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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-37

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ariyadiRdaru emmoLiddana


varata viShayagaLuMba j~nAnO


ttaradi tanagaRpisalu chitsukhavittu saMtaipa


saritu kAlapravahagaLu kaM


Dareyu sari kANadire parivuvu


maraLi majjana pAna kaRmagaLiMda sukhavihavu..HKAS_05-37



ariyadiRdaru = even if we do not understand


emmoLiddu = being within us

anavarata = always - every moment

viShayagaLa = svAkhya svarUpa of viShaya-s


uMba = accepting them in His mUla rUpa

j~nAnOttaradi = after we start understanding


tanage = to biMba rUpi ParamAtma

aRpisalu = offered to Him - saying kR^iShNARpaNa


chitsukhavittu = gives svarUpa sukha i.e. mukti


saMtaipa = protects

saritu kAla = during monsoon

pravahagaLu = force of flow of the river

kaMDareyu sari = whether the people see

kANadire = or do not see

parivuvu = would flow on their own

maraLi = after seing that flow

majjana = taking a bath for purifying our body


pAna = drinking water for quenching the thirst


kaRmagaLiMda = and other kaRma-s

sukhavihavu = give happiness


Extending the example of offering the water from the river as 'aRghya'

from the previous stanza, JagannAtha dAsa explains the anugraha

bestowed by ParamAtma as the 'force of flow of the river'.



During monsoon season usually the river swells and there is flood all

around. Whether anyboby sees or not, the river just flows. After

realizing that the river has swelled, people take a bath in the river

and purify their body and minds. We need to take bath in order to

purify the dEha which is indeed dEva maMdira and drink the water to

quench the thirst.



Just like the flow of the river, ParamAtma pervades in our sthUla

dEha, in our iMdriya-s, in the iMdriyAbhimAni dEvata-s and their

niyAmaka mukhya prANa dEvaru and does all kaRma-s and makes the jIva

do the same and gives the puNya-pApa phala-s according to their anAdi




Pervading in gaMdha, rasa, rUpa, spaRsha & shabda and accepting the

svAkhya rasa from those and brings it to the experience of the jIva

and stimulates their ichChA, j~nAna and kriya. Whether the jIva

realizes about His saRvakaRtR^itva or not biMba rUpi ParamAtma

pervades in the dEha and performs and makes us perform all the kriya-s

(just as the flow of the river). After realizing this fact, the jIva

starts offering all the dhaRma-kaRma to ParamAtma, and then achieves

svarUpAnaMda mukti and crosses the ocean of birth and death and

protects them.



Just as we purify our body and minds by taking bath in a river and

quench our thirst, in the same way the affectionate anugraha of the

kind Lord is like the force of river flow.




shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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