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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_06-03

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paMcha mahAyaj~na saMdhi




pAvakanu paRjanya samidheyu

prAvahIpatI dhumagaLe mE

ghAvaLigaLaRchi xaNaprabhe gaRjanave kiDiyu

bhAvisuvudaMgAra siDileM

dI vidhAgniyoLabdhijAtana

kOvidaru hOmisuvaranudina paramabhakutiyali........HKAS_06-03


pAvakanu =agni

paRjanya = mEghAbhimAni

samidheyu = kAShTa - indicating samittu for mEghAgni

prAvahIpatI = pravAha vAyu, husband of prAvahI dEvate

dhumagaLe = smoke arising when kaShTa comes in contact with agni

mEghAvaLigaLu = groups of clouds moving in the sky

aRchi = the flame rising from that agni

xaNaprabheyu = lightening that appears and disappears instantly  (miMchu)

gaRjanave = thunder sound

kiDigaLu = sparks

aMgara = keMDa

siDileMdu = lightening Lightning with thunder,Thunderbolt

bhAvisuvudu = meditating so

I vidha agniyoLu = in this paRjanyAgni

abdhijAtana = abdhi - sea, jAtana - chaMdra of the highest order

kOvidaru = knowledgeable people

anudina = everyday

paramabhakutiyali = with pure bhakti

hOmisuvaru = perform this hOma in mEghAgni


In this stanza JagannAtha dAsa explains the 2nd paMchAgni i.e. paRjanyAgni (also called mEghAgni).


The table below summarizes on paRjanyAgni:-


No.    Components     adhiShThAna                       bhagavad rUpa *     vAyu rUpa

1        agni                  paRjanyAgni                        vAsudEva                apAna

2        samittu             pravahavAyu                       vAsu-nArA             apAna-prANa

3        dhUma             group of clouds                    vAsu- vAsu             apAna-apAna

4        aRchi               flash / sparkle (miMchu)       vAsu-saMk             apAna-vyAna

5        kiDigaLu          thunder sound (guDugu)       vAsu-prad               apAna-udAna

6       keMDa             lightening with thunder

                                 (siDilu)                                 vAsu-anir                apAna-samAna


*nArA - nArAyaNa, vAsu - vAsudEva, saMk - saMkaRShNa, prad - pradyumna and anir - aniruddha


pravaha vAyu is the kAShTa rUpa samidhe. The groups of clouds are the dhUma (smoke). The flash of lightening is aRchi and the thunder sounds are kiDigaLu. The lightening with thunder are keMDa.


Knowledgeable people meditate on the respective bhagavadrUpa-s with pure bhakti to perform the above hOma in mEghAgni.



shrI kR^iShNArpanamastu

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