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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-25

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  mAtarishvanu dEharathadoLu

sUtanAgiha saRvakAladi

shrItaruNivallabha rathikaneMdaridu nityadali

prItiyiMdali pOShisuta vA

tAtapAdigaLiMdali virata

I tanuvinoLu mamate biTTavanavane mahayOgI....HKAS_05-25


mAtarishvanu = jIvOttama vAyu dEvaru

dEharathadoLu = in our chariot like dEha

saRvakAladi = always

sUtanAgiha = as charioteer

shrItaruNivallabha = ParamAtma - the husband of ever young laxmI dEvi

rathikaneMdaridu = one who rides in the chariot

nityadali =always

vAtAtapAdigaLiMdali = Wind, Sun, and other difficulties

prItiyiMdali = with kindness to His devotees

pOShisuta = protects

avirata = tolerant

I tanuvinoLage =for this dEha

mamate biTTavanavane = one who leaves the pride

mahayOgi = famous yOga puruSha


JagannAtha dAsa further explains about biMba rUpi ParamAtma who resides in our heart.


'matarishva' is another name for mukhya prANa dEvaru, who is the charioteer for our chariot (dEha). Good buddhi is the main ingredient for clear j~nAna and buddhi is the charioteer for our dEha. Here good buddhi is infact 'chitta'.


There is a line by Saint PuraMdara dAsa - " satkaRmagaLa naDesi, suj~nAna mati ittu gati pAlisuva namma pavamAnanu " , therefore for doing satkaRma we must have suj~nAna. vAyu dEvaru provides this suj~nAna. j~nAna emanating from subuddhi (chitta) is indeed suj~nAna. mukhya prANa dEvaru is the abhimAni dEvata for this chitta. He is aptly called the charioteer here.


ParamAtma rides in the chariot (dEha) in all conditions and at all times. He who rides in the chariot is the Lord. The chariot is meant for His use. Jagatbhuku ParamAtma, provides sAdhana sharIra to jIva, resides there does and makes us do all the satkaRma-s via - mukyaprANAMtaRgata -through the tatvadEvata-s. All the vyApAra-s of the dEha are inspired by biMba rUpi ParamAtma, thus He is the Lord of the chariot (our dEha).


The sAdhana sharIra (chariot) is protected by the kind ParamAtma from Sun, Rain, Wind etc. These seasons occur as per the order of ParamAtma at their respective times. kalAMtaRgata ParamAtma causes all this Himself. Even if we feel the discomfort due to vagaries of seasons, we should bear the same and be tolerant and not abuse the seasons.


Therefore the sharIra must be 'cared for' by us and protected by us with the feeling that ParamAtma resides there and not for personal gratification & pride. He who gives up the pride of his personality is indeed 'mahAyOgi'. Such a person takes care of his sharIra with a view that it is sAdhana sharIra and that he must do only  satkaRma-s with this sharIra and He always utilizes his sharIra for ParamAtma nAma smaraNe. Such a suj~nAni is mahAyOgi.



shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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