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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-32

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  vItabhaya nArAyaNa chatu

ShpAtu tAneMdenisi tatta

jjAti dhaRma sukaRmagaLa tA mADi mADisuva

chEtanara oLahorage Ota

prOtanAgiddellarige saM

prItiyali dhaRmARthakAmadigaLa koDutihanu..HKAS_05-32


vItabhaya = fearless

nArAyaNa = nArAyaNa ParamAtma

chatuShpAtu = being niyAmaka for the four vaRNa-s (brAhmaNa, xatriya, vaishya & shUdra) just like four legs

tAneMdenisi = calls Himself so

tattajjAti = connected to those vaRNa-s

dhaRma = tasks related to those vaRNa-s

sukaRmagaLa = kaRma-s related to those vaRNa-s

tA mADi = does the respective tasks in His biMba rUpa via the abhimAni dEvata-s in those respective vaRNa-s

mADisuva = and makes them do the same

chEtanara = in those chEtana-s

oLahorage = existing as jIvAMtaryAmi and the outer sthUla dEha

Ota prOtanAgiddu =enmeshed

ellarige = to the jIva-s of the four vaRNa-s

saMprItiyali = very affectionately according to their svarUpa yOgyata

dhaRmARthakAmadigaLa = the four values like dhaRma, aRtha, kAma & moxa

koDutihanu = would give them


In this stanza, JagannAtha dAsa further explains the how the vaRNa  niyAmaka - shrIman nArAyaNa pervades in His rUpa as " chatuShpAtu " .


ParamAtma is fearless. saRvOttama ParamAtma is not afraid of anyone - and He causes all the fear in us to go away thus - " vItabhaya " . Such ParamAtma exists in the vaRNa-s and is their Regulator.


One way of understanding 'nArAyaNa' is -

arAH = dOsha (demerits / flaws)

nArA = one who has no demerits or one who possesses infinite virtuous qualities

ayana = takes refuge or takes shelter

---meaning a Person in whom infinite virtuous qualities get shelter.


This vItabhaya mUla rUpi nArAyaNa is known as known as " chatuShpat " in shruti. chatuShpAt -meaning four legs - herein understood as the four vaRNa-s i.e. brAhmaNa, xatriya, vaishya & shUdra in which He (shrIman nArAyaNa) pervades as vAsudEva, saMkaruShaNa, pradyumna and aniruddha respectively and He is the prEraka (Stimulator) and niyAmaka (Regulator). Thus 'chatuShpAtu'.


PuruShasUkta says " pAdOsyavishvAbhUtAni.. " - PuruSha nAmaka virADrUpi ParamAtma pervades in this world with the size of about His one feet. His other three feet being His svarUpAMsha.


Known as 'chatuShpAtu', mUla rUpi shrIman nArAyaNa does and makes them do various tasks - dhaRma-s and sukaRma-s - by pervading in the four vaRNa-s.  BrahmaNa is supposed to study vEda-s, xatriya is supposed to guard the country; vaishya is supposed to trade and shUdra to provide service. These are their dhaRma-s. He acts as the prEraka for these actions by doing the biMba kriya in those respective bhagvadrUpa-s and acting as the Initiator through the respective tatvAbhimAni dEvata-s as detailed in HKAS_05-29, 30 & 31 via the jIva-s.


shrIman nArAyaNa enmeshes Himself as jIvAMtaryAmi in the chEtana-s and the sthUla dEha and does and makes the various vaRNa-s do their respective jobs and bestows the four values like dhaRma, aRtha, kAma & moxa for obtaining salvation.


dhaRma refers to dhaRma buddhi of those respective vaRNa-s

aRtha refers to wealth earned from that dhaRma buddhi

kAma refers to desires borne out of that dhaRma buddhi

mOxa refers to salvation arising out of the above


The kind Lord with immense affection would give His anugraha to all the vaRNa-s and protect them.



shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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