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Part-!! Chaitra shukla from Ekadashyam to PooRNimyam

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Part-II CHAITRA Mase SHUKLAPAKSHA- (Ekadashyam 26th Mar to PoorNimyaam 30th Mar)


Sri V i k r u t i

NAMA Samvatsare,


Vasantha Rutu



( 16th March to 30th March)






(ShraadhDha tithi ShraadhDha bhaava)


Tithi : Ekadashyaam(17.14) IST

Vaara : Bharga vaasara

Nakshatra : AshlEsha(3.53)

Yoga : Sukarma

KaraNa : BhadrA



There is no better EkAdasii than KAmadA EkAdasii.


It can eradicate even the sin of killing a brAhmana, and it also nullifies demoniac curses and cleanses the consciousness.


In all the three worlds, among movable and immovable living entities, there is no better day




Belur Channakeshava Ratha

Sri KrishNa DoLotstav

UnDaaru Ratha

Shukra Jayanti


27th March Saturday ,DWADASHYAAM

(ShraadhDha Tithi Eka+Dwaa+Trayo )


Tithi : Dwaadashyaam (14.48)IST

Vaara : Sthira vaasara

Nakshatra : MAghA (2.10)

Yoga: : Dhruti

KaraNa: : Balava




i) DWadashi-ParaNe- PradOsha

ii) Melkote Cheluvaraya Swami Ratha

iii) Mandya JanArdhana Ratha

iv) NoNavinakere GOpalakrishNa Ratha

v) DamanarpaNa for Sri VISHnU


Pooja with "Davana"


As we are VishNu Bhakatas, it is felt proper to recite these Mantras before the LORD

Whether we are able to get "davana leaves" or not ,reciting

the slokas might definitely fetch “ Maha Phala”.





The whole year we have been performing “KARMA”. In order to get “Vaiphalya Parihara” on this Day, Damanarpane is done to Lord VisnhNu.who is also MAsa Niyamaka for this Paksha


Hold Davana leaves in your Hand.

Stand before God


AshOkaaya Namasthubyam

Kaama sree shokanaashana!

ShOkartiM ParavO

Nityam AnasnadaM JanayaswamE


Perform Prathana like this


Then Vasanataaya

NamasthubhyaM VrukSha Gulma Lataashraya!

Sahasya Mukhasamvaasa

Kaamaroopa Namosthute !!


Pray to Vasantha



Kaamabhasma samoodbhoota

Rati bhaaShpaParipluta!

Rusi Gandharva Devaadi

vimOhaka NamOsthute !!


So saying perform

Pooja to Kaamaantargata Pradhyumnna,


Again holding Davana




Deva Deva Jagannatha

Vaanchitaartha Pradaayaka!

Hridispaan PoorayEh

Kaamaan mama Kaameshwwari Priya !!



GruhaaNa Mada Anugrahaat !!

ImaaM SaavatsareeM

PoojaaM Bhagawan Paripooraya !!


So saying perform



Then Recite NarayaNa



Perform pooja

with Davana in your hand to the LORD


For this “ Lata VishESha, it is called Davana” This took

birth from the Bhasma of burning KAAMA.



28th March 2010Sunday,,TRAYODASHYAAM

(ShraadhDha Tithi Chaturdarshyam)


Tithi : Trayodashyam (12.25)IST

Vaara : Ravi vaasara

Nakshatra : Poorva PhalguNi (0.33)

Yoga : Shoola GanDa

KaraNa : Taitila


i) Bhauma PradoSha

ii) ManmathanigeDamanarpaNe

iii) TalakAduKeerti NArAyaNa Ratha

iv) AnangaTrayodashi, Ananga Pooja

iv) Shree SathyapriyaThirth P,D.(Manamadurai)(1737-1744)

24th pontiff of Sri Uttaradhi mutt


Introduction to Shri 1008 Shri Satyapriya Teertharu :

Diksha Accepted on 1737 (Pingala)

