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pUrNapramati presents, bEsige shibira

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namaskAra all, Greetings from pUrNapramati - a center for integrated learning we have few good things to share with you all about pUrNapramati. We entered our new premises at Girinagar by doing a vAstu hOma on the auspicious day of Yugadi, the onset of vikruti nAma saMvatsara, followed with gaNa hOma, Pooje of

Sri Vedavyasa dEvaru, sri mukhya prANa and sri Saraswati dEvi on the following day. We deliberately kept this low profile as we wanted to focus on other deliverables for a bigger audience.

However, we would like to thank all those several people who called, mailed, texted us their blessings, wishes and greetings for the same.

Right, now some of our accomplishments are - 1. Having our premises at one of the most vantage points at Girinagar, which is few steps from both Girinagara Rayara Mutt & BhagavathAshrama2. Having a good number of students already registered and enrolled for classesfrom Pre-Nursery to 1st Standard.3. Teachers of both modern curriculum and adhyatmic curriculum on board4. Extensive Research & Development on the adhyatmic curriculum for 1st std, with a good mix of pedagogy.5. Having been able to attract and infuse some funds from benevolent donors, who have vouched to stay with us and be part of the big action.6. Closing discussions with few Sponsors who are willing to take part of the load for few parents who cant spend the full amount of fees, 7. Having the Trust registered and completing the formalities of bank account, etc, now we have initiated other regulatory and compliance related actions with the


8. Parallely set the ball rolling on our Dream Campus, to come up in next few years ! While we sincerely apoligise for not having kept you in the loop for a long time, butas you know, all of us involved with this great cause have been working more than what a normal person does and spending less time with our family and on our own sAdhane. This has taken precedence and priority on all aspects and we hope to get the hang of this added responsibility and also do justice to all our existing and current indulgances. Having said that, we would like to offer you an opportunity to let your children understand and practice few basics of our heritage, culture and tradition. pUrNapramati brings to your kids a consolidated summer camp. Few salient things about this program are - 1. Program Management of the shibira - Eminent Vidwans &

Students from PPVP2. Co-ordinator - Proven professionals and Event managers3. Venue - pUrNapramati, Girinagar4. Dates - May 10th to 19th (could be extended by a day or two)5. Time - 1400 - 1800 (4 hours per day)6. Shibira Fees - Rs 200/=7. Max head

count - 25 in each category8. Category - Age Group 1 : 5-10 years, Age Group 2: 10+9. Content of Shibira - - Samskrutha sambhAshaNa pyayOga- Devara Nama keerthane

- Sankeerthane (dEvara nAma with music & dance)

- Stothra / Shloka learning- KathegaLu from Ramayana, Mahabharatha & Bhagavatha (listen, tell, enact)- Indian Mathematics- Indian History (in its true sense)- Indian Games - traditional, classical, historical

ex. Chaduranga, chowkabhara, kunte bille, buguri, gOli, chinni dandu (?) What we need from you ?both - As an interested parent and a keen volunteer ! - please register your kids (age group 5 & above) as soon as possible - your time for one day (actually half day) - Between May 10th-20th, we would need you to take a day off from your office and spend the same with us.- If you could spread the word about this in your sphere of influence- Sponsor few aspects of the shibira under the following areas* Water (25 liters can X 4 cans per day X 10 days)* Juice / Beverages (50 kids X 2 qty X 10 days)* Snacks (to be prepared at home or a madhwa caterer for 50 kids X 10 days)* Teaching / Shibira aids (to be confirmed by PM)* Stationery (as required)* Misc - paper napkins, music CDs, consumables

etc (TBD) Please note that the registrations would start from April 1st, and will be open till April 15th. As said above, we want to restrict to first 50, to make sure we deliver quality programe for our participants. Please hurry and rush your registrations with following info: Name of the Participant:Date of birth:Father's Name:Mother's Name:Contact Numbers:Email id:Exact Area of stay:Details of any specific queries that you may have about the evnet:

-- dhanyavAdagaLuHarish Rao

pUrNapramati - a center for integrated learning.www.purnapramati.in


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