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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_06-07

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paMcha mahAyaj~na saMdhi



aidu agnigaLalli mariyade

aidu rupAtmakana ippa

ttaidu rUpagaLalanudinadi nenevarige janumagaLa

aidisanu naLinAxa raNadoLu

maidunana kAydaMte salahuva

baidavage gatiyitta bhayahara bhaktavatsalanu....HKAS_06-07


aidu agnigaLalli = in the paMchAgni-s i.e. AkAsha, mEgha, bhUmi, pita and janani

mariyade = without forgetting

aidu rupAtmakana =the five rUpa-s of ParamAtma - nArAyaNa, vAsudEva, saMkaRShaNa, pradyumna & vAsudEva

ippattaidu rUpagaLa = 25 bhagavad rUpa-s

anudinadi = always

nenevarige = to those who remember Him as described in the previous stanzas

janumagaLa = future births

aidisanu = will not come (for those who meditate as described)

naLinAxa = shrI KR^ShNa

raNadoLu = during the mahAbhArata war

maidunana = His sister's (subhadra) husband i.e. aRjuna

kAydaMte = protected from enemies

salahuva = protect

baidavage = shishupAla who abused Him to his heart's content (formerly Jaya)

bhayahara = would chase out all the fears of His bhakta-s

bhaktavatsalanu = ParamAtma who has kArunya for His bhakta-s

gatiyitta = provided sadgati to the chEtana of the guard of vaikuMTha (i.e. Jaya)


JagannAtha dAsa explains the ParamAtma protects those who meditate on the 5 rUpa-s of nArAyaNa, vAsudEva, saMkaRShaNa, pradyumna & vAsudEva and the other 25 rUpa-s as explained in HKAS_06-02 to HKAS_06-06 in paMchAgni.


He who understands paMchAgni and meditates on the bhagavadrUpa-s therein would earn the anugraha of ParamAtma.


One must meditate on the bhagavad rUpa-s connected to the five components i.e. samittu, dhUma, aRchi, kiDigaLu & keMDa in each of the agni-s i.e. AkAshAgni, paRjanyAgni, pR^ithivyAgni,  puruShAgni, yOShAgni aggregates to 25 rUpa-s plus the 5 rUpa-s connected to the agni itself resulting into 30 bhagavad rUpa-s. ParamAtma would always

Protect such devotees.


There are two examples quoted by JagannAtha dAsa


1) This example relates to 'naLinAxa raNadoLu maidunana kAydaMte'. ParamAtma shrI kR^iShNa protected aRjuna in the battle field of kuruxEtra during the mahAbhArata war. aRjuna was married to subhadra (sister of kR^iShNa). Thus aRjuna was His 'maiduna'. kR^iShNa was also the charioteer for aRjuna. kR^iShNa was thus paRtha sArathi. During the war He saved aRjuna from the dangerous saRpAstra which was released by kaRNa, by lowering the chariot by a few inches into the ground with His toe. There are many instances like this in the mahAbhArata.


In this connection, shrI jaMkhaMDi vAdirAjAchaRya in his book " vyAsadAsa siddhAMta koumudI " provides another explanation too. ruKmi is the brother of rukmiNi, who is married to kR^iShna. Thus rukmi is the 'maiduna' of kR^iShna. rukmi wanted his sister rukmiNi to be married off to chaidyarAja shishupAla. When this was not about to happen, rukmi engaged in a battle with kR^iShNa. kR^iShNa could have killed him easily but upon the request of rukmiNi, He let off rukmi by partly shaving off his head and chopping off half his mustache.


aRjuna and rukmi are both 'maiduna-s' for kr^iShNa and both the cases are related to the battle field. However, aRjuna was His bhakta, whereas rukmi turned out to be His opponent taking the side of shishupAla. However, kR^iShna saved both of them. aRjuna was saved because he was His bhakta and rukmi was saved at the behest of rukmiNi.


Nevertheless, most authors refer aRjuna as the 'maiduna' of kR^iShNa.


2) The other example relates to 'baidavage gatiyitta' i.e killing shishupAla.


The two dvArapAlaka-s of ParamAtma i.e. jaya & vijaya were cursed by sanakAdi R^iShi and were thus to obtain 3 janma-s on Earth as daitya-s. During dvApara yuga they were born as shishupala and daMtavakra. Both of them had dvayavEsha. The dEha of shishupAla had the two AvESha-s one that of the sachchEtana i.e. jaya and the other of shishupAla.


During the rAjasUya yAga performed by pAMDava-s, shishupAla not only objected to the prime pUja offered to kr^iShNa and also abused kr^iShNa. shishupAla had already been excused 99 times for his abuses to kR^iShNa. This was the 100th time and finally kRiShNa killed shishupala with His 'chakra' and provided sadgati to jaya and aMdha tamass to shishupAla. Although jaya was carried away by pApa kARya of abusing kR^ishNa, jaya was forgiven by kR^iShNa as he was His bhakta.


Thus ParamAtma always protects His bhakta-s



shrI kR^iShNArpanamastu

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