Preceptor Shri Satyavijaya Teertharu

Brindavana Pravesha 1744 (Raktakshi)

Pithadhipati 6 Years ; 11 Months ; 17 Days

Aradhane Chaitra Shudda Trayodashi

Brindavana at Manamadurai

River Vedavati

Dist Shivaganga

State Tamil Nadu

Poorvasharama Name Garvadada Ramacharya

|| Shri Satyavijayambhodhe Jaatam Satyapriyaamrutam |


Jaravruteejanghaneetu Vbudhanammude Sada ||

Shri Satyapriya Teertha's Purvashrama Name was Ramacharya.




Shri Satyapriya Who was present there determined to disprove the unfounded belief of the poor lady.

He prdered the corpse to be brought on the Paduka of Krishna. Within minutes, he brought the boy back to life. The joy of the parents knew no bounds. They fell at the feet of Swamiji and prayed for his Anugraha.


Shri Satyapriya Teertharu oncew visited Melkote Shri Yoga Narashima Swami Temple at the hills.

He was late and the Temlpe door was closed. Shri Satyapriya Teertharu stood in front of the main door and poured out his heart in praise of Lord Shri Narshima and gently touched the door. to thesurprise of all, the door opend of its own accord.The bells rang and it was also seen Arthi going on to the Load in the Mool a Sthaana. Shri Satyapriya Teertharu had good Darshan of Yoga Narasima Swami, and tears of Ananda rolled down his cheeks.





During the period od

Shri Satyapriya Teertharu , there was a reputed Kavi in North India, by name Ghan shyam Kavi . He had Written more then 100 drams in Sanskri. He was also considered an authority in Adwaita Vendanta and Sahitya literature as well. He was as eye-witness to the vast learing of Shri Satyapriya Teertharu , of his humility , majesty, and power of expression in high lighting the truth hidden in various Vedic Texts.Hearing the unbiased and highly thoughtful words of Shri

Sataypriya Teertharu , the said Kavi,being a very impartial Pandit, offered himself as a Sishya to Swamiji and had to Mudra Dharana.



the said Kavi also worte a Drama "Prachanda Raahoodayam" in five chapter in which Shri SatyaPriya Teertharu has been Shown as the hero. In this work , the doctrines of Dwaita, Adwaita and other Scools of thoughts have been discussed and finaly "VIJAYA" embraces the hero. Shri Satyapriya Teertharu.



It was customary in those days at Kasi to ercet a pillar as a symbol denoting the Victory, inscribing the details of victory on such pillars. the pillar erected establishing the vitroy of Shri Satyapriya Teertharu was a bit too high. Shri Ghan Shyam Kavi has described in the said Drama that it was no wonder. Because the Sun and Moon during their journey may like to have a little stop - over for

rest . The pillar erected in memory of Shri Satyapriya Teertharu victory can be used by them. Such was the admiration for Shri Satyapriya Teertharu learing and the deep Bhakti he hand towards him. Vide the verses quoted in Tamil Version of His "Life Sketch" (" Prachanda Raahoodaya")




After Completing his pilgmage to Rameshwaram. Shri Satyapriya Teertharu came to Mamamadurai. In those days , the area was dense forest . one day Thieves attacked the Mutt and stole away the Pooja box, jewaels and also the bell ( the Pooja Ghanta ). This Pooja bell was monted with Srr Hanuma Figure, as usually seen everywhere. One

can imagine the Rama-Pratima kept in the Pooja Box. He poured out his heart's paryers to Shri Hanuman expressing that without his grace, no one could perform Rama Pooja anywere, at any time . He ceaselessly went on singing the glories of load Shri Hanuma.


