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shrI Sundara kanda Nirnaya- MBTN- Verses 35- 37

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shrI hari vAyu gurubhyO namaH


Translation by Scholars of Sri Madhwacharya Seva Sangha, Chennai


 idaM samIxya baddhavat.h sthitaM kapIndramAshu te |

babandhuranyapAshakairjagAma chAstramasya tat.h || 7-35||


Word to word meaning:

te = those rakshasas

Ashu = quickly

babandhuH = tied that

kapIndraM = mighty monkey

sthitaM baddhavat.h = as if he was made immobile

samIxya = after seeing

idaM = this Hanuman

anya pAshakaiH = with other ropes

cha = and

tat.h astraM = that weapon

asya = of Indrajit

jagAma = lost its hold on Hanuman & disappeared



After seeing Hanuman, who stood still as if bound by BrhmAstra, those Rakshasas made bold and

tied Hanuman with other ropes. This act of theirs [degraded the very efficiency of the astra]. The

astra, sent by Indrajit, soon disappeared [and reached Brahma's abode].


Explanatory notes:

Hanuman knows that Brahma astra will do no harm to him. We must have full faith in Hari &

Vayu. They are our saviors, without this knowledge, if we worship other devatas, it will be a asura



atha pragR^ihya taM kapiM samIpamAnayaMshcha te |

nishAchareshvarasya taM sa pR^ishhTavAMshcha rAvaNaH || 7-36||


Word to word meanings:

atha = Thereafter

pragR^ihya = catching hold of

taM kapiM = the monkey

te = the rakshasas

Anayana +cha = brought him

samIpaM = to the vicinity

nishAchara + Ishvarasya = of the king of Rakshasas (Ravana)

sa cha rAvaNaH = and he, Ravana,

pR^ishhtavAN = questioned

taM = him (Hanuman)



The Rakshasas after catching Hanuman the Kapi who only appeared to be subdued led him to the

court of Ravana for questioning.


Explanatory notes:

They mistook Hanuman to be an ordinary monkey & even Ravana mistook him so.This suggests his

total ignorance.


kape kuto.asi kasya vA kimarthamIdR^ishaM kR^itam.h |

itIritaH sa chAvadat.h praNamya rAmamIshvaram.h || 7-37||


Word to word meanings:

kape = O monkey !

kutaH = from where

asi = have you come?

kasya vA = and to whom do you belong?

kimarthaM = for what purpose

idR^ishaM = this kind of act

kR^itaM = was done by you?

IritaH = questioned

iti = in this manner

sa cha = he (Hanuman)

avadat.h = replied

praNamya = after paying obeisance to

IshvaraM = his Lord

rAmaM = Sri Rama



Ravana thus questioned him by addressing him as monkey. Where from did you come? Whose

messenger are you? What is your mission in destroying the Ashoka vana? Hanuman after paying

his obeisances to Sri Rama, the Sarvottamma answered all the questions.


Explanatory notes:

Whatever is done by Hanuman, the great Bhagavath bhaktha it is only to please the Lord. So he

prays, the Lord before the beginning of a work, in the middle, & at the end. That is why he is called


(Adau antecha, madhye cha, viShNuH sarvatra gIyate)


Jagadguru Sri Madhwacharya virachita Sundara Kanda Nirnaya

Published by

Sri Madhwacharya Seva Sangha(Regd)

1395, 31st street, 6th Sector, K K Nagar

Chennai 600 078

Phone # 044-24740049

 shrI kR^iShNArpanamastu

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