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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-29

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bhUsurarOLippabja bhavanoLu

vAsudEvanu vAyu khagapa sa

dAshivahipEMdranu vivasvAnnAmaka sURya

bhEsha kAmamarAsya varuNA

di suraru xatriyaroLipparu

vAsavAgiha saMkaruShaNana nODi mOdiparu...HKAS_05-29


bhUsurarOLu = brAhmaNa on the Earth (refered as Godly persons)

ippa = as abhimAni

abja bhavanoLu = in chatuRmukha Brahma

vAsudEvanu = vAsudEva nAmaka ParamAtma

vAyu = vAyu dEvaru

khagapa = garUDa dEvaru

sadAshiva = R^idra dEvaru

ahipa = shESha dEvaru

iMdranu = iMdra dEvaru

vivasvAnnAmaka sURya = vivasvan nAmaka sURya

bhEsha = naxatrapati chaMdra dEvaru

kAma = manmatha

amarAsya = dEvamukha agni dEvaru

varuNa = jalAbhimAni varuNa dEvaru

Adi suraru  = all the above dEvata-s and others

xatriyaroLu = in xatriya caste

ipparu = abhimAni dEvata-s are there

vAsavAgiha = reside there

saMkaruShaNana = saMkaruShaNa ParamAtma

nODi = obtaining His daRshana

mOdiparu = become happy


This stanza and the next two stanzas must be read together as they explain the four vaRNa-s of brahmaNa, xatriya, vaishya and shUdra and their abhimAi dEvata-s and how He pervades there with His bhagavadrUpa.


chaturmukha Brahma is the abhimAni dEvata for the brAhmaNa varaNa. During sUxma sR^iShTi, viriMchi was born by the grace of vAsudEva ParamAtma and mAyAdEvi (another form of laxmI dEvi). The same viriMchi is born as chatuRmukha Brahma when PadmanAbha rUpi ParamAtma was sleeping on xIra samudra, the golden Lotus flower that came out from His navel had 14 petals and chatuRmukha Brahma was born there.

vAsudEva ParamAtma is the niyAmaka for the brAhmaNa vaRNa  through Brahma.


vAyu dEvaru (jIvOttama), garuDa dEvaru (paxi rAja), shESha dEvaru (saRpa srEShTa), R^idra dEvaru (manObhimAni), iMdra (abhimAni for upamanas), vivasvAn (one of the sURya among dvAdashAditya-s), naxatra-s (bhE) adhipati (Isha) i.e. chaMdra, manmatha (God of Love), agni dEvaru (amarAsya or dEvamukha - as the dEvata-s accept havissu through agni), varuNa (jalAbhimAni) , all these are the abhimAni dEvata-s for xatriya-s and saMkaruShaNa ParamAtma is the niyAmaka for them.



shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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