A Miracle happend . In a short while , the Thieves were shovcked to see several wild monkeys springing out one after from the Mutt's Pooja ghanta. In Huge numbers , they made a bell by their wild screaming and frighteng gestures. The thieves were terribly

afraid. They came running to ShriSatyapriya Teertharu , placed all the stolen atricles before him and begged him that they be accepted his servents. From that time, the place was called Veera Vanara Madurai Later it was called as Vana Madurai and finaly became MANAMADURAI




The King who ruled over the area at that time came to know about the glories of Shri Satyapriya Teertharu. But he had neither faith nor regard for the penance and spiritual poweras of the Shri Satyapriya Teertharu. One day , he played a mischief with Swamiji. He offered 'things' for Pooja in three plates all the three fully coverd . he had kept mutton in one plate , dried fish in the other and

blood in the third plate. he placed him to accept them for his Pooja. he was polite in his outward appearance but was highly arrogant inside and with utter disregard for Shri Satyapriya Teertharu.

Shri Satyapriya Teertharu was quick in visualising the true colour of the Royal visitor. He only pitied the king and pleaded to the Lord Shri Ramachandra to pardon the king. But the Lord indicated that the king would he excused only partialiy and not in full.


In the meanwhile the king felt he was losing the eye sight in one eye. He fell at the feet of Swamiji and begged him to save atlest the other eye. Which Shri Satyapriya Teertharu granted.thereupon Shri Satyapriya Teertharu sprinkled Shanka - Teertha with Tulasi on the three plates and asked the king to open them. to the utter surprise of all , the blood turned to be "Aarati" the dried fish into small stones and the mutton into sandal paste.


No wonder that the arrogant king became a devout Bhakta to Shri Satyapriya Teertharu . He donated three Villages and one of them was Chandanoor. He also donated one hundred acres of Nanja lands and executed a copper - plate Saasana to that effect. In this way, the King atoned his sins and rendered himself deserving for the grace

and blessings of Shri Satyapriya Teertharu.



It is customary to reverntially touch the feet of Shri Moola Rama Pratima by Shri Satyapriya Teertharu every day at the completion of Pooja and Prior to placing the same in the box. One day. it so happend that when Swamiji was doing so, he felt the presence of Shri Ramacndra and tender . Shri Satyapriya Teertharu took it that

the call from Shri Ramachandra had come to him for doing the Pooja eternally in the Divine Kingdom . Shortly afterwards. Shri sAtyapriya Teertharu left his mortal coils at Manamadurai on Chaitra Shuddha Trayodasi in the year 1744 A.D





One great and extraordinary speciality in the Brindavana At Manamadurai is that the main Brindavanam is not one mere Koormaasana as usually seen elsewhere. On the Koormasana, there is a sprial snake .(Ajagara=Sanke) and on this, the Brindavan is embedded. It is also the belife inthe orthodaxcircles.





Shri Satyadrama Teertharu was the 4th Pitadhipathi 53 years after Shri Satyapriya Teertharu. Shri Satyadrama Teertharu , sings the glory of Shri Satyapriya Teertharu , describing him in seven ways. the Guru is compared to,




1]. Bhooma Devi :


In patience, forbearance or forgiveness Shri Satyapriya Teertharu is like Bhooma Devi.


2]. Brahma Deva :


In serving Sita-Pati Shri Moola Rama , he is like Chturmukha Bramaha Deva.


3]. Samudra :


In Depth of Knowledge and profoundity. he is like Samudra


4]. Ganga :


In purufying others, he is like Ganga


5]. Aadi Shesha :


In matters of intellect,he is like Asdi shesha


6]. Brihaspathi :


In investigation, elucidation,discrimination, discussion or in determining the Vedic truth, he is

like Brihaspati the Deva-Guru.


7]. Shri Rama :


In greatness, in strenth ( of inner Power ) .or in fame, he is like Shri Rama.


