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shrImadharikathAmR^itasAra - by Sri SGP CHAR - HKAS_05-24

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I sharIrave ratha patAka su


vAsagaLe puMDragaLu dhvaja siM


hAsanave chittavu subuddhiye kalasha sanmanave


pAsha guNa daMDatrayagaLu shu


bhAshubhadvaya kaRma chakra ma


hA samaRthAshvagaLu dashakaraNaMgaLenisuvuvu....HKAS_05-24



I sharIrave = our sthUla dEha

ratha = chariot (for biMba rUpi ParamAtma)


suvAsagaLe = the clothes we wear

patAka = flags

puMDragaLu = the dvAdasha nAma-s with gOpi chaMdana


dhvaja = flag posts

chittavu = chitta

siMhAsanavu = the throne for ParamAtma

subuddhiye = good buddhi

kalasha = the kalasha at the top of the chariot


sanmanave = the manas which meditates on good thoughts


pAsha = rope controlling the horses

guNa = tri-guNa-s

daMDatrayagaLu = the whip

shubha = puNya

ashubha = pApa

dvaya kaRma = the two kaRma-s

chakra = wheels of the chariot

mahA samaRtha = extremely strong

ashvagaLu = horses

dashakaraNaMgaLu = dashEMdriya-s

enisuvuvu = called so


In this stanza, JagannAtha dAsa compares our sAdhana sharIra to a chariot.



All activities pertaining to sAsdhana are done by the sthUla dEha.

Thus our sharIra which moves about is compared to a chariot.



We cover our dEha with clothes. These are compared to the flags on the chariot.



We apply the dvAdasha nAma-s with gOpi chaMdana on our sharIra. These

are compared to the flag post, which is usually decorated with

colorful painting.



chitta helps us to step in the memory our past experiences. The

characteristic of chitta is saMkalpa shakti. That is indeed the throne

for ParamAtma.



The ability to decide on a matter with a balanced knowledge of

paMchabhEda, taratamya is like the kalasha for the chariot. A kalasha

is an auspicious part located at the top of the chariot apart from its

decorative value. A good buddhi is the sign of a good person.



The manas is an extremely important iMdriya. The dashEMdriya-s are

regulated by the manas and they carry out their tasks. manas is the

main reason for all kaRma-s, that is why the manas must be engrossed

with bhagavan nAma smaraNe. Such a manas is called 'sanmana'. This

'sanmana' is the rope controlling the horses



The charioteer holds s whip which is usually split into three parts at

the end of the whip for effectivenees to punish the horses (rather

control the horses) herein refered as 'daMDatraya'. The influence of

triguNa-s bound with liMga dEha is the reason for the cycle of

saMsAra. The connection between the chariot and the 'daMDatraya' is

compared to the sharIra and the triguNa-s.



The wheel of puNya and pApa is like the wheels of the chariot. All the

vyApAra-s of the dEha are conducted by the iMdriya-s according to our

kaRma. Thus the pApa kaRma-s & puNya kaRma-s are the wheels of




The dashEMdriya-s are the horses for the chariot (dEha). The horses

must be capable of pulling the chariot well. Thus the dashEMdriya-s

too must be capable to pull our sharIra in the same way. The

dashEMdriya-s are controlled by the manas. That is why the manas is

considered as the whip here.



shrI kR^ishNArpanamastu

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