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Discourse: Bhagavadgita Ch18-Sri Bannanje Govindacharya -March13

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anubaMdhaM kShayaM hiMsAmanapEkShya cha pauruShaM|mOhAdArabhyate karma yat tat tAmasamuchyatE||25||

muktasaMgo & nahaMvAdI dhRutyutsAhasamanvitaH|siddhyasiddhyornirvikAraH kartA sAttvika uchyate||26||

rAgI karmaphalaprepsurlubdho hiMsAtmakO & shuchiH|harShashokAnvitaH kartA rAjasaH parikIrtitaH||27||

Here is the 3rd session of the lecture series on Bhagavadgita 18th Chapter by pUjya Sri Bannanje Govindacharya recorded on 13th March 2010 .

Audio file and recording courtesy: Sri. Kaddi Raghuttamachar



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444-GEETHA-18A-25_27SL-BNJG 130310.rm

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