WORKs by Shri Satyapriya Teertharu :


Shri Satyapriya Teertharu had witten many works. Some of his important works are mentioned here:-

1]. Commentary on Maha Bhashya

2]. Commentary Mandukya Upanishad

3]. Commentary Atharvana Upanishad

4]. Commentary Tatwa Prakashika

5]. Chnadrika Bindu

Courtesy: Sri Uttaradhi Math

Compositions on him sri Sathyapriya Gururaaya

ManagaLakaaya Nithyadhali Nija Bhruthya Sahaaya by Vijayavitala in Raga kalyaNi set to Jampathala


Vrindhavana Nodidhe Sathyapriyara Vrindavana Nodidhe by Guru Govindha vitalamkitha in Raga Behaag set to Adhithala.


Dhyana Sloka:

Shree Sathya VijayamBhodhe

JaRtham Sathya Priyamrutham|

Jaramruthe janghaneethu

vibhuDhaanaam mudhe sadhaa||



(ShraadhDha TithiPoorNimyaam)

Tithi : Chathurdashyaam (10.09)IST

Vaara : Indu vaasara

Nakshatra : Uttara PhalguNi(23.05)

Yoga : VruDhdhi

KaraNa : VaNija



Sri Nrisimha Dolostav.

DamanarapaNa for Shiva

i) Called Dhamanaka ChaturdaRshi in the North india.

ii) Melkote Cheluva raya swamy Jayanti

iii) MagaDi Ranaganatha swamy Ratha

iv) Kiriyur Vittala moorthi Devara Moola PratiShTaapana Dina

v) MaLoor Aprameya Rathah

vi) Kanchi Varadaraja swamy Jayanti




(ShraadhDha Tithi Pratipathyam)


Tithi : PoorNimyaam (19.45)IST

Pratipat (6.11)

Vaara : Bhauma vaasara

Nakshatra : Hasta (21.54)

Yoga : Dhruva

KaraNa : Bava


i) Chitra PoooRNima.

To day one should do danam "a pictured cloth"


" Chitranna"


"Dhadhyanna dana"


for SaRva Devathas. It is considered as auspicious.


ii) Hampi HuNNime.


Hampi VirupaakSha ratha.


PalimAru Anjaneya Rathotstava,

Kateel Ratha. Hiriyadka Jatre


iii) DamanarpaNa for Sakala Devata


iv) Davana PoorNima

If you perform Pooja

to-day to Sri VishNu with “DAVANA

leaves”(VishNuvige DamanarpaNe) , you will get the Phala ofdoing the

Devatarchane for One year.


Like wise doing Pooja

with Davana for one day to each Devata would fetch vishEsha Phala.


v) Chitra vastra, ChitrAnna,Dhadhyanna Dana

vi) "Bangalore Karaga"


vii) Shree Hanumad Jayanthi (See attachment )




ManojavaM MarutatulyavegaM

JeetendriyaM BuddhimataM VarishTaM

VaataatmajaM Vaanarayoota MukhyaM

Sri Raama DootaM Shirasaa Namaami !!


Buddhir balam Yasho dhairyam

Nirbhayatwam arogataa Ajaadyam vaak patutpam cha

Hanumat smaranaad bhavet !!

As Shree Rama dhootha

, as a person who was blessed by Anjanadevi, as a person interested in Bhagawat KaaRya saaDhaka, the Vayuputra who appears at

the very next moment in any one ,who remembers Him, that Hanumanatha Devara Avathara Day.


The Managalakaraka symbol SWASTIK resembles Sri Hanuman


On Chaitra Shukla Purnima, i.e., the full moon day of March-April, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated all over the country. The monkey-God Hanuman is worshipped everywhere in India either alone or together with Lord Rama. Hanuman temples dot the entire length and breath of the country. Every temple dedicated to Rama invariably has an idol of Hanuman. In other temples also Hanuman is found installed.


Yatra Yatra Raghunatha KeerthanaM

Tatra Tatra Krutamasa KanjaliM

Bhashpa vaari paripoorNa LochanaM

Maarutim Namata RaakshasaantakaM !!


