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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-40

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pari iDAvatsaranu saMva

tsaradoLaniruddhAdi rupava

dharisi bARhasvatya sourabha chaMdramanu enisi

irutiha jagannAtha vitThala

smarisuvavarana saMtaipaneM

duruparAkramavuchita sAdhana yOgyateyanaritu..HKAS_05-40


pari = parivatsara

iDA = iDAvatsara

vatsara = vatsara name

anusaMvatsaradoLu = anuvatsara & saMvatsara

aniruddhAdi = aniruddha and other rUpas-s

rupava = rUpa-s

dharisi = taking those forms

bARhasvatya = as 'bARhasvatya'

soura = as 'souramAna'

bha = naxatramAna

chaMdramanu = chaMdramAna

enisi = called by those names

irutiha = exits in the above stated five Times

jagannAtha viTThala = biMba rUpi ParamAtma

smarisuvavarana = those devotees who remember Him as enumerated above

uruparAkrama = extremely brave ParamAtma

uchita sAdhana yOgyate = sAdhana according to their yOgyata

aritu = knowing

saMtaipa = protects


Measure of time (rather year) is understood in five different ways:








parivatsara (bARhaspatyamAna) - is the time taken for bR^ihaspati (guru) move about from one rAshi to another in the 12 rAshi-s i.e. mESha, vR^iShabha, mithuna, kaRka, siMha, kanyA, tulA, vR^shchika, dhanu, makara, kuMbha, mIna being 12 rAShi-s


iDAvatsara  (naxatramAna)- is the time taken to complete 12 cylces of 27 naxatra-s (1. ashwini

2. bharaNi 3. kR^ittikA 4. rohiNi 5. mR^igashira 6. ARdrA  7. punarvasu 8. puShya

9. AshleSha 10. mAghA 11. puRvA phalgunI 12. utttara phAlguNi 13. hasta 14. chitra 15. swAti 16. vishAkhA 17. anurAdhA 18. jyeShThA 19. mula 20. puRvAShADha

21. uttarAShaDha 22. shravaNA 23. dhaniShThA 24. shatatAraka 25.pURvA bhAdrapada  26. uttarA bhAdrapada 27. revati)


vatsara (souryamAna)- the time taken to complete 360 days.


anuvatsara (chaMdramAna) - the time taken to complete 12 months where each month comprises of tithi-s from pratipada to pourNima and pratipada to amAvAsya


saMvatsara - the measure of time elapsed between saMkramaNa to saMkramaNa


The summary table below helps:-


No    Time              Description                                                niyAmaka

1       parivatsara     bR^ihaspati's movement in 12 rAshi-s        aniruddha

2       iDAvatsara     12 cycles of 27 naxatra-s                           pradyumna

3       vatsara           360 days                                                   saMkaRShaNa

4       anuvatsara      12 cycles of 30 tithi-s                                 vAsudEva

5       saMvatsara    saMkramaNa to saMkramaNa                  nArAyaNa


Those devotees who remember that ParamAtma pervades as summarized in the above table, the brave ParamAtma bestows appropriate sAdhana-s on them in accordance to their yOgyata and protects them.

This ends the vibhUti saMdhi. 


shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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