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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-35

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  biMbareniparu svOttamaru prati

biMbareniparu svAvararu prati

biMbabiMbagaLoLage kEvala biMba hariyeMdu

saMbhramadi pADutali nODuta

luMbuDuvu diDuvudu koDuvude

llaMbujAMbakanaMghri pujegaLeMdu nalidADu...HKAS_05-35


svOttamaru = higher jIva-s in the tAratamya order

biMbareniparu = would be known as biMba-s by the chEtana-s in their lower order

svAvararu = lower jIva-s in the tAratamya order

pratibiMbareniparu = would be known as pratibiMba-s of the chEtana-s in the higher order (svOttamaru)

pratibiMba biMbagaLoLage = svOttama-s being biMba and the svAvara-s being pratibiMba

kEvala biMba = He is the primary biMba for all chEtana-s

hariyeMdu = knowing that ParamAtma (is the primary biMba)

saMbhramadi = with extreme happiness

pADutali = when we sing His praise

nODuta = seeing thus (for the un-aparOxi, meditating on His rUpa is itself His daRshana)

uMbuvudu = process of eating (consuming food)

uDuvudu = wearing (as clothes)

iDuvudu = decorate ourselves (as ornaments)

koDuvudu = give as gift (as dAna)

ella = all these krIya-s

aMbujAMbakana = biMba rUpi ParamAtma with Lotus Eyes

aMghri pujegaLeMdu = understanding that this is the pUja being offered at His Lotus Feet

nalidADu = dance with happiness


There is hierachy in tAratamya. One who is at a higher level than us is called 'svOttama' and the one at a level lower than us is called 'avararu'. The svOttama-s are commonly recognized as the biMba-s of the avara jIva-s. For example, vAyu dEvaru is the biMba for garUda, shESha and R^idra. avara jIva-s are the pratibiMba-s of the svOttama-s. R^idra dEvaru is the biMba for iMdra, kAma and others. Thus higher level jIva is the

biMba for the lower level jIva. Thus there is a chain of biMba-pratibiMba in the svOttama-avara relation ship. However, ParamAtma is the ultimate biMba for all.


Understanding the above we should be praising virtues of the Lord and see Him in the food we eat, the clothes we wear, ornaments we wear and whatever we give as dAna to others and thus worship Him in every action we do and be happy.



shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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