The birth anniversary of Hanuman, the son of the wind-god Marut and Anjana Devi, is celebrated with great religious fevour. people visit the Hanuman Shrines, observe strict fast, offer prayers and Puja, and read the Ramayana and the Hanuman Chalisa. On the occasion the idols of Hanuman is given a new coat of vermilion mixed with clarified butter and then richly decorated.


Fairs are also held at some places near the shrines and charities done. Hanuman is one of the greatest embodiments of strength, speed, agility, learning and selfless service to Lord Rama. He could fly at the speed of wind, uproot mountains and trees assume any size and shape

at will and make himself invisible. In battlefield he was a terrifying figure, as colossus as a mountain, as tall as a tower and ever invincible.




His face is red like

ruby, his yellow skin and coat shines like molten gold and his mighty tail is of immense length. he shattered the enemies in the battlefield with his fierce roar. he is immortal, and this immortality was granted to him by Rama to serve the devotees in distress. His great adventures have been described in great detail and with much reverence and delight in the Ramayana. He is living embodiment of Nishkam Karmayoga


[Nishkam Karmayoga,Anyaayakke

Pratibhatane ,Achala dhairya, Atula Saahasa Muntaada guNagaLuLLa Sri Hanumanata Devarannu Poojisuvaru], love, sincerity and ram-nam, Rama and hanuman are inseparable. His celibacy is of the highest order and he did things which were almost impossible for others for the sake of love of Lord Rama. On Hanuman Jayanti people observe fast, meditate on him and his Lord Rama, practice charity, read the Hanuman Chalisa and spend the day in repeating his glories and adventures and be blessed.

"We bow to Hanuman, who stand with his palms folded above his forehead, with a flood of tears flowing down his cheeks wherever the Names of Lord are sung."


NamAmi Dhutham Ramasya

SuKhadham cha Suradhrumam|

PeenavRuththa MahA bhAhum

saRva hatRu NivAraNam||


NaanaaRatnaSamayukta KundalaadhiViraajitham

|Sarvadhabheestadhataaram SathaamVyDrudamaahavey||


VaasinaCHAKRATIRTHAsya DakshinastheyViraajithey

|TungambodhiTarangasya VaatheynaParishobithey ||



DhoopaaDeepaadhiNyveydhyihi PanchakaadhyschaSaktitaha ||


BhajaamiHanumathpaadam HemaKaantiSamaprabham

|VYASATHEERTH Yatindreyna Poojitham Suvidhaanathaha ||


TrivaaramYahaPatenithyam DhaamaSabhyantharaKalu

|PuthraarthreeLabhateyPutraan YashortheeLabhateyYashaha


VidyaartheeLabhateyVidyaam DhanaartheeLabhatheyDanam

|SarvathaaMaasthuSandheyho HariSaakshiJagathpatihi


YahaKarothyathraSandheyham SayaathiNarakamDhruvam

|| (San.)


Sri Vyasarajar on Yantrodhdharaka PraNa devaru


vii) Sri Muneendrathirtha P.D.(Sriranga)

Sri Satyavrata thirrtha PD (Sri Ranga)

Sri Sushameedra teerthara Uttaraadhane.


Sri Vitala Narayanaswami ratha, Mulbagilu

Vaishakamasa Snana Arambha


From Chaitra shukla PooRnima to Vaishaka shuddha PooRnima, one-month period- after doing Prathah Snanam, aRghya should be given to the " Masa Niyamaka- Shree Madhusudhana" with the following Mantra.


