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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-33

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nidhanadhanada vidhAta vigatA


bhyadhika samAsamavaRti sAmaga


tridashagaNa saMpujya trikakuddhAma shubhanAma


madhumathana bhR^igurAma ghOTaka


vadana saRvapadARthadoLu tudi


modalu tuMbihaneMdu chiMtisu biMbarupadali......HKAS_05-33



nidhana = saMkaRShaNa rUpi ParamAtma who causes destruction (praLaya)


dhanada = provides support to the sR^iShti that He has created and

provides appropriate means (wealth and other things) to the jIva-s for

obtaining sAdhana - thus dhanada


vidhAta = as sR^iShTi karta in Brahma dEvaru


vigata abhyadhika sama = He is saRvOttama i.e. none greater than Him

or equal to Him


samavaRti = equally provokes all chEtana-s i.e. according to their

svarUpa yOgyata


sAmaga = sAma vEda pratipAdya

tridasha = Brahma and other dEvata-s

gaNa = group

saMpujya = praised by them

trikakubdhAma = the three extremely important places, vakuMTha,

shvEtadvIpa, anaMtAsana.


shubhanAma = maMgaLa nAma

madhumathana = He who killed the daitya madhu


bhR^igurAma = parashurAma dEvaru

ghOTaka vadana = shri hayagrIva dEvaru (horse faced)


saRvapadARthadoLu = in all things

tudi modalu = end to end

tuMbihaneMdu = pervades fully

biMbarupadali = in His biMba rUpa

chiMtisu = meditate so


In this stanza, JagannAtha dAsa tells us the way in which we should

meditate upon the all pervading ParamAtma.



During mahApraLaya, the entire world is destroyed by saMkarShaNa

ParamAtma and it is kept in His belly. He is called 'nidhana'.



In the same way, He protects the world that He has created (sR^iShTi)

in His form as viShNu ParamAtma. He provides appropriate means like

wealth for the jIva. He also bestows j~nAna, bhakti & vairAgya to

sajjana-s. Thus He is 'dhanada'.



Pervading in Brahma as 'aja', He performs sR^iSti just by His icChA -

free will. He is thus known as 'vidhAta'.



There is none equal to ParamAtma or greater than Him. He is

saRvOttama. Therefore He is 'vigatAbhyadhika' or




This 'vigatAbhyadhika' pervades in all jIva-s without prejudice or

favouritism, without displaying friendship, sombreness or enmity and

remaining unattached and according to the yOgyata-s and kaRma-s of the

jIva-s, He does vyApAra in them. Thus called 'samavaRti'. 'sama'

meaning equal and 'vaRti' does various krIDa-s. Another meaning for

'vaRti' - wick of a lamp. Just as a wick of the lamp takes up oil as

per potentiality of the oil, the same is the yOgyata and kaRma of the

jIva and ParamAtma is the 'vaRti'.



He is known in sAma vEda. Thus His vibhUti rUpa is known to be in sAma

vEda. Hence called 'sAmaga' - also saMgIta priya.



He is worshipped by 'tridasha' - Brahma and other dEvata-s as a group

-thus called 'tridashagaNa saMpujya'.



ParamAtma exists in the three muktidhAma-s - those are vakuMTha,

shvEtadvIpa & anaMtAsana. 'kukut' means 'the shoulder of a bull' which

is the highest location of it's body. The above three dhAma-s are

places of the highest order.



The holy names of ParamAtma is a powerful tool to destroy all our

sins. Thus 'shubhanAma'.



Since He killed daitya madhu,  He is known as 'madhumathana'.



Since He was born in the bhR^igu kula as ParashurAma, He is known as




ParamAtma takes the hayagrIva rUpa indicating knowledge. Thus called

ghOTaka vadana (horse faced)



Thus, ParamAtma known as, madhusUdana, ParashurAma, hayagrIva and

other holy names entirely pervades inside and outside the brahmAMDa

from end to end (tudi modalu tuMbihanu) in His biMba rUpa.



This is how JagannAtha dAsa tells us the way in which we should

meditate upon the all pervading ParamAtma.




shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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