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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-34

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  kannaDiya kaiviDidu nODalu

tanniravu savyApasavyadi

kaNNigoppuva teradi anirudhdhanige I jagavu

bhinna bhinnava tOruttipudu

janyavAdudariMda prati biM

bannamayagAneMdaridu pujisalu kaikoMba...HKAS_05-34


kannaDiya = mirror

kaiviDidu = holding in hand

nODalu = when seen

tanniravu = image (pratibiMba)

savyApasavyadi = we see a mirrored image (our left hand as right hand and vice versa etc..)

kaNNigoppuva teradi = our eyes see so

anirudhdhanige = aniruddha ParamAtma (sUxma sR^iShTi kAraNa rUpa)

I jagavu = the jIva-s in this world

bhinna bhinnava = different

tOruttipudu = would appear (different)

janyavAdudariMda = various jIva-s getting into His belly during praLaya and getting out from His belly during sR^iShTi by the grace of ParamAtma.

pratibiMba = pratibiMba jIva

annamayage = annamaya ParamAtma

AneMdu = I, me

aridu = knowing so

pujisalu = if worshipped with knowledge

kaikoMba = would accept that pUja


JagannAtha dAsa explains with the example of the properties of a mirror as to how ParamAtma is biMba and all other chEtana-s are pratibiMba.


A mirror reflects our image. The image (pratibiMba) does whatever we (biMba) do and is exactly like us (naturally!) except that the our right hand is reflected as the left and so on - mirror image (pARshvapallaTa) - and would appear savyApsavya i.e. our sacred worn on the left shoulder would look as we it is worn on the right shoulder.


In that way the sarvataMtra svataMtra ParamAtma is the biMba and all the chEtana-s are pratibiMba.


Our svarUpa dEha is like the mirror. The  mirror has the pratibiMba. When the object (biMba) is in front of the mirror, only then we can see the image (pratibiMba).


However, biMba rUpi ParamAtma, pratibiMba chEtana-s and the svarUpa dEha are all anAdinitya. If we see this as the basis, then, the the form and rUpa of anAdinitya pratibiMba jIva is the biMba rUpa of ParamAtma. This biMba-pratibiMba relationship is anAdi nitya. aniruddha ParamAtma is responsible for sUxma sR^iShTi. This world is created by such ParamAtma. Since the biMba rUpa rests in the form and rUpa of chEtana-s, all the vyApAra-s are done via the chEtana-s through biMba kriya. He is the Regulator and the jIva-s are the regulated. ParamAtma is saRvataMtra svataMtra and the pratibiMba jIva-s are controlled by Him. Therefore all the jaDa-s and chEtana-s are entirely different from the biMba rUpi ParamAtma.  This difference of the jaDEsha and jIvEsha being anAdi nitya, and because aniruddha ParamAtma created this world there is the difference as 'savyApsavya'.


aniruddha is annamaya kOshAbhimAni and pervades as anna nAmaka in this world.


Realizing that 'aniruddha ParamAtma is biMba and I am His pratibiMba. If we worship ParamAtma with the feeling of Isha-dAsa i.e. biMba ParamAtma is extremely different from me and this difference is anAdi nitya', then He would accept those services with pleasure and bless us. However, if we worship Him as if we are His equal, He would give us only sadness like in aMdhaHtamas.



shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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