Snana Mantra:

Vaishakam sakala Maasam

Mesha sankramaNe Rave|

Prathah Saniyamah Snase

Priyatham MadhusudhanaH||




Madhuhanthuh Prasaadhena

BrahamaNaanaa Anugrahaath|

NiRvignamasthu me

PuNyam Vaishaka Snanamanchaham||


Madhave Meshage Bhanau

Muraare Madhusudhana|

Prathah Snaanena me naatha

Phaladho Bhava Paapahan||


Vaishakhe Meshage Bhaanau

Praatha Snaanam Karomyaham|


TheeRthe Jalamaye PuNye

puneehi Madhusudhana||


Argya mantra:


Vaishakhe Meshage Bhanau

Prathah Snana ParaayaNah|

Argyam Theham Pradhasyaami

GriHaaNa Madhusudhana|


Gangaadhyah Saritha


cha Hraachya ye|


PraGRihNitha Mayaa Datta


MaRgyam Samyak Praseedhatha|


RushaBha paapinaam Shastra

Twam YamaH SamadaRshanaH\

GrihaaNaRgyam Mayaa dattam

Yathoktha Phaladho Bhava||





(AravaTTige) PrapeyaM Sarva SamaanyaabhokTebhyah


Pratipaaditaa Asyaah

Praaanaath pitarastyupyantu hi Pitaamahaah


JalakuMbha Daana

(Close it with a vastra)


Om Dharma GhaTodatto

Bramha VishNu Shovaatmakah asya pradaadaat sakalaa mama samtu manOrathaah!!


Give Danam saying the above Mantra.




(ritual bath in the month of Vaishaka)


(as indicated by Rayar Mutt)


We have published two articles about ritual baths that devotees should undertake during certain holy periods in the calendar. A similar practice should be observed while taking the VaishAka ritual bath.




During VaishAka mAsa all the tIrthAbhimAni devatas (celestial beings who are the patron deities of holy rivers and other tIrthas) are present in full force in their respective tIrthas (river, lake, stream, rivulet etc) in the early hours of dawn. People who undertake baths in the tIrthas at such holy times get immense benefits.




The mantras to be chanted at various stages in the bath are given below:


Permission from KshetrapAla:


The following mantra should be chanted in order to obtain permission from Bhairava (the celestial guarding the tIrtha) for bathing in the tIrtha:


“atitIkshNa mahAkAya

kalpAntadahanOpama. BhairavAya namastubhyam anugnAm dAtumarhasi” (I salute you Lord Bhairava, who has a fierce and formidable personality, resembling the fire that burns at the end of each brahma-kalpa.


Please grant me permission.)


Permission from the Lord:


The following mantra should be chanted in order to obtain permission from the Lord before dipping into the water:




“samasta jagadAdhAra shankachakragadAdhara

| dEva dEhi mAmanugnAm yuShmatIrthanivEShaNE” (“You are the foundation for the

entire universe. You carry the conch, discus and mace. O Lord please grant me permission to bathe in this tIrtha which belongs to you”).


sankalpa (resolution)


The following sankalpa (resolution) should be chanted before getting into the water:


Adya bhramaNah

dvitIya parArdhE

shrI shvEtavarahAkalpe

vaivasvata manvantarE


tame kaliyugE

prathama charaNe



danDakAraNyE dEshE


dakshiNE tIrE

shAlIvAhana shake



asmin vartamAne

shrI … (V I K R U T I )




chaitra vaishAkha mAs(shukla/krishNa)pakshE, … tithou











bhUvarAha prEraNeya



asyAm mahAnadyAm



sannidhou – sAligrAma chakrAnkita


vaishAkhasnAnam aham





Next, arghyA should be

offered to the Lord with the following mantra:


Argya to Lord



Namah kamalnAbhAya

namastE jalashAyinE |

NamastEstu hRUShIkEsha

gRuhANArghyam namOstutE ||




VaishAkhe mEShagE

bhAnou prAtah snAnaparAyaNa |

Arghyam tEaham

pradAsyAmi gRuhANa madhusUdana ||


Madhuhamtu prasAdEna




Nirvignamastu mE



SNANAMAnwahaM !!


VAishakhaM SakalaM


MEsha SaMkramaNe ravEh

Praatah SaniyamahsnaasyE



Argya to the Sun:


Ehi sUrya sahasrAmshO

tEjO rAshE jagatpatE


Shree kR^iShNARpaNamastu











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