA - nArAyaNa, vAsu - vAsudEva, saMk - saMkaRShNa, prad - pradyumna and anir - aniruddha


In yOshAgni, the genitals are samidhe. When the agni gets in contact with kAShTa, the exciting dialogue that is generated is dhUmA, while the vagina is the flame. The act of copulation is keMDa while the happiness derived from ejaculation is kiDigaLu.


Thus in yOShAgni, while meditating on aniruddha ParamAtma, one should offer the semen as Ahuti. ParamAtma would accept our offering and forgive all our faults, destroys our ignorance and protects us by increasing our knowledge.



shrI kR^iShNArpanamastu

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