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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_06-05

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paMcha mahAyaj~na saMdhi



puruSha shikhi vAksamidhe dhUmavu

karaNa vaRchiyu jiHve shrOthraga

LereDu kiDigaLu lOchanagaLaMgAravenisuvuvu

niruta bhuMjisuvanna yadukula

varanigavadAnagaLu eMdI

pari samaRpaNegaiye kaigoMDanudinadi poreva....HKAS_06-05


puruSha = man (father)

shikhi = agni (puruShAgni)

vAk = vAgIMdra (our speech /talk)

samidhe = kAShTa

karaNa = iMdriya-s other than tongue, ears, eyes, vAgIMdriya

dhUmavu = smoke

jiHve = tongue

aRchiyu = flame

shrOthragaLereDu = two ears

kiDigaLu = sparks

lOchanagaLu = two eyes

aMgAravenisuvuvu = keMDa

niruta = always

bhuMjisuva = the food we eat

yadukulavaranige = the most important person in the yAdava kula i.e kR^iShNa ParamAtma

avadAnagaLu = oblation

eMdIpari = meditating so

samaRpaNegaiye = offer our life

kaigoMDu = accepting the oblation

anudinadi = everyday

poreva = would protect


JagannAtha dAsa explains about the 4th  paMchAgni called 'puruSha' referred in HKAS_06-01 as 'puruShyAgni'.


The table below summarizes puruShAgni.


No.    Components     adhiShThAna      bhagavad rUpa *     vAyu rUpa

1        father               agni                    pradyumna              udAna

2        vAgIMdriya     samidhe              prad-nArA              udAna-prANa

3        karaNa-s         dhUma               prad- vAsu              udAna-apAna

4        tongue              aRchi                  prad-saMk              udAna-vyAna

5        two eyes          keMDa              prad-prad               udAna-udAna

6        two ears           kiDigaLu            prad-anir                 udAna-samAna


*nArA - nArAyaNa, vAsu - vAsudEva, saMk - saMkaRShNa, prad - pradyumna and anir - aniruddha


puruSha is the agni here and the talk he does is samidhe and the iMdriya-s are dhUma, tongue is the flame, two ears are like kiDigaLu and the two eyes are like keMDa. pradyumna ParamAtma is the niyAmaka in puruShAgni. The jIva coming down along with the rain, enters the food grains which is consumed by and man and the jIva enters the semen of the man. The food that we eat when it is offered as Ahuti to kR^iShNa ParamAtma by meditating on His rUpa then He accepts the same and bestows the yaj~na phala on us and protects us always.



shrI kR^iShNArpanamastu

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