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Discourse: purusha sukta- Sri Bannanje Govindacharya- 3

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guNadUranAdraU sadgunasamUhadiMtUmbi tLukuva mUruti, jagadAdikAraNaMshatrugaLa gaDaNavanu tarida vikramashAli

O vAsudEvane, ninage namanaM||

Here is the third session of the upanyasa series on the puruSha sUkta by pUjya Sri Bannanje Govindacharya.


Note: The audio level of the recording is low and hence the volume of the computer/audio player needs to be increased or the bass/treble settings in the equaliser of Real Player need to be altered.


Audio file courtesy: Sri Kaddi Raghuttamachar


Tentative Schedule of Sri Bannanje Govindacharya:



Topic:  To be confirmed

19th to 20th April 2010

Time: 6.30PM to 7.45PM

Location:  Sri Raghavendra Svami mutta, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore


Topic:  Bhagavata 4th canto

21st  to 30th April 2010

Time: 6.35PM to 8.00PM

Location:  Sri Puttige Mutta, Bull temple road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore


Topic: Psychology in Ramayana

26th to 30th April 2010

Time: 7.30AM to 8.45AM

Location:  Special Pandal, Govt. Junior College, Fort High School grounds, Bangalore


Topic:  To be confirmed

1st  to 7th May 2010

Time: 6.30PM to 7.45PM

Location:  Residence of Sri Vidyabhushana, Bangalore


Topic:  To be confirmed

8th to 11th May 2010

Time: 6.30PM to 7.45PM

Location:  Sri Raghavendra Svami mutta, Amarjyoti Nagar, Bangalore


Topic:  Bhagavadgita, 18th Chapter

13th to 22nd May 2010

Time: 6.30PM to 7.45PM

Location:  Sri Poorna Prajna Vidya Peetha, Kattiraguppe, Bangalore






sRuShTiyAguva munna kaDalalli nalidavanuarigaLanu taridavanu, surarigadhinAyakanubuDavirada aj~jAnadaMtyavanu tOrisuva

bALgaDala nAvikane, ninage namanaM||



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