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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-27

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apaNAlayagata padARthavu


stRI puruSharugaLiMdriyagaLali


dIpa pAvakaroLiDutiha tailAdi dravyagaLa


A paramagavadAnaveMdu pa

dEpadE mareyadale smarisuta


bhUpanaMdadi saMcharisu niRbhayadi saRvatra....HKAS_05-27



apaNAlayagata = things that are sold in a shop


padARthavu = those items

stRI puruSharugaLa = men as well as women

iMdriyagaLali = ornaments for the ears and nose etc..


dIpa = for the lamp

pAvakaroLiDutiha = putting into agni

tailAdi dravyagaLa = oil, ghee, firewood etc


A paramage =for ParamAtma

avadAnaveMdu = offering to yaj~na (as oblation)


padEpadE = again and again - every moment

mareyadale = without forgetting

smarisuta = remembering so

bhUpanaMdadi = like a king

saRvatra = at all places

niRbhayadi = fearlessly, without ahaM, mamate etc..


saMcharisu = go about


'apaNa' is the shop where we obtain things we require. 'Alaya' is the

place where we stay. In a house we have rice, dal, and other grains.

We also have beds and beddings, clothes for men, jewellry for women,

oil & ghee for lighting lamps, firewood. All these items should be

considered as 'havissu' for ParamAtma and they are offerings to

ParamAtma. Offering everything ParamAtma is 'avadAna'.



JagannAtha dAsa proclaims that a person who does as above without

forgeting - at every moment, is always fearless and moves about in the

same way as a king moves about fearlessly and would not be afraid of

mean persons. He who has the anugraha of Paramatma need not fear

anyone. Because ParamAtma pervades in them, they have high capability.

They are fearless because they remember ParamAtma every moment.




shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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